Households, Profiles

Russo-Traver Household I

Zeke and Morgan Russo-Traver Household

(Left to Right) Zeke, Morgan, Cicely, Vivienne, and Lewis

Zeke was born to Kenzie and Colby while the two were still in high school, his Dad was a red-headed basketball player, and stopped visiting Zeke once Kenzie and Delaney went off to college, bringing Zeke with them. Zeke has no memories of his Dad, and spent the earlier part of his life angry over this injustice.

Zeke threw tantrums, and acted out, often chasing away any prospects Kenzie had for a future spouse. He was unable to deter Tyler though, and he became his step Dad. The relationship was rocky, and Zeke was a ticking bomb, always quick to anger, that Tyler often left him to Kenzie.

He dated Brynn in high school, skipped college, and got an apartment with her. He was angry with his biological Dad, and his Mom for remarrying, but he was in love with Brynn. His Mom did not approve of her, after they were pregnant, they got married, and Lewis was born, he found Brynn cheating on him with another man.

All of his childhood anger switched gears, and he put all that focus on her. He still loved her though, and many times went back to her, in hopes that they could reconcile. She later died giving birth to Dean, another man’s baby. Zeke held onto this anger for years, having no closure with Brynn.

Meanwhile, Morgan was raised by John and Regina Russo, in a very strict household. Her Father was in the military, and her Mom the Chief of Staff in the hospital, excellence was not just taught, it was expected. Her room was tidy, a strict schedule was kept, and boys were not allowed.

They had one child, so that they could put all their focus on her, and did not have children until they were well settled in their line of work. They were traditional and strict, and Morgan did not pull away from her parents until she was out of college. She moved in briefly with her best friend Hazel in an apartment. The adventure was cut short when Hazel found herself unexpectedly pregnant with Bea.

Zeke met Morgan during Lewis’ four year check up. Kenzie took care of Lewis while Zeke worked the night shift, leaving Tyler at home to care for newborn Dean, whom they adopted after Brynn’s death. Zeke bumped into Morgan at the pool that August of 2010

Zeke might not have ever proposed to Morgan, but she started wanting a marriage and a baby, and it became clear to keep her in his life, that he would have to propose. In July 2012, Zeke proposed in his pickup truck, and Morgan accepted.

He went to night school for Computer Science to afford the wedding, and be better prepared for the future, after all, he had married a doctor, and needed to pull his own weight. This was a honeymoon period for Morgan, her and Lewis were pals and got along well, he was still a child, and appreciated the bond that was forming.

They were married in September 2013, up in the Cascade Mountains at the Russo cabin. They conceived the twins on their honeymoon, and came back to town to buy their first house. Cicely and Vivienne were born June 2014 with Vivienne needing time in the NICU incubator for a short period.

Russo-Traver’s first house on W. Prospect Avenue

It was after Lewis became a teenager that him and Morgan were at odds with one another. He began to be like his father, and be hurt by imagined offenses. He felt insecure in his place with the twins in the house, and felt jealous over the happy family dynamics that his sisters had. He lashed out, and sulked and pegged Morgan as the enemy.

They are still working on those issues, and how to parent Lewis, as Zeke and Morgan do not always agree on that subject.

Russo-Traver’s second home.

They recently upgraded to a newer, larger house, with Morgan well on her way to being the next Chief of Staff at Metro Hospital.

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