Luca Browning

Name: Luca Browning (née Traver)
Age: 31 (in 2026)
Year Born: 1995
Height: 5’9″ (average)

Parents: Ethan and Meredith
Siblings: Cara, Colin (his twin), Aidan and Caitlyn (twins)
Partner: Nadia Browning
Past Romantic History: Meme Popper (ex-girlfriend), Cassidy Das (casual)
Children: Kai (step-child) and Mavis

Education: High School
Job: Souveinier Whittler (artist) & Sells artwork at Planet Java
Previous Employment: Salesman at Toy Box

Aspiration: Knowledge & Family
Hobby: Arts and Craft
Favorite Color: Forest Green

Luca as Young Adult

Luca as a Teen

Luca as a child

Luca as a toddler

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