Households, Profiles

Carver Household I

Annie Carver Household

(Oldest to Youngest) Annie, Ella, Marisol, and Manuel

Annie Carver grew up in the New England area of the country, raised by an abusive Dad, she joined the military to escape. She was in boot camp with Cara Grimsley, becoming semi-friends at the time, both having a rough upbringing. But Annie started a relationship with a higher up officer, Matt Picaso, who was married at the time, and got pregnant. She was dishonorably discharged from the military.

Not wanting to return back to her home state, she moved to a tiny apartment in South Port without room for a crib, and gave birth to Ella. She chose the name because it meant “bright light” and Annie had hopes that things would turn around for them.

Annie found a nicer duplex in Millwood and moved there with Ella, making friends with a neighbor, and reconnecting with Cara. She struggled for finances, but Ella was her focus during her infant years.

After Ella’s toddler years, Annie found it hard to cope, she dated a few guys but also went for the wrong sort. She started dating Cesar Gonzales, who gifted Ella with a teddy bear on their first meeting. He seemed too good to be true, hard working, well-off, and not a cheater, it felt doomed to fail.

By the time Ella was five years old, in the spring of 2017, Annie found herself pregnant with twins. Cesar and his ultra-conserative family were hoping for marriage, but Annie couldn’t imagine that future. Instead, she allowed herself to sleep with others, and to begin drinking excessively, as her Father did during her own childhood. This caused discord with Cesar, and their relationship began slipping downwards.

She was eligible for financial assistance from the county, and finally allowed them to buy her a house on the North side of South Port. It was three bedroom, though the house was not in good shape, it offered more than the duplex with a yard, sandbox, and room for the kids to grow.

government assistance house

Cesar wanted to call the relationship off, but Ella’s Dad decided to come back into the picture, and took her to court for partial custody. Matt had just gotten divorced from Jessica at this time. Annie couldn’t afford to pay for a defense, so she used Cesar to pay her court costs, sucking up to him and hiding her drinking. In the end, Annie lost, and Matt was given partial custody.

With the house from the government, a social worker Kenzie Goss was constantly meddling and threatening to take the kids out of her custody. Annie viewed her as a threat and enemy, but Kenzie was invested with the kids, and wanted only the best for them.

Cesar’s Mom Maria no longer prayed for marriage, believing Annie to be too far lost for her son. She stopped by to visit with the kids, bring them food, clothing, and anything else that Annie would allow. Many of the times, Annie rejected Maria’s “pity” items, and threw them out, only relenting when Cesar presented the new items.

With her dishonorable discharge, finding a job was nearly impossible, and Annie found herself stuck on third shift, as a phony fortune teller, using a script to steal people’s money. The work was exhausting, uninteresting, and did not pay the bills. She was relieved when Cesar and Matt started paying child support, but it was never enough, especially with her now chronic addiction to alcohol.

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