ultimate sacrifice

april 2009
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Milla Traver (67 years), Cara Darling (17 years), Rachael Darling

*warning – picture heavy*

“Bleh, bleh, bleh-bleh!” If I have to hear anything more about my over achieving, violin playing cousin Lorelei, I’m going to jump off a cliff. Gran is talking to her on the phone and I can over hear her syrupy sweetness, and oh how Gran gushes over her. If Gran really knew that Lorelei snuck out as much as I used to, I imagine that’d knock Lorelei down a peg or two.

As it is, I have enough on my plate with Rachael. My mom and step dad, Ethan dumped me here with my step dad’s mom while they lived happily ever after with my half-siblings. Two sets of twins, back to back. Mom is nuts. She’s actually going nuts, and financially they are strapped, and space wise they are just plum out of fresh space. They took my room from me and used it for the new set of twins, and here I am. Living with my step-grandma, who gushes over her real grandkids like they spit petals.

My mom, Meredith, warned me to be nice. Gran has complained a lot about my surly attitude, and lack of help around the house. She actually expected me to rake this past fall while pregnant, pfft. Gran is wealthy and all, being a has-been famous journalist back in her day, so she’s teaching me how to save my pennies and be able to get wealthy myself. I am grateful for that. All the child support that Stephen sends for Rachael goes into my savings account and earns interest for the day I move out on my own.

Stephen pays regularly for child support, but never met Rachael until she was a few months old. I called him and pretty much demanded he come over to meet her, cause I grew up without my real dad, and by golly, my daughter wasn’t going to!

It seemed to be going ok, Stephen smiled at her, and smiled at me. He looked relieved that she didn’t break. But then Rachael wanted me, and held her arms out for me. She was quite vocal with her wants, and Stephen was hurt by it. He frowned than handed her back. But he did start spending regular intervals of time at Grans, visiting Rachael, and myself.

We had no privacy though. If we were outside, suddenly Gran needed to tend garden, and if we were inside, well she could do dishes, or clean the stove, really the woman was as busy as bee.

And constantly had family over. With 3 children, 10 grandchildren, and now 2 great grandchildren, there was an over abundance of family to visit, but most came over here. I don’t know why Lorelei insisted on visiting ever though, really. Every time we got into a fight. I just can’t stand her. She could do nothing but breath, and I’d want to slap her.

Mom would visit when she had time, with two sets of twins at home, it wasn’t very often. She did seem to enjoy Rachael though, which I didn’t think she would, seeing as we were both pregnant at the same time. Kind of a big no-no in the world of parent and teen.

Mom has always been chubby, and since Rachael, I can’t lose the last pounds. I’m trying out Tai Chi, it’s the newest fitness fad. I figure it has to work or people wouldn’t be all excited about it. I have yet to see any difference.

Ugh. My brother, Luca got naked on Gran Milla’s bed. My uncle Jared was like, “NO dude! You don’t DO that!” I’m mortified that I’m related to Luca. He won’t tell us what he was doing, or who he was hoping to do something with. “Hello dude! We are all related, family reunion means something!”

Rachael had a small birthday party. Me and Stephen are both adults now and planning to get a place of our own as soon as possible.

Early evening, we were all watching tv when we smelled something burning. Duke and Della were laying on the floor, Della was getting comfortable and Duke was sleeping, so we figured it was nothing alarming. Maybe the neighbors were burning their grass. We figured it was something, the dogs would alert us. But they didn’t, and we found the kitchen was up in flames.

Everything happened quickly. Gran Milla studied fire safety, and went straight for Rachael who had crawled into the room and panicked at the tall flames. Stephen stood still, freaking out over each place the fire had taken over. And I stood there, screaming. After Gran had taken Rachael outside, I realized we needed to call the firemen. I went to call, but heard Gran screaming out front, so I told Stephen to call (a cell phone would have been handy), and to meet me out front.

Milla had caught on fire while grabbing Rachael. She got Rachael to safety before she paid attention to her own burning clothes. I extinguished her, and Tim Grimsley happened to walk by and also assisted. Alas we were too late. Finally we heard sirens in the distant, and far too late they arrived.

Two firemen came to extinguish the fire. They told me that they found Stephen near the phone on fire, and they put the flames out three times. They kept telling him to leave the kitchen, but he never did, and in the end he didn’t make it.

I hugged Rachael with all my might and felt utterly alone.

Milla’s three kids, Ethan, Delaney and Kenzie arrived immediately after and helped clean up the destruction. Milla’s twin sister, Myra also came by, and she composted what she could, always about being green. She thought Milla would appreciate the devastation helping things to grow. Myra also adopted Della, but no one will take on Duke. I pleaded with all of them, and no one has the money, they insist to take on an extra mouth to feed.

Delaney set up the funeral arrangements, and divided all the money as directed by Milla’s will. But no one knows what to do with the house. The kitchen is in dire need of renovation. No one wants to give me the house, cause I’m a step-grandchild, and Zeke has Lewis and they could use a nice two bedroom house. I don’t want the house anyway. Too many memories, and I’d never feel comfortable sleeping in the master bedroom.

A double funeral on a sunny spring afternoon. I still don’t know what I’m going to do now with myself and Rachael. Without Stephen and his child support, it’s just me and her on our own. I skipped out on college, though technically I’m only 19 and could still sign up, but there just isn’t much for options, if any, for single moms.

Notes: Whew! ROS gave this family, the flu (which they got without any aid of mine, it’s like a plague in these parts lately), fire (with a roll of “6” separate fire/flames), and a family reunion. This household flew by. I thought a sim might die during this, probably from the flu was my thought. But they all recovered quickly, and then the fire… I thought Milla was fine, she grabbed Rachael, and escpaed. Then the camera zoomed out on me, and there she was on fire. I tried getting Cara and Stephen to help her, but they were both slow with fire-panic. Stephen was told to call emergency MANY times, and I kept thinking he was… no. He’d always go back to the fire-panic. I thought Milla was going to pull through, but she didn’t. And Stephen was told to get out of the house after he finally called the firemen, but no, he didn’t. He just would not leave the kitchen no matter how many times I told him to!

The firemen (literally 2, never had that before!) kept dousing his flames, and then he’d run to another fire corner, and scream, while standing in the flame. Lost cause that Stephen was.

Completely different story line than I expected for this family before I rolled the ROS. Last round, Milla and Cara were at each others throats all the time, this time not so much. But Cara hates her step-cousin Lorelei, and I have no clue why. Jealous much?

Oh and with Cara getting pregnant as a teen. Totally unexpected! She’d had the want to sneak out, so I picked the highest relationship (stephen) and sent her on her merry way… come to find out while the family is on vacation, that she was pregnant. She never officially slept with anyone.

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7 thoughts on “ultimate sacrifice

  1. What great writing! This is so odd how you got 2 firemen to show up! I thought you were embellishing the story, til I read your comments. LOL!

    So you mean to tell me that teen Sims that sneak out have a risk of getting pregnant with ACR?! OMG, I had no idea, but that makes so much sense. Is this ACR or some other hack, though? I’d be interested to know.

    Great job! I’m gonna have to get caught up on all your stories.

    1. I just saw this! Sorry for the delay.

      Inteen allows pregnancy with sneak out. It’s a flavor pack, so you can remove it without. I’m thinking you have a Inteen in your game with your baby daddy drama. 🙂

  2. Nice update! Omg Milla and Stephen… I’m sorry I never really got the chance to know you.

    Too bad that now Cara’s going to get that privacy she wanted. 😦

    Your funeral scene was sad, but the screenshots were cool!

    And wow, this family has a lot of extended relations and weird circumstances. LOL at Cara’s pregnancy.

    Was it fun having Cara and her mom pregnant at the same time?

    1. It was definitely wild having a Mom and her daughter at the same time! Now the twins that Meredith had and Rachael are all in the same class at the school, which is funny. “Hey this is my aunt/uncle, we’re both 5.”

      I don’t roll ROS for each family anymore, I used to so the game stayed interesting.

  3. Wow, this was a rough round. Gosh, ROS really doesn’t like this family. Usually if a ROS rolls for the same family multiple times, I tend to reroll so I haven’t have the multiple crazy ROS happenings to one family. That Stephen apparently had a few lost marbles-not leaving the scene of a fire, ugh.

    ~Apple Valley

    1. This had been so unexpected, i had been playing twins Milla and Myra for years and barely got to blog about Milla. Cara’s pregnancy is a flavor pak of Inteenimator, it adds a risk of pregnancy with the sneak out option.

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