Households, Profiles

Browning Household I

Luca and Nadia Browning Household

Luca Browning, Nadia, Kai, Mavis, Clio and Thea

Luca was born a twin to Colin, from the start Luca was quieter and more emotionally driven while Colin was determined and strong-willed. Luca spent his childhood and most of his twenties following his brother’s lead. They skipped out on college together, rented an apartment, and were flying down a dead end. It was at the first apartment that they made friends with their neighbors Chris and Emma.

His parents divorced when he was twenty-two, and his Dad moved in with the brothers. Luca was the one who agreed, caving into family pressure, despite that Colin was hateful and even violent towards his Dad. It was a strained roommate relationship.

Before Nadia, Luca had only seriously dated Meme Popper, he was a few years older and broke up with her while she was still attending high school. He went on a few dates several years after, Cassidy was the name of a girl that hung around long enough for Colin to learn her name, but was never anything serious.

After a night of drinking, Luca and his group went out to Shortstack Pancake House where Nadia was waitressing. His cousin Lorelei tried to get her information, but Nadia was not interested.

Three years after first meeting Nadia, Luca dumped Cassidy and seriously pursued Nadia. With his heart in it, he was able to win her over and they started dating. On a night out with the gang, it turned out that Luca’s cousin, Lorelei was dating Nadia’s ex-boyfriend Marshal. The group had to keep the exes separated so they weren’t able to hang out as regularly, Nadia didn’t make things any easier.

Colin had moved out of their apartment and found a new place with his pregnant girlfriend Erin, and Luca moved into Lorelei’s apartment. Lorelei hosted a dinner to get the two together, and let the past go. While the dinner and bowling trip didn’t exactly mend the hurt feelings, it was the first step towards a civil relationship between Nadia and Marshal.

In 2020, two years into their relationship, Luca drove under the influence and spent the night in jail. While Nadia didn’t think she’d have to fear this from Luca, this type of nonsense is why she was hesitant to date Luca while her son Kai was so young. Tentatively they continued their relationship, and in the fall of that year Lorelei and Marshal were married, and once again, Luca had no where to live.

Nadia’s house that Luca moved into.

He put the idea of co-living forward to Nadia, and in September 2020, they began living together. Around the same time, his Mom tried to reconcile their broken relationship, and Nadia saw that Luca folded under the family obligations and guilt.

In the Fall of 2022, Nadia and Luca found themselves to be unexpectedly expecting a baby. They were married in May 2023 and one month later, Mavis joined their family.

Luca and Nadia’s first house bought together.

They purchased a three bedroom house, next door to their last, and settled down into married life.

Nadia purchased a bookstore, and invested herself in decorating and turning a profit.

In February 2027, they welcomed twins, Thea and Clio into their family. They put their house on the market, and moved across the street to a larger home with a finished basement.

Old Portraits

may 2026

august 2023

may 2023

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