Schedule Index

R2 Household Schedule

A little someone ripped a big piece out of my sims notebook. which now makes it highly likely to go into the land of disappearance before I finish all these houses.

So here for my memory sake, and if others have interest, the house line up for round 2 as of this moment. (I’ve been known to switch things up on whim.)

Round 2 in Review

Households – 18

Round 2 – Winter (December 2008) to Summer (July 2010)

    W I N T E R

Creelman, Abby Family
Traver, Zeke Family
Millett Family

    S P R I N G

Grimsley, Tim Family
Traver, Milla Family
Schehl, Delaney Family
South Port Business College

    S U M M E R

Goss, Kenzie Family
McCarthy, Finn Family, part 2
London, Cole ~ mini

    F A L L

Traver, Brynn
Russo, John Family; part 2 mini
Traver, Ethan Family
Darling, Cara – mini
South Port Business College; part 2

    W I N T E R

December 2009 Birthdays
December 2009 taxes
London, Myra Family
McCarthy, Hazel; part 2
Cruz, Hector Family
Traver, Zeke Family – mini update

    S P R I N G

Spring 2010 Birthdays
Player, Rebecca
London, Cole Family
South Port Business College

    S U M M E R

McCarthy, Mandy Family; part 2
London, Cole Family *Itzel’s adoption*

Round 3 starts with Fall.

    D U E D A T E S

Grimsley, Bekah – First Summer of R2
Traver, Brynn – First Fall of R2 – part 2, part 3, part 4 (the placement)
London, Lucy – Second Spring of R2; IVF baby
Siew, Rebecca – Second Spring of R2

Cara Darling – due summer of R2
Leah Millett – due summer of R2

    W E D D I N G S

Rebecca Player & Quinten Siew – first summer of R2
Cara Darling & Charlie Grimsley – second summer of R2

    D E A T H S

Milla Traver – fire
Stephan Alioto – fire
Brynn Traver – childbirth
Cruz, Hector – ghost wife

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