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Schehl Household II

Peter and Elise Schehl Household

Elise and Peter

Peter was raised by his parents Jared and Delaney. He has a twin sister Meg, and two younger sisters, Lauren and much later in life, Lizzie joined the family. He was short and overweight while growing up, and suffered from a low esteem during his younger years. He was often quiet and absorbed in his art while his sisters were constantly causing a commotion. This led him to be often overlooked in the family dynamics.

He was raised in a historical home in the prestigious Audubon Shore neighborhood, which his parents sold after him and Meg were accepted to Eastborough University. There they moved to Millwood, and he went on to study Art, and did extremely well.

Peter always exhibited a preference toward the older girls. In high school he dated Paige Lange, who dumped him when she went off to college, and then again after she graduated college.

Elise didn’t really know Peter until university even though they had gone to the same high school. She was too busy dating Isaiah Gavigan, and trying to get Oliver to cheat on his then-girlfriend Paloma. She insists that she was just a hormonal kid back then, and is slightly ashamed of her behavior.

She continued dating Isaac until she broke up with him when she was twenty; she never gave a reason. During that time, she went after Peter though he was still dating Paige at the time. She had intended on making the short freshman her rebound, and to make Isaiah extremely jealous, but they wound up falling in love.

Elise fully acknowledges that her college self was emotional, and unorthodox. Peter would have never known her mood swings if it weren’t for the fact that she had to share a dorm room with his twin sister, Meg. She had a way of being blunt and without enough finesse, that she disgruntled Peter’s entire family when she came over for dinner.

Peter feared that Elise would dump him as soon as she graduated, just as Paige had done twice to him. But surprisingly, she had found she loved the short freshman, and they continued seeing each other despite the distance.

After graduating, Peter got an apartment in South Port, and tried to make money selling his paintings. It made him extremely poor, and if it weren’t for his parents blatant assistance, he would have been moving back home with them. They paid for his rent and his furnishings.

Peter’s first apartment in South Port

Things quickly escalated with career-driven Elise, despite his lack of employment. His parents tried convincing him to slow down the relationship, but it only made him more determined to get himself in better shape financially. He inquired of a Graphic Design position with his Uncle Zeke, and once he had a real career, he proposed on his apartment’s rooftop.

In August of 2024, Elise and Peter were married. They had an intimate wedding at The Red Mill, saving their funds to purchase their first home.

They were able to purchase their first home in 2025, in the historical neighborhood of Lincoln Park. It had been gutted for renovations, making it more affordable, but even still, they’d had to accept money from Peter’s parents.

Elise has great hopes of raising their family and living in their new home for the rest of their lives. She’s hoping to have two children, though Peter would be quite pleased to have three, with the stipulation that they are not prone to tantrums and drama like his sisters, Meg and Lauren were when they were growing up.

2 thoughts on “Schehl Household II”

  1. He had some pretty rough sisters to grow up with, for such a sensitive soul. Especially Lauren. Their new home looks so awesome; I love old houses that have been gutted. Do they still need to do a lot of work to it for it to be functional? (Like plumbing?)

    He picked a pretty fiesty/drama-y wife, for a guy who didn’t enjoy that growing up, but maybe she’s settled down now. And she does love him. Does she give him more attention and care than he got growing up?

    1. He always did have a type, blond, older, and slightly emotional/snotty. They are very affectionate with each other, they don’t have high voltage, but they don’t seem to know nor care. And Elise has tempered down some, just not so much with Delaney. Elise pretty much only talks sports and work, and Delaney always gets her riled up.

      The house is functional, third floor is open empty, nursery too, but they have a bathroom, can’t skip that. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

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