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London Household I

Cole and Lucy London Household

(Left to right) Alice, Myra, Itzel, Cole, Lucy, and Milo

Cole was born to Myra and Randy London in South Port around the same time as his twin cousins, Delaney and Kenzie. They grew up playing together regularly as Myra was very close with their mother, her twin sister Milla.

When Cole was in grade school, Myra got pregnant a second time, wanting to add to her family as her sister Milla had done. But she lost the baby in the third trimester during Cole’s family birthday party, and they never tried again. This caused distance to grow between the two sisters, and their families, each getting busy with their kids as they hit teenage years.

Cole had a few rough years as a teenager, often coddled by Myra, he rebelled and did poorly in high school. It wasn’t until his senior year when he started dating Lucy that he decided to attend college and apply himself. Lucy went for a four year degree, while Cole continued to law school with Lucy cheering him on as he went.

They married after he graduated law school and had started working at his Dad’s firm. Cole was 29, and Lucy was 27. They lived in a small one bedroom brownhouse in South Port, while she worked in a flower shop then grocery store, and Cole worked on gaining clients in his father’s firm. They started trying for a family a few years later, and were met with many pregnancies and miscarriages. Most of their losses were in the first trimester, with one in the second trimester.

Lucy and Cole were devastated. Lucy had dreamed of a family, while Cole was afraid of loss, and his wife experiencing a third trimester loss as his Mom had. He wanted to call off having a family, but Lucy would not relent. Eight years of trying, they finally made it to term with their first born, Alice. She was the miracle that Lucy had fervently prayed for and desired.

While Cole thought they were lucky to have the one, and now pushing closer to forty, he wanted to hand in the towel, but Lucy’s desire for another baby was only heightened. They started fertility treatments, and there was no conception. When Alice was eight years old, Lucy was advised by Dr. Regina Russo to try Invitro Fertilization. $10,000 later, Lucy was pregnant with their son, Milo.

They felt their family was complete, but it would happen that tragedy would strike the Cruz family, leaving behind an orphaned toddler daughter, Itzel. They adopted her, and moved to a larger home in South Port. It was in that house that Lucy left the grocery store and applied to be a high school teacher, which would later turn into an Elementary School Principal.

The next few years were a blur, Lucy and Cole drifted apart as they struggled to acclimate Itzel into their family. She was in counseling, and her relationship with Alice had not improved. Cole’s father died unexpectedly of food poisoning, and while Cole’s firm was rising in winning cases and workload, he didn’t feel happy.

Oceanfront property on Snowy Owl Lane in Audubon Shore subdivision

In 2015, they moved to Audubon Shore, to an oceanfront property as Cole won the election for Mayor. Alice attempted to date Peter Traver, but was forbidden to date.

As the kids got older, Cole and Lucy regained their flame, and found a way to meet one another’s needs along with their family. Alice got accepted to Eastborough University with a full ride scholarship. Alice wished that her Dad’s mayor term had been up while she still lived at home, feeling that she never got to spend time with him.

There is an abundance of pressure for the London kids to live up to, with a law firm waiting for one of them, and they greatly want all of their children to earn the full ride scholarship as Alice had done.

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