Households, Profiles

Schehl Household I

Jared and Delaney Schehl Household
their story begins here.

(Left to Right) Lizzie, Delaney and Jared

Delaney was born to Peter and Milla Traver, alongside her twin sister Kenzie, with an older brother Ethan. Delaney helped Kenzie with her teen pregnancy, and helped raise her nephew Zeke while they were away at college together.

This hardship, is one reason why Delaney did not rush into relationships or motherhood. Jared worked hard to win her affections, they dated for several years before she accepted his proposal, then held a long engagement. They weren’t married until she was thirty-two years old, and it took four years to convince her to start a family.

On their first try, they gave birth to twins, Meg and Peter, named after Delaney’s late father. Three years later, they welcomed Lauren, their feisty, athletic, impulsive daughter.

Because of Delaney’s delay in starting a family, she was able to work her way to the top of the cuisine world, but was stuck to a second shift schedule. Jared worked at the newspaper, with not especially high ambitions, and spent his evening raising their three children. There were constant tantrums, even from a teenage Meg, and many times Jared contemplating quitting. They reconnected on a tropical trip in 2011 that helped keep their marriage strong.

Delaney wanted a fourth child, they tried for thirteen years, before successfully conceiving. Lauren was devastated to hear of the news, and both her parents were concerned about adding another, since Lauren had just gotten drunk at a hotel previously. They weren’t sure they would have the energy for another.

In September, 2015 Lizzie was born, and proved to be much easier to handle than her older sisters.

They originally lived in Audubon Shore in an older house that needed constant repairs, and the stress of saving for college, paying bills, and a breaking home about did them in. After Meg and Peter got into college, they downsized to a newer house in Millwood.

House on Englewood Avenue in Millwood

From there, Lauren got accepted into Eastborough, despite their apprehension, and their oldest two graduated with high marks, leaving them with only Lizzie to raise in their three bedroom house.

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