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Krouse Household I

Marshal and Lorelei Krouse Household

Marshal and Lorelei

Lorelei Krouse is the middle child of Tyler and Kenzie Goss, ten years younger than her half brother Zeke, and sixteen years older than her adopted brother Dean. She was nearly raised as an only child because of the large age gaps, and as the only daughter, has always held a special place in her Dad’s heart.

Lorelei worked at The Red Mill as hostess through high school then attended Eastborough University with a Business major. She dated briefly in college, but spent most of her time making friends. She brought Erin home for summer vacation one year, and solidified their friendship, also kindling a relationship between Erin and Lorelei’s cousin Colin.

After graduation, Lorelei and Erin rented an apartment together. Lorelei got her hostess job back at The Red Mill, causing Eva to be let go from the position.

First apartment on Pioneer, shared with Erin

Marshal was Erin’s boss at Slayground, and Erin set up a double date with her and Colin and Marshal with Lorelei. That was in January 2017, and the beginning of Marshal and Lorelei’s relationship.

Erin moved in with Colin to have their first child, Logan, and her cousin Luca became her roommate after being booted out of Colin’s apartment.

Marshal was traditional, and asked Tyler for permission to marry his daughter in May 2018, in which Tyler did give his blessing. He also encouraged Marshal to wait three years to propose, and that there was no rushing those things.

Instead Marshal waited to propose until Valentine’s Day 2019, Lorelei had just purchased The Red Mill and had to work on the holiday. Marshal came in and waited until she could afford to take a break, and proposed outdoors when it just began to snow.

first house together

They had over a year engagement, saving money to purchase a lower income house together on the North side of South Port, and focusing on their careers with Slayground and The Red Mill. They were married in October 2020, a giant celebration at the Palace hotel.

Marshal was prepared to start a family quickly, but Lorelei wanted to focus on her restaurant first. In August of 2025, they welcomed their daughter, Penelope.

Marshal wants a second baby, but Lorelei isn’t ready to commit to that just yet. She’s enjoying their daughter, and giving all her attention to her.

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