Hollow’s Eve Shindig

Loads of people, really. Schehl’s, London’s, Goss’, Traver’s, and Darling Households, then Emma McCarthy, Rosabella Steinman, Hadley Millett as friends who came alone.

Right before the clock flipped to 7:00 am, the phone rang at the Schehl residence. Delaney was busy cracking eggs for eggs and bacon, while the twins screamed, bang! at one another for cops and robbers, and Lauren whined that she was hungry. In agreement with her, was Seoul who whimpered on the floor and wagged his tail, hoping for a bit of bacon. “Oh you guys, quit! Go in the living room until breakfast is done, and someone feed the dog!” Delaney turned to wave them away as she made her way to the phone in the hallway.

“Hello?” Lauren had walked back to her with sad eyes, and Delaney waved her away again, and mouthed, “Not now.”

“Delaney? OHH Good! I’m so glad you answered!” Meredith shrieked loudly into the phone.

“Meredith? What’s the matter?”

“I’m crazy, that’s what! I need your help, I desperately need your help, you have to host the Halloween Party. I can’t do it!” her voice raised nearly out of hearing range as she continued. “I’m crazy!”

“Yah you said that one. I don’t get why the sudden change of mind, the party is this afternoon. Don’t you think change of venue might confuse people?” Delaney had leaned against the wall and rubbed her forehead.

“I’ll take care of informing everyone, I have decorations I can bring too, but please host the party. I have no room here, I have no yard, I have no sanity! The toddlers are into everything, the teens are into girls, and Cara needed me to watch Rachael while she went to workout, and I can’t throw this party.”

“Things tend to be chaotic when you have two sets of twins.” Delaney said dryly. Her shoulders were slumped over, and she’d let herself slide completely to the wood floor. “You let everyone know, and bring all the stuff, then I guess it’d be ok.”

“OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH DELANEY! You are a lifesaver!!” Meredith squealed, and Delaney moved the phone from her ear.

“That’s me. See you soon.” Delaney sighed, flipped the burnt egg and bacon into the dog dish and gave the kids cereal for breakfast.

The guests arrived at 3:00, and Meredith had came over several hours in advance to set the party up. Delaney knew there was a valid point to Meredith’s lack of space, and she really enjoyed throwing parties herself; she just didn’t understand why Mere set up the party to begin. But when the party started, Delaney’s headache had eased and she was ready to celebrate Halloween with her family.

“Is Zeke here?” Meredith asked Kenzie while she swayed to and fro with Rachael.

“Zeke? Oh.. No, he’s not here. I brought Lewis with me. He had to work, but is coming by tonight after his shift.”

“That will be nice, I haven’t seen him in a while. How’s he doing with.. everything?” Meredith asked.

“He’s hanging in there. Moody, but that’s not too unusual.” Kenzie threw in a light laugh here, if she was going to spill anything it wasn’t going to be to Meredith. “How’s Cara and Rachael making do?” The surefire way to take the heat off herself was to direct a question back to the person. Kenzie was certain people enjoyed talking about themselves more than the answers to the questions they asked.

“Wonderful!” Meredith lit up, “Absolutely wonderful! Her place is very nice, we found out she lives in the same unit as Hazel McCarthy, does Lorelei ever go there with Emma?”

“I’m really not sure. She hasn’t seen Emma much since school started.” Kenzie was looking around distractedly. “Speaking of Emma, she’s arrived. I’m going to say hi.”

Happy to have escaped, Kenzie ran her fingers up Emma’s back, a very ticklish place. ” A little too much skin, don’t you think?” Kenzie teased.

“Mrs. Goss you know I hate being tickled.” She chided playfully. “And I’m a hula dancer, I’m not supposed to have a lot of clothes on. ‘Sides I have more on than your belly dancing daughter.”

“Don’t remind me. How’s college life treating you, any new boys?”

“I absolutely love living out of my parent’s house.” she let out a girlish giggle.” As for actual college, I’m not fond of all the studying, and no new boys for me. Just trying to keep my head above water, I barely skated in, and need to do well to keep my place.”

Lucy walked up to the girls, holding Dean slightly above her own slight bump. “Hey ladies, what’s the gossip today?”

“Is this Dean?” Emma asked with excitement. Kenzie nodded, and Emma’s arms shot out towards him. “Please, can I hold him?”

“You are the sweetest little baby brother, of my best friend, ever.” She crooned into his ear. “And I don’t even like babies, but I like you.” She added in a whisper.

Cara arrived after working out to find Rachael next to the leave pile, and fussing. “What’s the matter, Rachie-Loo? Don’t you want to play with the other toddlers?” Rachael’s arms shot out to be held, and Cara swooped down to get her. “You are too shy my dear.”

The big kids steered clear of the leaves, even if they would have been fun, cause that was the baby corner. Instead they played on the giant play equipment, and all insisted the Schehl kids were the most spoiled in the world. Rosabella even went so far as to say they had bigger ladybugs than her house even. Though Peter wasn’t sure he agreed with that.

“You’re leaving too?” Lorelei’s face twisted up as Colin got up to leave.

“I’m thirsty.”

“Fine. Soon you’ll be coming to these parties, and you won’t have anyone to hang out with but your own brother, cause I’ll be off at college. And there is no way I’ll ever come to a kiddie party when I’m grown up!” She spewed at him, crossing her arms as he gave her an apologetic grimace and slid down the pole. “Fine.” She huffed to herself. “Who cares anyway.”

Near the fire pit, Tyler was talking to Cole while he held Dean. “I probably shouldn’t say anything, but I will.” Tyler said.

“Ok then.” Cole said, his eyebrows knit into confusion.

“Thing is, I want you to know that I don’t care. And I need you to know that, and I don’t know what you know, but if you thought, that I did care, when I don’t… you see?” Tyler asked.

“No, not really.” Cole said with a nervous smile.

“Here’s the deal. People have been talking hard about you and Lucy doing the IVF. I don’t personally care. I don’t know if you know this. A lot of people are upset you did it to begin with, then with Brynn and Dean.” He gestured toward Dean, Cole’s face lost the smile, and he understood. “But man, I don’t care that you and Lucy did the IVF. If it makes you two happy, and we all know how long you two have tried. And I’m glad that me and Kenzie adopted Dean. So you see, it all worked out.”

Cole nodded and forced a smile. He wasn’t entirely sure how to respond to that conversation, though him and Lucy knew they were the brunt of the gossip since they made their decision. “Thanks.” He replied after a moment. “Lucy would appreciate that.”

A little later, Alice found her dad and asked for a dance. Cole being one who couldn’t turn down her every request, accepted without a second thought.

“Are you excited to be a big sister?” He asked. He had his own misgivings about their choice, before they even made it. But so much of their marriage, trying and Lucy crying. He had a hard time telling his girls no when they were happy, let alone heartbroken.

“Most definitely!” A huge grin took up her face. “Now me and Lainey will have sisters that are about the same age, and they can be friends, and when we play house, we’ll each have a kid! That will be the best!”

Cole smiled at his daughter, feeling a little relieved in their decision. “You know, it could be a boy.”

“Sure, sure.”

“Cake time!” Delaney shouted as she got ready to serve the mini pumpkin and ghost cakes. The sun was beginning to set, and Mere was setting up the fire pit. Kids jumped off the playground equipment, where they’d been playing, “Witches and Pirates.” “Take a seat if you want a cake and you are under five feet tall.”

“Your mom makes the best cake!” Alice told Lauren.

“I totally agree.” Hadley said as she took another big bite. “I hate that it’s going to be winter soon.”

“Pumpkin pie, and Christmas though.” Rosabella added.

The adults by the fire were discussing Cara’s newest boyfriend, Charlie Grimsley. Alice’s ears peaked when she heard Charlie’s name mentioned. She hadn’t known Lainey’s uncle was seeing someone. She stopped talking with the other kids and listened to the adults.

“He’s a great kisser.” Cara said. “He’s trying to get a job in the gamer field but hasn’t had any luck yet.”

“It’s hard getting into a career these days.” Tyler said. “If anyone knows someone looking for work though, I’m hiring at the bookstore.”

The conversation turned to other boring topics, and Alice went back to chattering with the girls.

“Ah Delaney your bird is free!” Lucy had snuck inside, the smoke from the fire was bothering her and she couldn’t stand to sit in a fold-out chair a moment longer.

“What in the?” Delaney came around the corner, empty ghost plate in her hand. “PETER! PUT CHERRY AWAY!” She shouted. She was loud enough that Peter heard her while he was on the front porch snickering. He came through the screen door. “Don’t do that again!” she scolded. He immediately dropped his shoulders and lost his grin. She felt a little bit of glee, she nailed it. She thought it had been him to let the bird out, then he gave it away with his walk into the house.

It was nearing 8:00 and Norma Millett had came in through the kitchen door to pick up Hadley. “Thank you for having Hadley here, I know she enjoyed herself. She booed me when I arrived.” Norma let out a little laugh. “You know, it’s always time to go when you are having the most fun.”

“So true.” Delaney put the plate in the sink. “It was my pleasure to have her here though, she’s a delightful young girl.”

“I hope you have someone to help you clean this mess; I’d volunteer myself, but my eyes aren’t so good these days and driving at night is the worse.”

“I understand, and Meredith is cleaning up the outside as we speak. Thanks for bring Hadley.” Delaney said with a wave.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and autumn is my favorite season. So I get a kick out of Halloween costumes and parties for my sims. Nothing too exciting happened, which is probably good since most of them are related. I was originally having the parties at Meredith& Ethan’s townhouse and set it all up, but there is no room over there at all. Rachael was cute, she’s very shy, she constantly has the fear of parties, and spent most of this one asking Cara or Kenzie for attention, and not playing with the other toddlers, who were in the leaves and huggling like cuties.

Zeke came by the party later that night to pick up Lewis I’d imagine, and was fuming about Brynn… I’ve never had a sim die with someone mad at them, but c’mon. Is he ever going to get over this anger? It’s been 9 months since he got mad, and 2 months since she died. I’ve played his household several times, I’ve had him selectable at other peoples houses many times too.

And an OT photo, someone mentioned seeing Zilla’s face so I snapped this when I popped over there the other day.

Little Zilla Monster

I don’t think she’ll be growing into those eyes. And her hair makes me think of bald Egyptians wearing wigs…

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8 thoughts on “Hollow’s Eve Shindig”

  1. No, she probably won’t grow into those! Last time I had a part alien child was before I discovered default eye replacements. Let me tell you, they look a lot creepier with Maxis eyes!

    This was fun, seeing everyone in their costumes. I’ve never done a holiday for my Sims.

    Poor Zeke though…he really is quite bitter, isn’t he?

  2. Aw, little Zilla is cute in that alien way. πŸ˜‰

    I love Halloween parties! Although I can never find a lot of good costumes to download. 😦 That’s why I ended up having a Halloween Masquerade dance just using the masks instead of costumes. But I love Halloween in real life and really love dressing up for the costume contest at work! Looks like everyone had a great time at your Halloween party, and had lots of time to catch up on all the town gossip. πŸ˜‰

    I hope Zeke can find a way to finally let go of his anger soon.

  3. Carla, it was a lot of fun doing the holiday, getting everyone together and decorating. I put all my Halloween downloads in it’s own folder so I can easily pop it out when I’m not using it. Should give it a go sometime. πŸ™‚ As for Zeke, he really is quite bitter.

    Shana, there is the most adorable (imo) care bear costumes on MTS for toddlers, that’s what Rachael is wearing. It was hard to not put all the toddlers in those. And if you don’t need something like “batman” for a costume, just look for period clothes. All About Style has tons from medieval times to 1970’s garb. Then there’s steampunk skins at GOS. MTS has some good pirate ones too.

    The game itself has a lot of costumes too, that I generally overlook cause my normal sims don’t wear what I consider jedi costumes regularly (Tyler wearing it above).

    I love dressing up for Halloween too! πŸ˜€

  4. LOL, I usually enjoy throwing Halloween parties too, but always closer to the real holiday. And Christmas dinners and New Years parties.

    Boy did this look like fun! It looks like you’re really taking advantage of the new computer, huh?

    Poor Zeke. He really is mad. Maybe he needs some counseling or strawberry juice.

    As for Zillah, yikes! Those are some big eyes. I can’t wait to see her older though.

  5. I am totally enjoying my new computer!! I needed to reign myself in or I was going to end up with slow load times again. I usually do Christmas and all that closer to the holidays too, I don’t think it will mesh up well this time with the way I do the seasons/rotation now.

  6. By all means, Tessa, go for it. I really like Halloween in real life too, so I always do a little shindig when fall lands in real life fall.

    Yeah, Zilla did not grow into those eyes, lol. I did a little sim surgery so they didn’t stick out the sides of her head when she became a child. I didn’t change shapes or anything, just smaller. She’s still quite a little Zilla Monster.

    Here’s Zilla now

    Her eyes seem to wander to the sides of her head, LOL.

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