Households, Profiles

Grimsley Household II

Charlie and Cara Grimsley Household

(Left to Right) Rachael, Lulu, Jake, Charlie, Cara

Cara was raised by her Mom, Meredith, without ever knowing who her biological Dad was. Her step-Dad, Ethan came into the picture just before her fourth birthday, the marriage was quick, and soon Cara found herself with twin brothers, Luca and Colin.

Growing up, Ethan worked as a lowly legal assistant, being unable to pass the bar, and his Mom worked random jobs from record store clerk to librarian. They lived above their means, and none of the kids were particularly happy nor close.

Cara started dating a boy Stephan in high school, and got pregnant at sixteen with her daughter Rachael. Her Mom was already three months pregnant with her second set of twins, and did not have time to deal with her daughter’s problems, so she sent Cara to live with Ethan’s Mom Milla. Cara hated Milla and living with her.

Shortly after Rachael’s birth, there was a house fire, which took the lives of Milla and Rachael’s Dad, Stephan. Cara stayed in the house until family members got upset that a step-grandaughter was inheriting it, then her and Rachael were forced out.

Cara joined the military, believing it would provide her with an income, and give her the ability to afford an apartment. In November 2009, she started dating Charlie Grimsley.

Cara got pregnant with Lulu, and when labor pains started she decided that she wanted to be married before having her second child. They were married at the courthouse and gave birth to Lulu later that afternoon.

In August 2011, Cara went off to training to be a Flight Operator, making Charlie take fire safety classes before she felt safe leaving him with the girls. She became friends with Annie Carver at training, and was the one who encouraged her to move to South Port when Annie was dishonorably discharged.

They bought a house in Millwood, a small two bedroom one across from the park. Rachael struggled with her academics, and they found that ice skating lessons motivated her. This gave Rachael a love for ice skating, ballet, and anything dexterous.

They welcomed a son, Jake in November 2013, completing their family.

In 2014, Charlie joined the police force at the encouragement of his big brother Tim, Cara and Annie began to lose their friendship, as Annie was still having an affair with Matthew, and Cara could not support it.

House in Millwood, paid for with $60,000 lottery winnings

Charlie and Tim had the tendency to pick up lotto tickets when bored on patrol, and Charlie had a winning ticket. They were able to move out of their now too small house, and into a larger home still in Millwood. Cara and her Mom were estranged, and at the hearing of the lottery win, came poking around the house for hand outs, this resulted in a complete death of their relationship.

Cara’s Mom had divorced her step Dad, so she found herself without any parental figures in her life. And while Rachael was best friends with Cara’s half sister, Caitlyn, Cara avoided most of the time except for her brothers Colin and Luca. They were both rough on the edges, and grew up enough together that she could empathize with them.

(side note: Cara got pregnant all three times without intimacy. Rachael came from sneaking out, then Lulu and Jake were both ROS pregnancy rolls, and all out of her hands.)

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