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Andersen Household I

Benjamin & Grace Andersen Household

april 2026
Benjamin, Tillie, Isla, Grace, Ainsley

Grace was born to Finn and Nicole when her parents were just seventeen years old. They lived with Finn’s parents until they graduated high school then took Grace with them to attend university, giving birth to Grace’s sister Emma shortly after.

Grace spent her early years in a small rental house on campus, then a tiny house in downtown South Port where her brother Oliver was born. When she was in high school, Grace had been kidnapped for a short period of time (ros), the McCarthy family immediately moved out of the city and bought their apple orchard property on the outskirts of Millwood for a sense of safety and community.

They discouraged Grace from attending college, afraid of what may happen, and she ended up going to Community College instead for business.

Benjamin and Grace met while she was in college at a nightclub, and started dating exclusively in the spring of 2010.

In November 2011, Grace opened her business Salon Sisters, bringing her sister Emma into the fold. It was also then that Benjamin proposed out in her parent’s apple orchard.

They were married on a very hot day in June 2012, the ceremony was held in the apple orchard where Benjamin had proposed. Many of the guests, including Benjamin suffered from heat stroke from the outdoor wedding. They went to the Cascade Mountains for their honeymoon, staying at the Canoodle Cabins, where they discussed when to have kids, and made plans for their future.

Grace was interested in starting their family quickly, while Benjamin wanted to pay off her student loans, and live in a duplex first before buying a house. Benjamin ended up winning that one, and they moved into a duplex in Millwood, and Benjamin became a firefighter.

In November 2014, Emma got pregnant, and Grace had to be there for her sister, despite the fact that she desperately wanted a baby, and Emma did not.

First house out in Millwood

They bought their home in August 2015. On moving day, Emma came to the house to watch and went into labor, giving birth to Grace’s first nephew Chaz.

Grace and Benjamin got pregnant quickly after moving into their new home, before all the boxes were unpacked. Grace felt she had waited long enough to pay off debt, take things slow, and buy a house, that she wasn’t waiting any longer.

They welcomed their first daughter Ainsley into the world in June 2016. They got pregnant again when Ainsley was only three months old, giving birth to Isla at the same time that Ainsley had her first birthday.

Things were busy at the beginning, and Grace was enjoying her two daughters and feeling content, while Benjamin had hopes of adding one more to their family at some point, maybe not exactly a year apart as their girls. But in November 2019 Grace got sick with the flu, and it wasn’t until it was over that she realized that she’d been pregnant, and had lost the baby.

This changed Grace’s feeling on having only two children, and immediately she wanted to have another. The doctors and Benjamin wanted to wait until her body and heart had time to heal before trying again. Grace tried to enjoy her daughters, Ainsley with her sweet disposition, and Isla with her hard temperament, and fixing up the house by adding a deck and a play area, but even after given the go ahead to try, Grace didn’t get pregnant right away.

They ended up getting pregnant again in 2019, and gave birth to Tillie in May 2020, having a larger age gap this time around meant that Grace could enjoy the younger stage more. Both felt complete with the birth of Tillie, and Benjamin is looking forward to focusing on raising their daughters, and working on their careers. Grace and Emma had already had to hire a third manager to help run the Salon when they both needed time off for family events, and their families.

Old Portraits

february 2024

july 2021

august 2019

november 2017

september 2016

june 2013

june 2012

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