another new beginning

december 2008
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Creelman Household – Abby Creelman (65 years); Eva Bathelet (35 years); Paloma Creelman (11 years)
narrated by Abby

Winter comes to Southport and brings with it bare trees and an icy ocean. It was in the winter that my husband and middle daughter, Ella died from illness, and the winter prior that my oldest daughter Eliza disappeared from her apartment downtown and was never heard from again. This year, fall came with the change. The night my youngest daughter was married, her husband Nicholas died from fright from Ella’s very ghost. She continues to haunt us. We’ve moved from our house in Pleasantview, to two separate apartments, and she is always there haunting us.

Eva continues to be the ray of sun in our family. She carries her second child from her late husband. He had illegally moved into our apartment from Takemizu until we had saved $3000 to pay his citizenship, and another $1000 for their beach chapel wedding. I retired a few years back and she does what she can to support us (my retirement check is $105 a day). And in turn for her working, I take care of Paloma and the home, while writing cooking articles in my spare time. Unfortunately she got fired from her kitchen work (she really is a lousy cook) and since being pregnant, has been unable to find work. No one wants to hire someone to be on maternity leave immediately.

“Just put the dumb cat down mom and LOOK at my report!!”

Paloma is a great student, but a rather impatient and demanding. We purchased her the cat, Midnight after her father died to help with the grief.

After the birth of Linnea, I decided my granddaughters needed a house with our own yard. So we packed up and left Southport and moved to Millwood. My three daughters had a yard of their own growing up, and with the help from a friend in the bank business, Eva was approved for $20,000 loan, which can’t buy anything in Southport, but Millwood however is full of houses in that range.

This is it, other than a little grocery store. The town was founded by lumber, and you can see cut down trees in the distance.

Our new three bedroom abode is the best on the block if I say so myself. It needed a lot of paint and with leftover money from the loan we were able to paint much of the house and get it started to feeling like a home.

The girls are sharing a room, and for now Paloma loves having her sister in there with her. She sleeps like a rock though and never awakens when Linnea cries.

The want ads are filled with careers like city planner and lawyers. Eva nor myself ever had a higher education, so she settles to be a taxi driver. She makes less a day than my retirement check, but it is helping to pay the bills down, and with plans to start a garden we hope to be pretty efficient here in Millwood. There is always hope for promotion or a better opportunity in the paper another day.

Shortly after our move I heard Pirate barking in the living room, which is very unlike him. Come to find we had a burglar in the house emptying out our living room, the room we spent the most money in decorating.

While sneaking to the phone to dial the police (drat not owning cell phones! or having a phone on the second floor!), Ella’s ghost startled me. I don’t talk about it much, but I don’t think of this spirit as my daughter, and wish it would just stop harassing us.

I get so fed up with the crap in life some days. I do my best to hold it together for the girls, but the mess, the pets, and one disaster and death after another. Where is my families golden sunrise? As much as I love helping to raise Paloma and Linnea I’d much prefer their father to be here.

“I heard that the local grocery store is hiring, I think I could get a job even though I’m only 13 if I asked the manager.”

Eva and I turned her down quickly. The taxi has not been prosperous, but neither of us are willing to allow Paloma to get a job to support this family. I’d rather lose my retirement and get a job again before we’d go to that lengths.

Paloma acts like she’s all grown up, but she still prefers sleeping in her mom’s bed since the burglar. It plagues her thoughts and conversation the majority of the time. Eva and I joked that boys would be a nice change, but we may eat those words.

We saw Paloma on the back porch with Oliver McCarthy whispering about Violet-Adele flunking first semester at Business College. This seemed to tickle the two teens a little too much. Nothing like a near valedictorian struggling in the real world, to brighten people’s day.

Not too long after the girls were in bed, that Eva snuck out to meet with Jason Mennon. I had discussed with her moving on, and how Nicholas would have wanted her to. I won’t be around forever, and I don’t want this situation for my granddaughters. She confessed she had found Jason Mennon attractive. She called him and he eagerly came over that evening. I saw them speak quietly and barely touch hands. Eva stills wear her wedding ring, and is very conscious of the girls. If this is the beginning of a romance, I think it might be a slow one.

I step outside to get a breath with Pirate. I’ve had him for many years; my faithful companion. While I have not led a perfect life, and even had a secret affair with an old flame before any of the girls; I know that my husband, Sean Creelman was the love of my life. And while I feel hope and anticipation for Eva finding a new love; I don’t want any part of romance for myself. I’m quite content to help the girls out the best I can, and not worry about a man and what he needs.

Sorry about the poor picture quality. I played with the camera settings in game, but alas I believe I’ll need a screen capture to get anything decent. Any recommendations for a free one?

This family has had the most tragic mishaps out of all the others I have ever played. Eva’s husband Nicholas was supposed to bring stability and a paycheck to this little family, and instead they spend $4000 to get him here legally and then he died on their wedding night after Eva unexpectedly got pregnant. She almost lost the pregnancy twice. It would have been neat to have a boy to carry on the last name. Paloma almost looks exactly like her father, she didn’t get her mom/grandma’s eye shape at all or her mom’s skin, I was quite surprised.

Ella, the ghost, is a menace. In the picture of them eating dinner you can vaguely see her in the doorway. She haunts the house almost nightly, scaring every single one of them. I thought Abby might have been a goner in the dining room, but she just wet herself instead. Eliza (the missing daughter) was one of the prettiest sims I ever had. Unfortunately she didn’t make it when I cleaned my game up.

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9 thoughts on “another new beginning

  1. This family looks like they’re getting back on their feet but they’ve had so much tragedy along the way! First Abby’s husband and daughter dying, then the other daughter going missing and then her son-in-law dying too. Some families get more sadness than they deserve.

    I banish all ghosts to my cemetery! I have played challenges where you’re not allowed to and the ghosts always end up driving me insane!

  2. Ghosts can drive me crazy too! This is the first time I’ve kept human urns, and out of the three ghosts they have there, Ella is the only one to even appear as a ghost. I don’t know what her deal is.

    I have to say all their drama has kept them interesting and challenging. Their finances are so little, and with the loan, eek. It will be awhile until they are financially well. Unfortunately all the job listings have required degrees so Eva’s stuck as a taxi driver.

  3. I know it’s been awhile since this post. I don’t even know if you found out about a screen capture program. A lot of simmers use Fraps. I use Gadwin. It’s free & fairly easy to configure.

  4. Thanks Lisa I’m using fraps now, though it seems to delay taking the scrrenshot sometimes which drives me batty. I think i’ll check out what u are using to see if it’s more responsive.

  5. hey retromasie!

    LOVE this intro, Abby is really remarkable for sticking through all that. Don’t we all have that one family where everything goes wrong?

    I also enjoyed your little intro about the history of the town.

    and I find ghosts so annoying I usually banish them to a graveyard, lol!

  6. There does seem to always be that family that just has no luck! Seems that way in real life too. Abby is quite a remarkable gal, I’ve played her since she was born. Maybe it was her whole beginning that got her off on the wrong foot? She was the child of an affair. *gasp*

    Then her mom died fixing the computer when she was a toddler, then her father died when she was in college from burning leaves. I had just gotten Seasons, and he lived alone. Apparently caught himself on fire, and died.

  7. I was a little confused on where to start so I started here! I love your writing and the story so far ❤

    1. Aww thanks! I really like how this families story has evolved, but man I cringe at these old laptop photos! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, really makes my day! So sweet!

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