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november 2009
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Cara Darling (18 years), Rachael Darling (1), Duke (dog)

Cara buys the groceries, tickles Rachael’s tummy, and feeds Duke. She’s alive, but it doesn’t feel like living. Just a few short months ago, her and Stephan were celebrating their daughter’s birthday, talking of marriage and moving out of her step grandma’s house. Now she was being kicked out of her dead, step grandma’s house because the family wanted to sell it, and her boyfriend was dead too. The fire took almost everything from her; she hadn’t felt this lonely in her life. Even her mother kicking her out of the house cause they didn’t have room for her or the baby wasn’t as terrible as this.

She briefly considered community college, she’d heard that Millwood has student housing for young parents. But it would cost money she didn’t have, and she didn’t have any great job she wanted to have. She just needed to provide for Rachael, and a regular job in the real world could do that. She had been scrounging the want-ads, almost taking a record store clerk, when a late night commercial peddled the military, and Cara was sold. She signed up a month later, despite her mother’s protests.

Her next big task was to find a place to stay. It’d been near impossible when she was unemployed, landlords all but laughed in her face. But military was a distinguished, responsible position in the world, and now it wasn’t difficult to find an apartment. She had until October to move out, that was when the repairs would be completed and the house would be listed. The family couldn’t offer her to buy it at a discount, cause then they’d have to offer it to her step-cousin Zeke. And a little family warfare began since Cara wasn’t technically related to anyone anyway.

She didn’t mind in the end. She didn’t want to stay in the house anyway, let alone own it. She thought people could be nicer about it, but then she’d never kept her dislike of Milla to herself. She was certain they all knew she grieved Stephan over Milla.

But that was not the case for Rachael, who grieved both equally hard. In the beginning Cara tried finding a home for the dogs, Della and Duke, but no one would take Duke. Claiming they didn’t have the space, or the money, Cara had almost called the pound. But seeing how much Cara clung to his big furry coat, her heart softened for the old dog.

“We’re real proud of you.” Her step Dad, Ethan said with a genuine thumbs up to prove the point. Sure, sure, Cara thought, now you’re proud. She was certain he meant it, but was still sore about being kicked out of his townhouse to begin with. Her mother agreed they were proud, and was quite excitable over the fact they were moving downtown and wouldn’t be far from them.

When moving day arrived, she was a fluster of emotions; she’d dreaded this day for months, but the landlord was perfectly pleasant. The neighborhood was nice, and she was closer to her mom. Maybe she would see her mom more now that they were only a few city blocks apart.

“What do single moms do?” She asked out loud one afternoon. She was watching a made for tv drama while Rachael played with her toys. Rachael held up her drum stick, “See,” she said with a gurgly laugh.

“Eat your peas.” Cara said absently. “Mommy works tomorrow so Josie is going to babysit you.”

Rachael pushed her peas off her plate one at a time with her chubby pointer finger. Each time one plopped on the table, she’d clap and smile at Cara.

Cara couldn’t help but laugh a little, “Yes yes, I’d be more impressed if you’d eat them. You are such a goof.”

Early bed time for Rachael, gave Cara a few hours in the evening before she had to go to bed as well. Which would have been filled with more movies and the occasional book, but she had met someone when she moved in, and he’d been coming over in the evenings. Nothing like a single mom on a date in her living room.

But dating in her living room wasn’t really that bad. At least not when it was with Charlie Grimsley. He was a little older than herself, but that was part of the appeal. He wasn’t a young boy, playing silly games. He was a grown man, with facial hair, and how she loved the gruff feel of whiskers on a man. He was living with his brother, and knew his sister-in-law, Bekah, wanted him out of the house. He’d been trying to land employment in the gamer field to no avail. She knew how it was to be unwanted, and she found they could talk easily about their opinions, past experiences, and hopes for the future even.

It wasn’t long before he was staying the night at her place more than his brother’s townhouse. She found she was happy with him, and not depressed over Stephan quite as much. That maybe it was ok to live a little bit, and enjoy life.

She went off to work with a little skip to her step, she smiled at Josie when they passed each other. It started to feel like being an adult wasn’t going to be the end of the world.

Little mini update with Cara. It was time for her to move out so the house could be “listed” I actually liked the house she lived in quite a bit, a little replica of a friend’s old house irl. I don’t think anyone would have let her have it though, I know how drama over estates can go in real life in that department. She met Charlie Grimsley as a walkby, and have 3 stars, he’s over there all the time, and I can imagine that Bekah or maybe Willa are keeping him at bay. He gets along great with Lainey and Charlie though.

Cara’s dad is not in the game anymore, don’t really remember the details of him. Cara and Meredith have been in my game for ages, they were non-played characters just waiting for someone to eventually love them.

Cara’s mom and step dad – Meredith and Ethan, kicked her out when she got pregnant because they had no room. Meredith was pregnant at the same time with her second set of twins, and they live in a three bedroom townhouse, there was literally no room for 3 cribs in that entire place. As for Cara, I may have mentioned it, but she got pregnant with a sneak out, never actually did “woohoo” with anyone. Quite a surprise, found out when the family was on vacation, her mom was pregnant, and she was throwing up and exhausted. That was the *worst* vacation, ever.

I was a little sad moving her out of the house. I saw these pictures on Milla’s walls and was all “aww”. A little real life time, I’ve been playing Milla and Myra (twins) for years! They are generation “two” from my legacy challenge and I started that in 2007 maybe… so it’s a little sad that Milla is dead. Completely an unplanned death too. In the photo of the baby that’s Peter holding Ethan. And the main photo is Milla and Peter with their three kids -Ethan, Delaney and Kenzie(twins). Twins run in this family, can ya tell, lol.

And I just think Rachael is adorable.

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5 thoughts on “make it better

  1. Awww, cute!

    I’m glad things seem to be looking up for Cara, what with her job and with Charlie. I realised that I must have missed a whole bunch of your earlier entries though, so I’m going to go back today and check out what I’ve missed!

  2. I’m psyched she hit it off with a playable character. It seems lately everyone is related to each other. Almost my entire toddler set is related to the one another, and I think my child set is the same way. Lots of townies in my future it would seem.

    Unfortunately all I have on here for her updates is the fire one, which would explain the deaths of Milla and Stephen.

    If there’s any questions though, I have the whole history in my head, or if anything is confusing.

    In the next update or so Ill be playing Ethan’s house (Milla and Peter’s oldest son, baby in the portrait). I haven’t played them yet since I started blogging about the game. Hopefully once I get through this round, then all the back stories will be sort of out there for some back history.

  3. I’m really glad things are looking better for Cara! It’s too bad she couldn’t stay in her step-grandmother’s house, but I can see how family members might get upset over it since she’s not a blood relation. But at least she got to move to a nice home and has met Charlie, who seems to make her happy!

  4. The ending was rather sweet. Poor Cara. Dealing with step family has to be hard enough, and then for all that to happen. I think you captured her feelings very well.

    Geeze her and her mother pregnant at the same time! How awkward is that?

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