Households, Profiles

Siew Household I

Quinten and Rebecca Siew Household

This family divorced in April of 2029. They are currently living in separate households, with primary custody belonging to Rebecca.

(Left to Right) Quinten, Wyatt, Rebecca, Scarlett, and Elodie

Quint and Rebecca attended Community College together in 2007-2009, and ended up dating for the majority of that time. On their graduation day, Quint popped the question, and they were married that summer, in August 2009. Fellow classmates and friends, Grace, and Violet-Adele were the bridesmaids.

They found out that they were already one month pregnant with their first, Scarlett, and she was born in April 2010. They owned a small house in Millwood, Rebecca dreamed of opening her own pottery store, but worked at Hazel’s diner in the meantime, while Quint eventually worked as a Paramedic.

Rebecca and Quint’s first house together.

They struggled to make ends meet, to be a stable influence on Scarlett, while battling their young ages and own desires. They were the first of their friends to settle down, and found themselves having a difficult time staying connected.

They were successful in getting pregnant when Scarlett was in preschool, but sadly, lost the baby at eight weeks. This led Rebecca to stop trying for babies, and to have fears of pregnancy. During this time she constantly had the conversation bubble to adopt, and so they paid off their debt, and bought a larger, three bedroom house, staying in Millwood as they fell in love with the parks.

Their new three bedroom home.

Quint was stuck as a Paramedic with only a 2 year Biology degree, and so he quit, and started working construction, building homes for Violet-Adele‘s Architect Firm. Rebecca wholesaled her pottery to Myra to sell at the Millwood Farmer’s Market, where it is a big success. They were able to pay off their college debt, and the new home, and are a steady middle class family now.

They adopted Elodie when she was two years old, in the spring of 2019. They had been considered to adopt Nolan but the Millet family decided to raise him themselves. They immediately got pregnant that spring, and Wyatt was born in December 2019. They were all thrilled to have a son join their family.


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