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you belong to me ~ Siew Wedding

August 2009
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Siew Wedding – Rebecca Player & Quinten Siew (21 years)

Three months after proposing, the wedding day is here. Both fresh out of college, still unemployed, the two needed to live together to save money, and Quinten wanted to do it properly with a ring on her finger. Rebecca wouldn’t admit it, but she almost felt grateful she’d been unsuccessful to land a job, cause planning a wedding in three months time is outrageously difficult. She would have appreciated Quinten finding a job though, he really wasn’t helpful in the ceremony department.

After graduation they took out a loan to buy a house in Millwood. She still didn’t understand why they had to own a house. The land in Millwood is cheaper, and it’s not too far from the city or so they say. But it seems like a long drive, a great distance from all their college friends. Quinten reminds her that the rest will be graduating after this upcoming year, and going on about their own lives. He reminds her they didn’t move to Takemizu.

To settle their nerves, they stopped by the Pet Park and Adoption to get a cup of coffee and coo over the pets. Quinten fell in love with anything small, gerbils, hamsters, fish, puppies. While she wanted to give an older pet a home since others were less likely to.

“I think it’s going to rain.” Rebecca fretted. The sky was overcast in the distance, and everything was set up for an outdoor wedding. Who had a beach wedding in the chapel?

“It’s not going to rain. Calm down. And even if it did, who cares? We can weather it, or move into the small, tiny chapel.”

“Gee, thanks, that makes me feel loads better.” She glanced at her watch, then shot of the sofa. “I have to meet Grace at the dress shop and get my hair done!” She leaned over to kiss him goodbye, and flustered out the door. She could have waited an extra twenty minutes and still not be running late. Grace happened to beat her to the dress shop, only cause she knew Rebecca would have a hard time slowing down on her special day.

Rebecca slipped into her dress. “Do I look ok? Oh my gosh I feel like the ladies are going to pop out!” She raised her eyebrows, and pushed her hip, “Hello boys, how you like them apples?”

“You will be fine, the ladies will stay put, that’s why you got the dress fitted. Now get upstairs and let’s get our hair done!”

Grace’s appointment ended up being first from a cancellation. She wanted her make-up to be light, and natural, with some gold tones to match the beach setting, and her hair done up off her neck to keep her cool. She felt like it was simple enough, so simple she could have done it herself, but Rebecca insisted it’d be girl fun.

It didn’t turn out to be such “girl fun” for Grace though. After catching sight of herself in the mirror, she stopped the stylist from finishing the job. “What the heck! I look horrid!” Grace fumed. She looked at herself from different angles, each angle made it worse. “How can you even have a job here!?!”

“Ohhhhh.” Rebecca gasped. “I can’t… I can’t believe it.”

Grace gathered her cool, she didn’t want Rebecca to feel bad, and was grateful she hadn’t come for a haircut. Make up could wash off, hair didn’t grow overnight. “It’s fine, let’s get you in the chair, with the master stylist.”

Thankfully, Rebecca had better luck with her hair and makeup.

Then they were off to Rebecca’s new house in Millwood, to fix Grace up. It was a waste of time, and if Rebecca hadn’t been early for everything, there wouldn’t have been much they could do about her make up.

“I can fix this.” Grace mused.

“Do you think this is the right choice?” Rebecca asked silently, wringing her hands together and looking at the floor.

“A little late isn’t it?” Grace asked.

“Not yet, but it will be soon enough. I’m just so nervous. I’m so young, why am I rushing into this?”

“Does it feel like rushing? You love Quinten right? Want to be with only him?” Grace asked, this wasn’t her realm of expertise.

“Yes. I think it’s just pre-marriage jitters. Let’s get to the chapel.”

The wedding was to take place at dusk, so the wedding photographer had to take the photos before the ceremony. For the most part, Rebecca felt good about the wedding, now that she was here, the sky a cloudless blue. The salty breeze from the ocean freshened her skin, and renewed her spirits.

Before she knew it, it was time. The sun was beginning to touch the ocean’s edge, and the guests had quieted. Her stomach twisted in flutters, in a few moments she would be Mrs. Siew, for better or worse.

Once she caught Quinten’s eye, the flutters began to ease. He watched each step with soft adoration, he gave her a little wink from the corner of his eye, and she knew it would be ok. It wasn’t a new man up there, it was the same one she’d been dating through college, the one who wanted kids with her, and to own a pottery shop together.

It wasn’t so hard vowing the rest of her life to him, chaining herself to him with eagerness. She would care for him if he was sick, she would love him if they were poor and had no where to go, she would love him in good times, and bad. She meant each word; it felt right making the vow.

There was a buffet and fresh wine on the deck, laughter filled the night. There was dancing, gossip, and dark corner kissing.

“Me and Benjamin have had like five great dates. He’s such a dream.” Grace gushed over their turkey plate.

“He’s right behind you.” Violet-Adele giggled.

Quinten swept his bride off to the garden to dance in the moonlight, away from the boisterous party. “How does it feel to be Mrs. Siew?” He asked, his eyes shining from the moonlight reflecting from the ocean.

“It feels surreal.” They continued to dance to the rhythm of their hearts, the salty breeze blowing her hair gently, his warm hands holding her close. “I’m happy.” she sighed after a few moments of silence.

“Me too.”

While the groom and bride were missing, the bridesmaids were showing their moves on the lawn. Benjamin laughed as he tried to keep up, and he caught on quickly to their dance steps.

“You two are great together!” Violet-Adele laughed, falling back from the dance. “I can’t even compete”

“Didn’t know we were competing!” Grace laughed. She happened to agree that they were perfect together. She didn’t fail to notice that Jack Bucklin wasn’t with Janelle making a fool of himself, nor was Reed. She had found a good man.

“Why are we making a sand castle in the dark?” Quinten laughed.

“Cause I want to. Is there more explanation needed than that?” She tossed some sand lightly towards his feet.

“I would have to say, no.”

“Good. Then get ready for my next idea. I want to take a swim.”

“Skinny dipping doesn’t need any persuasion.” He started to remove his shoe quickly, falling backwards onto an abandoned sand castle.

“Not skinny dipping, you perv.” She laughed. “With our formal attire on. Grace is in, and Benjamin, now we need to know if you are in?”

He hid his disappointment as well as he could. “Yah, I suppose swimming in a tux sounds totally great.” He jested with her.

“Good!” She called for Grace, and the wedding party to come down to the beach. They came down the hill, Violet-Adele insisted her and Reed would sit this one out.

They called weak names out to Violet-Adele and Reed from the ocean depths, scaredy cat, chicken, the usual childhood names. But they weren’t to budge, they started a bon fire, and cuddled by it’s warmth. Quinten whispered that he couldn’t wait to get her home, and she was just as eager to end the public celebration, and take the rest to their bedroom.

Notes: I love my new computer! Loading lots, even huge ones is easy peasy. I had them buy a house because my laptop couldn’t handle apartment lots, but now I wish I had waited and gave them a little pad in the city. Too late now, they’ve met the neighbors, and bought a puppy, Gulliver, a coonhound/chocolate lab mix from my neighborhood dog adopter – Francie Goodie. All the puppies people don’t want she adopts and trains until someone does want them.

Rebecca kept wringing her hands together before the ceremony. Quinten rolled the wants for the wedding, she never did. She just wanted puppies and to build sand castles.

How about a few outtakes.

“I’m so not awesome.” I love Janelle’s face here. She has her face turned away from the crowd/other dancers like she’s mortified, and totally out of her league.

Professor Bucklin didn’t expect to be seeing so much of his students, Reed and Violet-Adele. Let alone them naked in a chapel on a bench. The whole saying, “Get a room” takes on new meaning.

Afterwards you’ll notice they are gossiping about Violet-Adele. And Grace decides she loves Benjamin, it’s mutual. I’m really excited about this pairing… if I hadn’t mentioned it twice now. ;P

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3 thoughts on “you belong to me ~ Siew Wedding”

  1. Yay for new computers! Everything in the game improves once you’ve got a good PC, it’s amazing.

    Glad to see Grace and Benjamin are still going well. They’re cute together and I love that Grace fell in love with him at the wedding.

    The wedding was beautiful, by the way. I loved the reception, with the dancing and the swimming in formal gear afterwards. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh I know what you mean. I used to play on a laptop, and then my mom gave me her old desktop. Wow what a difference!

    It is appropriate that Grace fell in love with him at the wedding. Her and Ben are like a little sim fairy tale.

    And that outtake picture with Violet-Adele and Reed, haha! Oh wow, ACR. I love it. Makes some sims so questionable!

  3. You two are right about a new pc. It’s like I’m finally playing my expansion packs the way they were meant to be! I’m finally going to community lots, like all the time, and opening businesses, cause I can download content. Though I have to reel myself in a little, or I’d go back to slow load times.

    Lunar, they are like a little fairy tale! Falling in love at a wedding, who doesn’t want that?

    Thanks Carla on the comment about the wedding. It’s one of my favorite lots I built, so you might get sick of it eventually. πŸ˜‰

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