Dean Goss

Name: Dean Goss
Age: 17 (in 2026)
Year Born: 2009; November
Height: (average)

Parents: Kenzie and Tyler Goss (adopted)
Birthmom: Brynn Traver (deceased)
Siblings: Zeke and Lorelei, Lewis (Half-brother, Brynn is their Mom, he’s now Lewis’ uncle)
Partner: Rachael Darling
Past Romantic History: Evie Jitmakusol (ex-girlfriend), Willa Grimsley (woohoo)
Children: N/A

Education: Eastborough University Student; Literature (2.2 GPA)
Academics: 39 SAT
Job: Security Guard
Previous Employment: Security Guard (Law Enforcement)

Aspiration: Family
Hobby: Fitness
Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Dean at EU

Dean as a Teen

Dean as Child

Dean as a Toddler

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