South Port Business College – SPBC – Spring

mid-May 2009
Violet-Adele and Rebecca’s next update / Grace’s next update
South Port Business College – Jack Bucklin (? years), Rebecca Player & Quinten Siew (20 years), Grace McCarthy, Violet Adele, Reed Welsh, & Janelle Ying (19 years)

Spring hits South Port with beautiful weather and only one severe thunderstorm. The students are antsy for spring break, and the even more anticipated summer vacation. South Port only runs from fall through spring, so all students need to make accommodations outside of campus during the summer months.

At Bubba’s Pub, Reed’s thoughts are consumed with marriage, engagements, and happily ever after. They still have one year left of college, but Reed is certain that Violet Adele is the one for him. Unfortunately she has made no such proclamation, and other than their one shag session, he doesn’t know how she really feels toward him. Sure they seem like they are dating, but she doesn’t seem to need the same amount of time with him, as he desires with her. So he just think about happily ever after with Violet Adele, and doesn’t say anything, yet.

Grace gets hit on by the bartender, Carl. The group of them come in frequently to Bubba’s and he takes this time to ask her to a movie. Once again, Grace says no. She isn’t into him or any other guy. Some are cute, but none get her wild like Rebecca has with Quinten. She was hopeful that college would bring forth her first serious boyfriend, but so far it’s been dud after dud.

“I hope this is a good vacation,” Janelle remarks during their last minute cram session. “I’m not really a mountain, hiking kind of girl.”

“My family goes up the mountain all the time. It doesn’t cost that much, and if anything you can soak in the springs or get a massage. I think you can handle that can’t you?” asked Grace.

“We’ll see.”

“Grace, tell me that there isn’t a foot of snow on the ground.” said Rebecca.

“There isn’t a foot; it’s more like five feet of snow, not including the drifts.”

“What! Why are we taking spring break in winter wonderland? This is the worst vacation ever and I’m not even out of the car!”

“That could be true. We should have just stayed on campus and went to the beach a block away. But we’re here now.” Grace totes her luggage to a tent, leaving Rebecca shivering in her tank top.

As beautiful as the view is from their campground, it’s really cold. They freeze during the nights, and spend as much as their time at the lodge.

Where a punk teen, Gordon takes Reed’s spot for dinner. Reed tries to intimidate him, but Gordon just looks at him.

“What’s with this next generation? I would have never taken someone else’s chair.” Reed mumbles.

“I can’t believe we graduate in a few weeks.” said Rebecca.

“So… what are your plans after graduation?” Quinten asked.

“I’m not sure. In a dream world I’d open an art store to sell my paintings. But realistically I’ll probably flip burgers and scrape by to pay off my student loans. You?”

“I’m wanting to open a pottery store, you know we could do that together. Sell my pottery, and your art. I think they compliment each other nicely… kind of like we do.” Quinten said. “I’ve been thinking lately about the rest of my life, and I kind of would like to… you know living on our own will be expensive, maybe we could be live together to help with the costs. Help us save for a business ether together or not if you prefer.”

“That’d be nice.”

Later that night, Rebecca sneaks into Quinten’s tent. They haven’t been together very long, but the attraction has been there since freshman year. It just took shy Quinten a while to speak up, in the end it was Rebecca who always made the moves.

Back at campus, Janelle gets back to work studying, while Reed snoozes in the chair. He stayed up late playing poker the night before attempting to win back his money.

Soccer kicks off shortly after spring vacation. The McCarthy clan drive from all over to watch the big game that Violet Adele and Grace participate in against Millwood Community College. George McCarthy, Violet Adele’s adoptive father is not pleased to find that this annoying and rude young man is dating his youngest daughter. He’s going to have to speak with Violet Adele about dating someone a little better.

Victory to SPBC. Grace has her picture taken with her parents, Finn and Nicole. Finn is George’s oldest child. Only her sister, Emma was able to come to the game. Her brother Oliver had to stay back with the twins and toddler back on the farm in Millwood. Nicole remarks that they need to do a real family portrait with all of them sometime. She’s been saying that for years.

“I can not wait to go to college! Things are horrible at home with all the babies. Mom is going crazy, I think Dad is depressed, and me and Oliver are having to help way more than teenagers should have to.” Emma unloads over chef salad in the cafeteria.

“I’m sure Mom will really miss your help. I don’t even want to go home for summer, but I can’t find anything else.” said Grace. “Have you decided what college you are going to?”

“I haven’t a clue. I want to go here with you, it’d be like old times but funner! But it’s more expensive, and I’m scared to live in the city after everything that happened to you. But if I go to Millwood Community College then I’d be close to home and I’m sure Mom would be needy for my time. What with Dad always gone these days, I can understand but I just want to be young.”

“You’d be perfectly safe here. We aren’t in downtown South Port here, the crime isn’t that bad at all. It would be fun to live together again, but it’s your future, what college offers what you need.”

“I have to think about it some more. I still have time to decide.”

Graduation day arrives for Quinten and Rebecca. The idea of just being roommates seems to modern for Quinten, and he pops the question to make the arrangement more permanent. He sweats through his shirt, and is relieved when she says yes without hesitating.

Grace wasn’t surprised when Emma said their father, Finn wasn’t home often. She knows right where he is. Here, on campus with her. But not with her, in fact she goes to bed and wakes up and he’s still here some days. He plays poker all hours of the night, and having him here might be a relief to her and her mother (who doesn’t really know hes playing poker without Grace), except Grace is full aware that Janelle has a crush on her father, and the two seem to be gaining a friendship faster than popping a balloon.


Let’s talk about s*x with Daddy and little sis in the room! Oy! A little outtake. Actually Grace hasn’t been with anyone, this is Leah Millett calling to talk about her presumed s*x life… I told y’all she talks about it ALL the time, her and Grace aren’t even friends and she calls her up to tell her about getting laid.

Grace and her family used to live downtown South Port, but ROS had her kidnapped while jogging. The family uprooted and moved to a farm in the country, and bought her a cattle dog, Murphy to jog with. Violet Adele is Grace’s aunt.

Violet-Adele and Rebecca’s next update / Grace’s next update

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6 thoughts on “South Port Business College – SPBC – Spring

  1. LOL at that last picture! I’ve had sims discussing woohoo with their kids. Always cracks me up. Some sims just have to decency.

    Oh the winter vacation looks like a lot of fun! I need to send some sims on a vacation now to the mountains.

  2. Sims don’t seem to have the same inhibitions that we do when discussing sex lives, do they? Anything goes!

    Finn’s budding friendship with Janelle sounds like a bit of a worry, especially when things aren’t so good at home.

  3. Lunar, The winter vacation was fun! I was shocked when we got there and it was winter, and the snow wouldn’t stop the entire time. No camp fire with that much snow which was a bummer.

    Carla, I’m wary of that relationship too. He has more bolts for Janelle than his wife. Clearly she’s a lot younger than him, and he has a zillion kids. I peg some of my characters as “good” in my head, and he’s one of them, so I’d be highly disappointed if he acted on it, but if he does, he does.

  4. Love the dorm! And Rebecca’s comments about their mountain vacation! hahaha.

    I’m happy for them! I love when sims get engaged.

    I feel bad for Emma, dealing with so much at home. But like she said, at least she’s going to college!

    So I’m excited to see whether or not you make that pottery / art store!

  5. I haven’t made the pottery/art store “live” yet, I have the building made for that and two other businesses but haven’t had them bought quite yet. Funds shortage and the like. Some of them have giant debts as well, so I need them paid off a bit more before I give them more debt. 😉

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