Holmes Household I

Chris and Emma Holmes Household

(Left to Right) Emma, Chaz and Chris

Emma was the second born of Finn and Nicole McCarthy, just one year younger than her older sister Grace. Even though she was always incredibly close with her older sister, she was often lost in her sister’s shadow, the stellar student, good daughter, great at everything.

Emma struggled to find her identity, and being discouraged when she tried things but it didn’t come easy. She played violin through the seventh grade, and was good, but not excellent. She gave up on dreams, and settled for a mediocre life. She got into private school, then bombed with a steady D-, while her younger brother Oliver was studious and an excellent student, and rejected from the private school. Everyone blamed her for Oliver being unable to get in, and she didn’t intend to go to college until Grace begged her to go to the community college with her.

In May 2010, Grace was graduating college, and had invited her over to her boyfriend Benjamin’s new apartment. It was there that she met Chris, long-time friend of Benjamin.

It was that summer that Emma decided she could not return home and help care for her younger siblings, though it was expected of her. She realized that it was her choice to make, and she went to her grandparents instead. She also decided that college was not for her, and she would not be returning in the fall. Her Father was livid with her, but her Grandparents stood up for her, and it was decided that Emma would make her own decisions.

She moved in Chris shortly after, he made her feel good, and not pressured to make up her mind on what she wanted to be. But in February of 2012, Emma found herself in jail despite being innocent. A riot had erupted that she happened to be passing by as it occurred. After her jail time she hooked up with a guy from the next cell over, named Chuck.

August 2013, they had made friends with the apartment below them, Colin and Luca and it was there, during a party that both Emma and Chris were beyond drunk, and Chris proposed. Emma considered it a fake engagement and never talked about it.

Shortly after she started gambling and having a relationship with the owner of Peanuts. She found herself unexpectedly pregnant, and unable to deal. At the time Grace was trying for a baby, and found herself jealous of Emma’s ease in getting to that state. Emma was uncertain who the father of her baby was, having been sleeping around with many men.

They fought constantly during her pregnancy, and often she shut down, just going through the motions. She searched desperately for a passion, a dream to pursue. She was happy working at Salon Sisters with Grace, but it didn’t drive her. She decided that she would leave her baby behind with Chris, and that she wasn’t set out to be a parent, maybe have Grace the baby. She intended to leave for Philadelphia, reside in a small apartment and live out the rest of our days.

But then Chaz was born, and everything changed. Her parents, Nicole and Finn do not come when Emma goes into labor, just her sister, Benjamin, and her grandparents, Mandy and George.

second apartment, raised Chaz here until he was seven.

When Chaz was a year old, Emma decided she did want to marry Chris. They were set up in a nice apartment, funded by her grandparents, and she felt ready to commit herself to one person. They eloped in Vegas with Chaz staying with Grace.

It wasn’t until Chaz was two and a half that she started enjoying Chris again, and finding peace with herself. She felt like a misfit among other parents, and a person without a dream, a fraud. Things turned around after that, they made plans to buy a repair shop for Chris, and a house for them. And for the first time ever, Emma had hope that things were going to go well in her life.

First house they bought together.


2 thoughts on “Holmes Household I

  1. Wow it seems like Emma has had enough rough times, I am glad they could get this house, and hope they’ll be happy there.

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