the semi-homemaker

march 2009
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Tim Grimsley (33 years), Bekah Grimsley (32 years), Charlie Grimsley (24 years), Lainey Grimsley (8 years)

Maternity leave from the library means I get to sit with the girls for the bus in the morning. Our neighbor, Lucy London used to sit with my daughter, Lainey and her daughter, Alice. But with me home, she’s able to put earlier hours in at the London Grocery Store, and be home for Alice and her husband Cole. It works out fine in the long run, and my maternity leave will be short lived before I’m back to the dewey decimal system and sticky children’s books.

But in the end, I hate the responsibility. I’m dead tired with the pregnancy, and can hardly sleep all night, then I have to wake up to sit outside. I think the girls could handle this on their own, but Lucy covers this for me. Normal Bekah wouldn’t complain so much, but pregnant Bekah is a different story. I didn’t expect pregnancy to cause so many issues, morning sickness, insomnia, irritable, uncomfortable. If I had known half of this, I would have adopted a second time. In the end, we weren’t trying to have a child of our own, we had only intended to adopt one child, and call our family complete. I know it will all work out in the end though.

That night after I got comfortable, and made dinner for Tim and Lainey, we had a knock at the door. There in the biting wind, stood Charlie Grimsley, Tim’s brother. He pleaded a case to Tim to move in temporarily with us until he could land a job as a gamer. Apparently South Port is the happening place for video game technology, and not Millwood. Tim agreed, and he moved in that night.

Personally I thought you took what job you could until the dream job opportunity opened up. Do your time in the trenches, so to speak. But not Charlie. And Tim doesn’t turn family away, mostly cause Charlie is about all the family he has. So the library/office became library/office/Charlie’s room. Which means I can’t peruse the baby forums online in the wee hours of the morning anymore. Not to mention if the baby is a boy, I will need the third bedroom.

Alice stayed the night while Lucy and Cole went to get fertility treatments in the city. The girls are best friends, it worked out well that they were expecting shortly after they moved in next door. Lainey is a little older than Alice, she was a toddler when Lucy got pregnant. It was good fortune that we all have become such good friends. Not everyone likes their neighbors as much as us. It also helps to have a garage buffer our home from their noise.

Tim doesn’t understand why I’m so irritable. It couldn’t have anything to do with picking up after everyone. Lainey’s room, every night. She leaves toys all over the house. She’d rather color than pick up her rocket.

When Lucy comes to pick up Alice, I’m on the verge of a breakdown. I vent to her about how messy the house is. The landlord even came by to tell us to clean it up. I was mortified. Charlie acted like it wasn’t a big deal and shrugged his shoulders. Alice points out that dog even stinks. I can’t imagine being 6 months pregnant, and bending over to bathe the dog.

Eva and Paloma came by to gift us a freezer meal for when the baby arrives. Lainey and Paloma are pretty good friends with the age difference. Everyone keeps asking Lainey how she will do with a sibling. We wonder the same thing. Though one time she tried to rub my belly and I snapped at her. I felt horrible about it afterward, but I just don’t want to be touched at all. She doesn’t seem excited in the least other than that one time; it was probably morbid curosity. And the big plus of having a playmate doesn’t pertain to her with Alice living next door.

I do wonder how she feels about us having a child of our own, with her being adopted, and how she feels about her own biological mother giving her up to be with our family. I don’t want to bring something up and make something out of nothing. It’s a hard line to walk.

Charlie is great with Lainey though, they hit it off immediately. He reads stories to her, and plays with her outside. I do appreciate him entertaining her. But I’d rather read her stories than wash all the dishes. I miss being at work, being a librarian is easier than being a homemaker.

One night when I was certain roaches were going to move in, I let it all out on Tim. He knew I wasn’t happy. But he always brushed it off with, “You’re pregnant.” Like all feelings were invalid with that simple fact. He refused to limit Charlie’s time with us, but he said he’d help him get a job in the gaming career.

Then he helped clean up the kitchen. And then he washed the dog. And I felt happy.

Charlie took Lainey outside. We finally got our first snowfall of the year, and it was heavy and high. Lainey wished it was a school day, she was certain school would have been canceled. As it was Charlie swung her around, and Lainey screamed that he was going to slam her legs into the brick wall. He assured her he wouldn’t. And thankfully he didn’t.

Then Tim built a snowman with her, while I took a bath, read a book, and took a nap. I’m ready for this baby to be born, and it isn’t due until spring. I’ve even had time to think of names, Pippa or Milo. I’ll admit to having anticipation of who this little one will look like.

Notes: Bekah is normally a pretty happy, nice sim. But she was irritable from day 1 of this pregnancy. The morning sickness kicked her butt, and than ROS had a relative move in. I CAS since Bekah/Tim are first generation sims. She doesn’t seem to hit it off with him, but everyone else LOVES Charlie. I think Lainey would rather spend time with her uncle than anyone else. But everyone is so messy that it drives Bekah crazy. She goes nuts over the mess, than spends her time cleaning, and no time having fun.

Tim is normally a really sweet husband, but he really dropped the ball since the surprise pregnancy. As for the dog, I can’t remember what his name is. oops.

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4 thoughts on “the semi-homemaker

  1. LOL at Bekah being such a mess during this! Although, if I had that much on my plate, I’d probably be freaking out too.

    Thank goodness Charlie finally decided to do something!

    And Lainey is so cute. I love having playdaes between children that are the same age in my hood. And I LOVE the swing child around interaction.

  2. Omgsh I felt Bekah’s pain! My pregnancy was horrible and this was a bittersweet reminder lol funny now, horrible then. “You’re pregnant.” Like all feelings were invalid with that simple fact. I swear some men are just asking for an early grave LOL

    1. Such a true point with terrible then/funny now. Bekah wasn’t really made for pregnancies, she was always super miserable. Ha yeah like “you’re pregnant” makes it all better! No way, I hate the girl trouble card being played by guys.

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