Households, Profiles

McCarthy Household I

George and Mandy McCarthy Household

George and Mandy

Mandy was raised by her Dad, Greg as an only child. She went to Eastborough University and studied Political Science. Her eyes were set on landing a good career, and taking care of herself. She bought a small two bedroom house in Millwood, and lived their happily with her cat, Basil.

She met George when she was twenty-five, and they dated for over a year before getting married. Once she adapted to being a wife, they started their family. Finn was born when they were in their late twenties. They bought a slightly larger, three bedroom house in Millwood, and nine years later Hazel joined their family.

House they raised their family in Millwood

Mandy was a homemaker, while George was an executive at a large business in South Port. It wasn’t until seven years after Hazel’s arrival that they decided to adopt Violet-Adele thus completing their family.

When their son, Finn got is high school girlfriend Nicole pregnant, they allowed her to move in with them to finish their high school education. Family has always been a high priority for George and Mandy, and helping them out when they are in need is one area that they excel in.

They helped their granddaughter Emma when she dropped out of college, and when she needed a nicer apartment when she was expecting her son Chaz. They are happy to help with no strings attached, which cannot always be said for their son Finn.

They had a falling out with Finn when they aided Emma in not returning to college, he thought they were meddling and out of order to go against their wishes. Mandy and George understood where he was coming from, but felt that Emma was the highest priority and not a forced education. They later reconciled with Finn but it’s been touch and go since.

They aren’t always able to connect with their youngest Violet-Adele, as their greatest wish for their family is that they find someone to be happy with, and it is no priority of hers. They’ve been happily married all these years, and they hope for everyone to find that companionship. They relish the role of being grandparents, and are very active in their lives, as much as they are welcomed to it.

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