Households, Profiles

Goss Household I

Tyler and Kenzie Goss Household

(Left to Right) Dean, Tyler, and Kenzie

Kenzie was born to Peter and Milla Traver, along with her twin sister Delaney. Their older brother Ethan wasn’t especially social, and they didn’t have a strong relationship with him. Growing up the kids spent much of their free time at Aunt Myra’s house, their Mom’s twin sister. They were very close with their Aunt and Uncle, and cousin Cole.

Kenzie got pregnant with Zeke before college by a high school basketball player named Colby. Being especially close with Delaney, the girls forged ahead to college together, taking turns caring for infant Zeke, while the Dad was never in the picture.

After college Kenzie worked as a Jazzercise instructor, saving enough to buy a small house downtown with two bedrooms, enough space for her and Zeke to make a home. She dated off and on, but Zeke was opposed to any men that she brought home, instantly bottoming out his relationship with Kenzie, and hating the male caller. This yo-yo’d much of Zeke’s childhood, until she started dating Tyler.

Kenzie kept the relationship a secret until Tyler proposed, then she brought Zeke to a restaurant to share the news, hoping the atmosphere would bring cheer, or keep his temper calmed. It did neither, any time Tyler would be affectionate towards his Mom, Zeke would become enraged. The relationship teetered like this, all of Tyler’s attempts of building a relationship were met with anger and rejection. This continued until after the wedding day, it seemed that Zeke realized his birth Dad was not coming back, and cooled off about Tyler.

It didn’t make Zeke easier to live with, always stubborn, and fast to anger, and imagined hurts, it was a rocky relationship for both Kenzie and Tyler. He started dating Brynn in high school, and as soon as he was of age, he moved in with her to start his own life.

In the mean time, Lorelei had been born, back when Zeke was ten years old, and was beginning to come into her own age. They focused their energy and time on her, finding her a whole different child to raise, still quite stubborn, but much less inclined to rage. She didn’t have a chip on her shoulder, and though she sneaked out a few times, she was overall a gem of a child to raise. This was Tyler’s first and only biological daughter, and they had a special bond. While Tyler was often quiet and observant more than interactive, Lorelei got his personality, and they were able to form a strong relationship.

When Lorelei was twelve, their first grandchild, Lewis was born. His parents had gotten married quietly. Kenzie had openly disliked Brynn, finding her kissing another man at one point, and was very vocal about her dislike. The divorce came after Lewis’ second birthday.

Kenzie had left Jazzercise before Lewis had been born, and became a social worker at the Department of Human Services. It was one phone call that changed her life. Zeke’s ex, Brynn had given birth, and had died in the delivery room. She fought to find the baby boy a home, and in the end, despite Zeke’s outrage, she adopted Dean. Zeke took a few months to cool off, and recover from the death of his lost love, and Kenzie and Tyler focused on their newest addition happily.

Lorelei went off to college, and Dean started to grow up. They relished when Lorelei came home for the summer, Dean especially missed his big sister, much like Lorelei had missed Zeke when he’d gone.

Zeke got himself married to Morgan and most of his angry behavior disappeared, he went to college, and started manning up, as Tyler liked to put it. Nine months after they had their first granddaughters, twins Vivienne and Cicely, the third generation of girl twins born to their family.

Tyler’s writing career paid off, and he was finally getting book deal worth six figures a piece. They bought a newer house, on a nicer side of town, and went on their first family vacation.

Goss family’s new house

Tyler walked his only daughter down the aisle in the fall of 2020, and they happily welcomed Marshal to their family.

Kenzie doesn’t see her twin sister as often as she’d like, and spends more time with her brother Ethan, since he lives in the same town, and needs more assistance. Kenzie works hard as a social worker, and has taken Ella Carver under her wing, investing herself in the little girls future, and having a hard time not bringing work home with her.

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