crossing the line ~ mini update

august 2009
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Cole London (46 years), Lucy London (44 years), Alice London (7 years), Beasley (dog), Barnaby (dog)

Cole and Lucy London had spent the majority of their married life trying to have a family. It had seemed easy enough for others in their immediate circle, and it wasn’t long before they and Delaney Schehl were the only ones without a family. Where Delaney never conceived, Lucy did several times without success. Early miscarriages and even a second trimester loss took it’s toll on them. At one point Delaney did get pregnant with fertility treatments from Dr. Regina Russo, then proceeded to have twins on her own shortly after.

Lucy married into the wealthy London family, and paying for fertility treatments was a small price to have a child of their own. So after eight years of trying on their own, they got pregnant and made it to term with Alice. Alice was the blessing they had been hoping for all these years.

As Alice grew, Lucy wanted to try again, and rather quickly. She saw the success that Delaney Schehl had with her three children, and was hopeful she could have a sibling for Alice. Cole wanted another child, but was torn. They’d spent most of their married life trying to procreate, and now they could focus on their family instead of their reproduction problems. He didn’t want to spend another ten years feeling heartbroken, when they had sweet Alice.

Kind and likeable Lucy has a way of getting what she asks for without much effort though. And they started down this road again. At the time Alice was a toddler, but even with fertility treatments there was no conception. Several thousand dollars later, and Lucy in her forties, Dr. Regina Russo told her to hang the towel. There just wasn’t any likely chance that they’d have another child and to enjoy the one they had before she was grown and gone.

Lucy had her heart set on another, and didn’t take the news lightly. Her entire happiness relied on another child, it was what she dreamed of, talked about, and thought of when she had a moment to herself. It didn’t seem fair that others could have them on whim. Why was it such a difficult journey for her and Cole, they made good parents she was certain. She did not hang the towel and didn’t mention Dr. Regina Russo’s advice to Cole.

Dr. Regina Russo called Lucy on sunny summer day, and asked her to come down to the office. She had seen that Lucy was not giving up on the idea, and had something to speak with her about. There was a new procedure to the big cities that she’d caught wind of. Something controversial, but she felt burdened to share it with Lucy. She went into great detail about the possibilities of IVF. There was still a chance the baby wouldn’t stick, but a higher possibility than the fertility drugs that hadn’t been working.

Lucy called her mother-in-law, Myra to meet her at her house. She spilled everything to Myra, knowing Myra’s own late term losses, and how she would be empathetic to her situation. Myra only had Cole for a son, though she’d desperately wanted others, while her twin sister Milla had four kids. Of anyone Lucy knew, she knew that Myra would understand her desire to try the IVF. She also knew she could speak with Cole on the manner better than she could herself.

Myra didn’t hesitate to take on the task. And when Cole came home from the firm, she was waiting. The hefty price of 10,000 for one attempt was nothing to bat an eye for them, nor the price of college tuition. He was afraid of a loss, of having their hearts and Alice’s set on a new baby, and having it ripped from them. A few hour discussion, and Cole conceded.

Lucy was driven to the clinic a week later, and 10,000 was paid for this last attempt of having a baby. She was ordered on bed rest for the first two weeks, and to take it easy thereafter if it everything worked out. Lucy put her father-in-law Randy in charge of her business, London Grocery.

After a little bit of time, there was the nausea, and discomfort, and she found herself right where she wanted to be. On the bathroom floor. She hoped to feel sicker the next day, proof that the little bean was growing.

A month into the pregnancy, she tentatively considered herself pregnant. She wanted to shout from roof tops, but only told a select few. In the end it didn’t matter, it didn’t take much time before the community heard that Lucy London did IVF, and was that the right thing to do? And maybe they should have adopted instead since there are plenty of babies in need of homes.

Lucy would care for about two seconds until she’d remind herself she was having a baby in Spring!

Notes: Lucy can get her way even with me. As I personally wanted them to have another one too (hoping for a boy to carry on the London name), I decided to use Insiminator. And charge her 10,000 for it.

So there you have it. I hadn’t done this before now in gameplay, but figured if anyone could get a baby, it would be the wealthy London family. If they can’t get what they want, then what hope does the rest of the community have?

Unrelated to this post, but I’m super thrilled with my goldendoodle that was born in the game. My sister wanted to get one of these bad boys for real (wowza on the pricetag) and I thought they were cute, so I bred some dogs (cause I hated the games version) and got this cutie! I need to find a sim family to adopt him, cause I adore his whiskered little face.


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4 thoughts on “crossing the line ~ mini update

  1. To be honest, I can’t understand the bad need for a baby. Lucy should just adopt. It’s cheaper and some poor kid who doesn’t have a home could get a home.

    Especially since they already have Alice. Poor Alice. If I saw my mom having what looks to be a break down because she couldn’t have another child, I’d wonder if there wasn’t something wrong with me!

  2. I would wonder too if Lucy was my mom. I would have done adoption but try to use only ingame sims and dont have any to be adopted at the moment.

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