Oliver McCarthy

Name: Oliver McCarthy
Age: 32 (in 2029)
Year Born: May, 1997
Height: 5’11” (average)

Parents: Finn and Nicole
Siblings: Grace, Emma, Zilla, Julius, Elias (twins), and Lily-Mae
Partner: Brooklyn (spouse)
Romantic History: Paloma Creelman (ex-girlfriend), Meg Schehl (ex-girlfriend)
Children: Colleen

Education: Eastborough University Graduate; Biology Degree; 2.8 GPA
Job: Teacher at Longfellow Elementary
Previous Employment: Salesman at Zoe-Gen Bridal
Businesses Owned: N/A

Aspiration: Knowledge/Family
Hobby: Science
Favorite Color: Orange

Oliver as a College Student

Oliver as a Teen

Oliver as Child

Oliver as Toddler

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