Households, Profiles

McCarthy Household II

Finn and Nicole McCarthy Household

(Left to Right) Zilla, Elias, Nicole, Finn, Lily-Mae, Julius

Finn was born the oldest of three to George and Mandy McCarthy. He has two sisters Hazel and Violet-Adele that his parents adopted when Finn was seventeen. He isn’t close with his sisters or his parents in his adult life.

Nicole and Finn were high school sweethearts, and found themselves unexpectedly pregnant with Grace when they were seventeen. Nicole moved in with the McCarthy family and finished high school from their home. They both left for college the following year, bringing Grace with them. Without parental supervision, and living in the same rental home, they ended up pregnant, having a second daughter Emma.

They were able to graduate college with two toddlers that were just a year apart. They got a small house downtown South Port, and after Emma was six years old, they welcomed their first son Oliver to their family.

They saved money and when the girls were upper elementary, they bought a nicer house downtown, still small and without a yard. Nicole wasn’t happy in the house, but made the best of it. Finn was getting his foot in the door in the Natural Science field, and thought it necessary to live downtown, near the facilities, while Nicole was a stay at home Mom.

They found themselves pregnant with twins around the same time that Grace had been kidnapped (ros), and Nicole put her foot down. She did not want to live in the city a moment longer, feeling unsafe and dissatisfied with the atmosphere. They moved to the orchard in the outskirts of Millwood just as Grace left for Business College.

McCarthy Orchard just outside of Millwood limits

It was after Grace left for college, that Emma began to feel lost in what was expected of her, and what she wanted, feeling overshadowed by Grace. They were best friends, but Grace was the shinier one. Everyone else thrived out in the country, Zilla joined the family, then shortly after the twins Julius and Elias came along.

Nicole threw herself into the apple orchard on their property, and built a greenhouse. She began to be sufficient, and took up sewing for the kids, any means to save money, because the property had required a loan. In 2011, she decided to take her sewing abilities to the next level, and opened her own business, Zoe-Gen Bridal Boutique.

Finn was not on board with the opening of the business, but all the kids were in school so he didn’t say anything. But then in 2012, they unexpectedly welcomed Lily-Mae, and he was displeased to have a baby at home without a Mother there to take care of her. Nicole brought Lily-Mae to work with her often, including her son Oliver. She was great for luring guests in, but it was a difficult time in their marriage.

Finn had some flirtations and a kiss exchanged with the grade school teacher Miriam, who was engaged with Marcus Dwyer at the time. It was a very brief relationship that did not develop, and neither told their spouses nor were they found out.

In 2016, Nicole and Finn began to work a relationship with Finn’s parents, and being more appreciative of them. In the past, they had been closed off, and even argumentative, when they interfered with Emma dropping out of college. They had taken Emma’s side, when Nicole and Finn were adamant that she had to finish a college education.

It was that same year that Finn was discredited from the Natural Science field, finding himself unemployed, and with a college degree he could no longer use. He started taking care of his granddaughters while Grace went to work at Salon Sisters. He thought it was temporary, but found that he enjoyed the quiet time out in the country, watching the girls play.

Oliver went off to University, and their oldest daughters, Emma and Grace had gotten married, leaving the youngest four children left at home with Lily-Mae bringing up the rear still in grade school.

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