Grimsley Household I

Tim and Bekah Grimsley Household

(Left to Right) Willa, Bekah, Tim, Holden

Tim is the oldest son of Arthur and Sara Grimsley, with one brother Charlie who is nine years younger than Tim. They were not particularly close growing up with such a large age gap, but became friends as adults.

Originally, Bekah was a librarian with hopes of saving the world with environmental tactics. She wanted to be a Mother, but only to one, and only to adopt. She wanted to do her part to help a child without a home, and wasn’t particularly interested in pregnancy. Tim worked odd jobs before landing in the Police force. They were married in March of 1998, living in a townhome next to their soon to be best friends Lucy and Cole London.

In 2002, they adopted Lainey when she was one year old. She was from Brazil, and they felt complete with their environmentally kind family, that did not leave a large footprint.

Bekah got an online degree and took a position at the local high school, eventually working her way up to Principal. They found themselves unexpectedly pregnant, and at the same time, Tim’s brother Charlie landed on their front step, asking for a place to stay. Charlie moved in with them temporarily in 2009, this did not go over well with Bekah, she felt their place wasn’t large enough for the new baby, let alone her brother-in-law.

Thankfully Charlie moved out and in with his future wife Cara eventually, but not until after Willa had been born. They ended up buying a two bedroom house in the middle-class area of town, that had more space for their daughters and a yard. This was after the London family had left their adjoining townhouse for a bigger place of their own. The move of her best friend had been hard on Bekah, and she was glad to get a real house to raise her daughters in.

Grimsley’s first house.

Bekah was in a horrible car accident in 2013, thankfully she was alone while driving, and suffered only mild cuts and abrasions. At the hospital, she discovered that she was expecting again, even though Tim had permanent measures taken care of after Willa’s birth. Willa did not take the news of being usurped well.

In May 2014, Bekah goes into labor, much to the distress of Lainey, she is unable to get in contact with her Dad, and faces the possibility of watching her Mom deliver her sibling. Thankfully Tim arrives just in time to see his son Holden born. After this Bekah got permanent measures done on herself, just to be double certain there wouldn’t be any more surprises.

Christmas of 2015, they lost their home in a Christmas tree fire. They had to spend Christmas in a cabin, and were able to purchase a nicer home in the Lincoln Park Historical District. This was a blessing in disguise, as their previous home had only two bedrooms, and they now had three children.

Grimley’s second house in Lincoln Park Historical District

Shortly after Lainey left for Eastborough University, and they were glad that their new home wasn’t too large. It would fit them nicely after all the kids had grown up, and still be large enough to host holidays. For the first time in years, Bekah and Tim felt content in where they were in life.

In 2020, Bekah ran and won the election for Mayor, her platform was to build an Art Museum or an Aquarium, and she won the election by one vote, barely beating her competitor Hazel Woodfolk. Tim continues to work for the South Port Police Department, often partnering with his brother Charlie.


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