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Gonzales Household I

Cesar Gonzales Household

(Left to Right) Ella Carver, Marisol Carver, Cesar Gonzales, and Manuel Carver

Cesar was raised in an ultra-conservative household by his parents Juan and Maria. His Dad owned two car dealerships, a used one and new automobiles. Cesar grew up working in both and learning the ropes to one day take over.

He met Annie Carver in the spring of 2015, she came to buy a used car, and ended up with a date. When Annie finally introduced him to her daughter Ella, Cesar instantly felt an attachment towards the three year old.

They started dating, Cesar entertaining thoughts of proposing, and making it permanent. He loved Ella, and with her own biological Dad (Matt Picaso) out of the picture, he wanted to fill the role officially.

In the spring of 2017, Annie got pregnant with twins, Cesar immediately proposed marriage. He had been waiting and this seemed like the perfect time to make the leap. But Annie had other ideas, and rejected his offer, and began drinking heavily.

Cesar and Annie reconciled to date on her terms, live separately, and raise the kids together in this fashion. She was too afraid to commit, even if she desperately wanted to in the deepest parts of her heart. She was sick at the idea of the twins having a real Dad like Cesar, while Ella had never met her Dad at that point. She didn’t want Ella to be replaced, and as much as Cesar promised it wouldn’t happen, they both were uncertain what the birth would bring.

In January 2018, Marisol and Manuel were born. It was one of the most inspiring days for Cesar, and Ella warmed up to the twins quickly. His parents still wanted their to be a marriage, but Annie was not prepared and Cesar did not broach the topic again.

The birth of the twins was an opening for a new beginning as a family, but Annie didn’t rise to the new situation. She allowed herself to fall into despair, drinking more, and never cleaning up the house. Cesar was devastated to see this turn of events, and felt helpless. He struggled with being strong with her, and sympathetic, neither resulted in change, only fights and distance.

His Mom was very demanding that he should file for full custody of the twins, especially after Matt won partial custody of Ella. Maria was positive that Cesar could win full, and he was too, but it was not the path he wanted to take. In the end, he wanted Annie to fulfill her role, and fearing that she would be worthless to Ella if he took the twins permanently.

He tried staying with her, helped pay for her court costs to fight Matt, but in the end, Cesar felt he had to withdraw from the relationship. He found out that she had been with other men the entire duration of their time together, except the very first year, and he was heartsick over it. He kept partial custody of the twins, and included Ella whenever Annie allowed.


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