Evie Jitmakusol

Name: Evie Jitmakusol
Age: 22 (in 2031)
Year Born: 2009; February
Height: 5’8″ (tall)

Partner: Michael Popper
Past Romantic History: Dean Goss
Children: N/A

Education: Eastborough University Student; Political Science (3.3 GPA)
Job: Door to Door Poller Political Strategist
Previous Employment:

Aspiration: Family
Hobby: Fitness
Favorite Color: Mauve

2 thoughts on “Evie Jitmakusol”

  1. She’s just beautiful and what an interesting profile. Door to door poller…ack. Been there, done that, and wow. How did you determine her favorite color? Mauve is an usual choice isn’t it? It would look very pretty on her.

    1. Evie was a vacation townie, and I have loved her since Dean met her. I have not done the door to door polling, and I’m happy for that! I did do phone sales, but it was incoming calls so not as terrible as cold-calling.

      It depends on favorite color, sometimes I just hand it out, sometimes its if I’ve put the sims in the same colors repeatedly, or personality (what I think they’d like). And for some, Evie included, I pick something that looks good on them, because they’re the type who want to look good, and they know what looks good on them, if you follow. Thanks for commenting!

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