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Traver Household I

Ethan & Cynthia Traver Household

Cynthia and Ethan – Oct. 2026

Ethan was the eldest and only son of Peter and Milla Traver. After his second birthday, twin sisters Delaney and Kenzie were born.

Growing up, he did poorly in school, spent most of his time playing on the computer, locked away in his bedroom alone. He was always rather anti-social and disconnected from his family excluding Kenzie. He still has a good relationship with her.

Ethan met Meredith Darling when he was twenty-nine, she had a one-year old daughter, Cara. At the time he was living with his Grandma Holly and helping her around the house. Shortly after dating, Meredith and Cara moved in with them. They married when Ethan was thirty in his parents backyard; it was a small family gathering where Cara was doted upon and welcomed to the family along with her Mom.

Ethan got a job as a Legal Biller, working at his cousin, Cole London’s firm. They rented an upper-middle class townhouse, in a newly developed portion of town, and welcomed their first set of twins Colin and Luca. Cara was five years old when they were born, and not generally excited about being a big sister.

They struggled to pay their bills as Meredith skipped in and out of low-end jobs like cashier at a music shop, to a grocery clerk, and coffee shop sound engineer. They bickered constantly over Ethan working long hours to pay bills, and leaving Meredith with caring for the children and working part-time on top of it.

When the boys were eleven, they found themselves unexpectedly pregnant with Aidan and Caitlyn. At the same time, Cara was sixteen, and pregnant by her boyfriend Stephan. She was sent to live with Ethan’s Mom, Milla.

Ethan found himself smitten with having a daughter, and connecting with Caitlyn in ways that he hadn’t with Cara. When they were two years old, Ethan skipped out on work to attend his sister, Delaney’s Halloween party, and found himself fired. Colin had run away, and things had hit an all-time low as they were evicted from their townhouse after they couldn’t provide rent or keep the living conditions sanitary.

After Colin was returned home by the police, they filed bankruptcy and moved into a duplex. Colin and Meredith were constantly at battle with Ethan, that the homelife was very disruptive for Aidan and Caitlyn. Colin and Luca graduated high school and moved into their own apartment, while Luca was not aggressive toward his Dad, Colin constantly was, and moving from home was a great relief for all parties.

Meredith struggled with being the Mom and Grandma that she was expected to be, and found that she couldn’t relate to her grown children anymore than she could Aidan and Caitlyn who were both in grade school still. Meanwhile, Ethan never found a job after being fired, and Meredith was forced to maintain her librarian position despite not enjoying it.

Meredith was the one to initiate the divorce, and it was against Ethan’s wishes. Caitlyn took it especially hard. By this time, Luca and Colin hadn’t lived at home for three years, nor had Colin had any contact with his estranged family. Ethan pleaded with Luca to allow him to crash on the boys’ sofa, and it did not go over well with Colin when he accepted. It was this time that Cara told her step Dad to just ignore her and her family from here on out, and severed her ties with Ethan.

Shortly after moving in with his elder sons, Colin’s girlfriend, Erin found herself pregnant with their son Logan. He would be Ethan’s first biological grandchild.

Ethan’s apartment

Ethan found his own apartment, and came out of his stupor around this time. Aidan and Caitlyn moved in with him full-time, with Meredith happy to not have any responsibility or custody of her youngest children. He found a job at the local gas station, and continued to work there into his elder years, feeling no inclination to slave away at a job.

When he started dating Cynthia, Caitlyn took it especially hard. She’d held out hope of her parent’s reconciliation, and this seemed to cement the permanent sever in her family. She ran away to her Mom and found that she had moved on without her family, and this allowed Caitlyn to open her heart to Cynthia. Though their relationship ended amicably rather quickly after, as Cynthia found herself pregnant unexpectedly. She miscarried shortly after, and did not tell Ethan the exsistence of the baby until four years after.

When Caitlyn got pregnant on her senior class trip, Ethan stepped up even farther. He purchased baby items for his house so she could do school work and he could help care for Thomas. He also frequently visited her on campus. It was during this time that Ethan and Cynthia reconciled, and quickly moved in together. Ethan saw how his children had grown into their own lives, and asked Cynthia to share the rest of his life with him, she said yes.

Ethan’s children and grandchildren – 2026

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