Households, Profiles

Millett Household I

Merrill and Norma Millett Household

(Left to right) Norma, Merrill, Nolan, Leah, Grant, Simon, Julia, and Hadley

Merrill and Norma were high school sweethearts, with Norma a year ahead of Merrill. When he turned eighteen he enlisted in the military, and was to be sent overseas. They married in the fall of 1972, and Norma spent that time living with her parents, and saving money. When Merrill finished his four year obligation, they immediately bought their home in Millwood, and started their family.

They welcomed their son, Grant in February of 1977. Merrill was reserved as a Father, and distant in ways he hadn’t been before his military time. Norma bonded closely with Grant, and didn’t feel the desire to have another child. She was certain that she could not love a second child as much as she loved her special son, and so they never attempted to have anymore.

In the early 1980’s, Merrill opened the Northern Moose, the premier hunting and outdoor supply shop in Millwood, and still runs it to this day with his son Grant.

Over the years, Merrill softened, and Grant connected with both of his parents. His devotion to his parents, and their family business meant that when he married his high school sweetheart, Leah in the spring of 1998 that they would continue to live with his parents, and not buy a home of their own. They started trying for a baby immediately, but didn’t give birth to Hadley until July of 2001, and Julia joined the family in March of 2003.

Norma instantly felt a great bond with Hadley, seeing herself in the spunky granddaughter, and often pitted Hadley against Leah. Grant wouldn’t consider buying their own home, and so he appeased Leah by purchasing her things and rights. She was allowed to decorate their bedroom in their house, and their mountain cabin as well. All of this time, Norma fretted over the family business, believing that only a man would be capable and interested in running it after Grant.

In June 2010, Norma finally got her grandson, and Simon was born. As he got older, she found him to be interested in science, often day dreaming, and more interested in bugs than deer hunting. She couldn’t connect with him, and often avoided spending one on one time together.

When Julia was fifteen she got pregnant with Nolan, briefly considering adoption, but in the end, decided to have her parents raise him as their own. It’s a tough balance having her son in a pretend brotherly role, and she was conflicted on attending college when she graduates high school. She is happy to not be in the Mom role, but feels guilty for the lack of responsibility.

Hadley went off to Eastborough University, losing her childhood desire to take over the Northern Moose, and deciding on a Medical Career, with a surgical emphasis. At this point Simon is not interested in taking over, and while Julia briefly considered settling and staying behind, she has decided to find her own path, and will be heading to Eastborough for her own education.

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