Prince Household I

Eva and Gideon Prince Household

(left to right) Dahlia, Gideon, Eva, and Linnea

Eva was born the youngest of three to Abby and Sean Creelman. They lived in a moderate home with a sufficient earned income. When Eva was in grade school her Father and older sister Ella got sick with pneumonia, and both passed away. This began a downward spiral for the Creelman family, Abby lost the house, and was forced to downsize to an apartment to raise her remaining two daughters, Eva and Eliza. When Eliza graduated high school, she moved to her own flat downtown, and went missing after a shift at the restaurant, and was never seen again.

Eva and Abby were the only remaining survivors in their family, with Abby’s father dying in a leaf burning accident while she was in college, and her own mother, a mistress, being electrocuted while fixing the computer when she was just a baby. As an adult, Eva began to date a man named Nicholas from another country, he illegally moved into their small apartment, and their oldest daughter Paloma was born.

Eva and Abby worked hard to save the money for a proper wedding, and to pay Nicholas’ immigration fees. When Paloma was nine years old, they had saved enough, and had a simple evening wedding down at the sound. On their wedding night, they conceived Linnea, but Nicholas was not to see her born. He died in the late hours of the night on their wedding day.

First house in Millwood on Englewood Ave

The wedding and immigration fees had been spent, and they struggled in the tiny two bedroom apartment to make it work. Finally Abby was able to save enough to buy a house in Millwood, where the cost of living was less, and a yard was included with the price. They lived in that house for the remainder of Paloma’s childhood, and most of Linnea’s as well.

Eva worked as a barista at The Red Mill until she was let go to make room for an owner shift, then she worked at the Mini Sprout, a local baby boutique. Abby worked in fast food. Many items were repossessed over the years, they went without a television or sofa for many years after being robbed, and many times the kids had to eat at school or at a friend’s house.

Eva dated Gideon for a short period of time, then called it off because of their age difference. She was afraid that Gideon would feel resentment towards her, and her advanced age, being uncertain if she could have more children, or if she even wanted to start over. They did get back together in time, and on their first ever family vacation, Gideon proposed to Eva. At the end of the trip, Abby drowned in the lake, but had been thrilled at her daughter’s engagement.

Eva and Gideon were married in April 2019, and had found themselves pregnant with Dahlia on the morning of the wedding.

New home, farther down on Englewood Avenue.

They purchased a new house, staying in Millwood, but wanting a fresh start in a house that Abby had not lived in with them. Paloma moved out to live in downtown South Port in an apartment, and Eva quit working at Mini Sprout to give stay at home parenting a go. Gideon works hard in the science field down at Eastborough University, and is a botany project leader there for several years now.

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