Etienne Bernard

Name: Etienne Bernard
Age: 40 (in 2027)
Year Born: March, 1987
Height: 6’0″ (tall)

Siblings: N/A
Partner: Violet-Adele (spouse)
Past Romantic History: Brenda (ex-fiance)
Children: N/A

Education: Université Paris, Art Major; 4.0 GPA
Job: Master Architect
Previous Employment: Architect in France
Businesses Owned: N/A

Aspiration: Family/Fortune
Hobby: Art
Favorite Color: Slate Gray

Etienne as a Teen

Etienne as a Child

Etienne as a Toddler

2 thoughts on “Etienne Bernard”

    1. Ain’t that the truth! I can’t believe that he waited around all this time for her. I had every intention of marrying him off to townie Brenda, but he just kept being in love and wanting Violet-Adele. I don’t know how interested she really is still, she’s just very … meh over romance. I think that her wants for marriage mostly came from enjoying his company, and wanting to keep that. I don’t think Etienne is expecting a giant change in her personality though, so they should be good.

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