Playable NPC Profiles

I always enjoyed Carla’s playable NPC page, but thought I couldn’t really do one myself. But it turns out that while I couldn’t a few years back, I really can now. Many of my families have infiltrated my main sims, through business, parenthood, and dating.

In alphabetical order:

Brewer Family

Dave and Alicia with their son, Percy.

Dave has long been friends with Jude and Gideon. He was the last of his friends to get married, and just welcomed his first child to the world. They recently bought a house in Millwood, and now live near Gideon and Eva. Dave works in Intelligence, while Alicia was recently laid off when the local home-style restaurant closed its doors. She’s enjoying time with their son while she can, and looking for work near home.

Dwyer-Dennis-Picaso Family

Marcus and Miriam Dwyer with their twins, Asher and Shira, and Warren and Angie Dennis

Angie Dennis is a widower and the Mother of Warren and Miriam, residing in South Port. Angie has always worked retail in South Port. Miriam is a preschool-kindergarten teacher, and was previously married to Dr. Marcus Dwyer, together they have twins Asher and Shira. Marcus was defeated in the competition for Chief of Staff against Morgan Russo-Traver, and recently returned to Metro Hospital.

Gavigan Family

Mary and Nathan, with their three sons, Isaiah (Maeve), Isaac (Lauren), and Ezra

Mary owns the Mini Sprout, a specialty baby boutique, while Nathan is a detective for the South Port Police Station, and reside in Millwood. Isaiah is a college graduate, and is currently a Scatmaster, living with Oliver McCarthy as roommates. Isaac is currently attending Eastborough University, dating Lainey Grimsley and the teen father of Nolan Millett, though he has denied this. Mary had hoped that Ezra would be a girl, but has made peace with her third son, who is raised like an only child these days.

Gonzales Family

Maria and Juan

Juan owns two car dealerships in South Port, running them with his only child, Cesar and his wife Maria. They are very traditional in their beliefs, and had wanted their son to marry Annie after she got pregnant with their grandchildren. Maria is rather opinionated and does not always curb her tongue, while Juan is laid back, and rather shy, despite the nature of his business, he is rather successful because people find him genuine and good-natured.

Gray Family

(left to right) Caleb, Barbara, Corbin, and Riley

Corbin and Barbara reside in Millwood, they are quiet neighbors, and tend to keep to themselves. Their twins, Caleb and Riley recently started attended Eastborough University. Barbara is head chef at The Red Mill since the twins were in grade school, and Corbin is a successful Family Law attorney.

Lange Family

(left to right) Paige, Trent, Trish, and Brooklyn
(Originally this was the Traveller family, I gave them all makeovers, and some face lifts, because I didn’t know how to delete sims way back when.)

Trent is president of a corporate company, and Trish works as a file clerk at Cole London’s law firm, she started working later in life, once Brooklyn was in middle school. Paige is highly-opinionated, having dated and broken up with Peter Traver twice in life, a graduate of Eastborough University with a Political Science Degree, she is currently working as a Campaign Worker with hopes of being Mayor one day. Brooklyn is currently attending Eastborough University, with an economics major, and hopes to one day be a teacher in South Port.

Martinez Family

(left to right) Perla, Diego, Isabella, Matias, and Rafael

The Martinez family relocated to South Port from Spain during Perla and Rafael’s teen years. Diego is their first to be born in a different country, and was not exactly anticipated from his older brother and sister. Matias is taking time off of work to care for young Diego until he begins school, and Isabella works as a hostess at The Red Mill. Perla is their oldest, and is very sought after by the other boys in her high school.

Pacelli Family

Carmine and Silvana with their two sons, Enzo (Ginny) and Nico, including their grandkids, Gemma and Domenico (Enzo’s kids)

Carmine and Silvana own an Italian restaurant that specializes in pizza and pasta. They have two sons, Enzo and Nico, with the youngest boy, Nico still residing at home, and helping out at the restaurant. They live downtown South Port since immigrating to the city when Enzo was their only child. They do foster care, and were Elodie’s foster parents while she waited for a permanent home with the Siew family.

Enzo is Carmine and Silvana’s eldest son, married to Ginny the owner of Planet Java coffeehouse, and Paloma’s boss. Enzo is a Private Detective, and is home more to raise the kids than his wife Ginny, who struggles with the management portion of her business, and getting employees to respond well to her demands. Gemma is rather spoiled, and is not welcomed by many adults or children outside of her family circle. Domenico is carrying on the family name, and his grandparents hope he will want to run their restaurant when he’s of age.

Picaso Household

(left to right) Flint, Jessica, Jett and Matt.

Matt and Jessica divorced when the twins were in grade school, he had an affair with Annie Carver, and fathered Ella out of that relationship. He did not seek parental rights until his divorce was finalized, before then Ella did not know who her father was, and the boys did not know they had a half-sister. Matt now has half-custody of the boys and Ella, though he is not much interested in investing his time with the children.

Jessica works at the Red Mill as a waitress, and is Lorelei’s employee. She has worked there since it was owned by Eric, and the boys were toddlers. She is married to Warren Dennis (Dennis-Dwyer Family above), and raising the boys to the best of her abilities. Jett is very helpful, and sensitive to helping out his Mom, while Flint is rougher on the edges, and desires to join the military and be more like his Dad. Jessica finds that he is not respectful to girls, or herself, and struggles in raising him, while he puts his Dad on a pedestal.

Welsh Family

Reed and Caroline with their three kids Alex, Molly, and Toby

Reed dated Violet-Adele while they attended community college together, they suffered a miscarriage, then she ended their relationship to follow her dreams in Paris. Reed married Caroline while she was very pregnant with their first born, Alex. When he was a toddler, Violet-Adele came back to South Port, and they started an affair. This continued until Molly was born, he missed the birth of his daughter because he was with her, and he ended the romance on his own accord while Molly was still an infant. Caroline never knew of this indiscretion, and they recently moved out of South Port apartment and into a nice home out in Millwood. Reed owns the only toy store in the area, and is focusing on his family currently, while Caroline is a nurse at Metro Hospital.


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