Households, Profiles

Woodfolk Household I

Jude and Hazel Woodfolk Household

(Left to Right) Bea, Hazel, Jude, Monroe, Roman

Hazel Woodfolk is the middle child of George and Mandy McCarthy. She was raised in the same house her parents live in to this day, and maintains a close relationship with her younger sister Violet-Adele who was adopted. Her relationship with her older brother Finn has been tried over the years, and they are not particularly close.

Hazel moved into an apartment with best friend Morgan, and they tore up the town with dates, and hitting the clubs as much as they could. Hazel opened her diner when she was twenty-eight, at the time she was hopping from relationships, and feeling immense pressure from her Mom to start settling down.

Hazel met Jude busking outside of the yoga studio she frequented. He didn’t talk much, and she deemed him ‘not her type’ and moved on. At the time she was having a falling out with Leah and making friends with Cara who lived with her daughter Rachael in the apartment downstairs from her.

She met up with Jude on a night out with Morgan, he was performing at the bar, and they ended up hitting it off over a few drinks. They dated casually for about a year, when they finally fell in love with one another at a New Years Eve party that they attended with Morgan and her new beau, Zeke.

Shortly after Hazel found herself expecting her first. Her sister Violet-Adele was away in Paris for her architect internship, and would miss the delivery.

Jude was thrilled with the news, and immediately wanted to marry Hazel, something he’d been wanting for a bit of time already. Hazel had cold feet, and had never wanted to have kids or a marriage, other than when she felt pressured from her Mom.

Jude and Hazel’s first home together

They moved into their own place, an older brownstone, right before giving birth to Bea. Three months later, in December of 2011, Jude and Hazel had a winter wedding, they had a large wedding party, and were surrounded by friends and family.

Jude continued chasing his dream of being a musician, and spends most of his time playing at Planet Java, and local joints, in hopes of landing a contract. Bea was doted on by her Grandparents, and was a late bloomer, not learning to walk until she was nineteen months old. They got pregnant with their second child on their first try, and welcomed Monroe on their second anniversary in 2013.

In August 2014, Jude made it big with his debut album “Day Glo Feelings” and was able to tour across the nation. He toured through her third pregnancy, and she relied on her parents to help out with the two toddlers at home. When he came back from touring, Hazel and her Mom flew to Paris, they visited with Violet-Adele, getting the grand tour of the city.

In the fall of 2015, Roman was born completing the Woodfolk family. In February 2017, Violet-Adele moved back to the area, and moved in temporarily with Hazel and Jude. In 2018, they moved into a nicer brownstone house in the Lincoln Park district, it had three stories, four bedrooms, and more space for the kids to romp around, including a backyard and driveway.

Lincoln Park home in historical district.

Shortly after, Jude was let go by his recording studio, and was forced to find work, settling as a clown entertainer for children’s parties. He was signed with a new recording studio a year later, and was happier with the new label than the previous one. Hazel ran for Mayor in 2020 and lost by a mere vote. She isn’t sure if she will run again in four years.

Jude and Hazel continue to date each other to keep the spark alive, with one of Hazel’s biggest fears being comfortable with one another, and taking the other for granted. Her parents often take the kids for slumber parties, and they take advantage of their generosity. They struggle to juggle a business, a recording contract, and their three kids, trying to keep up with friendships and family as well, many of their earlier friendships have passed into acquaintances other than Morgan, and some of Jude’s guy friends.

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