SPBC ~ Fall – part 1

november 2009
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South Port Business College – Jack Bucklin (26 years), Grace McCarthy, Violet Adele, Reed Welsh, and Janelle Ying (19 years), Emma McCarthy (18 years)

“Welcome to campus kiddo!” Violet-Adele said. “I can’t believe you got your grades up enough to skate in. If you need help studying, you know who to ask.”

“And what are you implying there?” Grace asked.

“Oh nothing. I think my 4.0 GPA, and full ride scholarship speaks for itself.” She winked towards Emma.

“You going to make it over there, Grace?” Janelle asked while they studied in the computer lab. Violet-Adele and Emma looked over towards Grace.

“My head is killing me. I can’t concentrate at all. All I want to do is hang out with Benjamin, and the late nights are going to slay me.”

“Here’s an idea, why not skip late nights? Save the fun for the weekends.” Violet-Adele asked with a teasing grin.

The group went back to clicking on their keypads, the computer in the back corner was fried and left an unpleasant wire smell in the air. They had grumbled amongst themselves at the beginning of the term over the lack of repair in the facility, considering they paid top dollar to attend the institution. Now the smell was not given a second thought, and the conversation had worn thin.

After an hour of quiet work, Janelle slipped out behind Professor Bucklin.

The girls giggled. “Like that isn’t obvious.” Grace laughed.

Emma glanced around, “What?”

Violet-Adele leaned over and in a hushed voice, “Janelle is sleeping with Bucklin.”

“Oh.” Emma sat back. “That’s… great. heh.”

“I have a theory,” Reed began over breakfast one early morning. Grace groaned next to him. “That’s enough out of you McCarthy.” He jabbed his elbow in her direction with a smile. “As I was saying, I have theory. That your thoughts on college life can be found within the first few months of classes. Soo… Lil McCarthy, your thoughts?”

She started, surprised by the attention of the students on her, a mouthful of egg in her mouth. “Well.” She pushed the food to her cheek, “I like it. For what it is. Not the biggest fan of school, all in all.”

“Then why are you here? What do you want to be when you grow up Lil Mc?” Reed asked.

“Ballet dancer. But everyone laughs.” She had a sad smile. “So, I’m studying to be a designer, graphic or something equally mundane.”

The group sat quietly, a silence falling on them except for their forks on the ceramic plates.

“I think you should do it.” Grace encouraged. “You are great. Really.”

“Thanks. Maybe someday. But first, I need to learn how to make spreadsheets.” She tipped her orange juice glass and took a big swig before getting up to put her plate away.

Notes:Splitting into parts, cause the next storyline doesn’t really fall into Emma’s first semester of college (and the husband is urging me to spend the evening with him). Janelle and Jack seem to be an item, they don’t have strong attraction, two bolts (maybe). They both are attracted to others much more strongly, you may remember that Janelle really wants Finn McCarthy (Grace and Emma’s Dad), they have a solid 3 bolt. This semester Finn stayed clear of the all night poker on his visits though, so maybe it’s better at home these days.

Violet-Adele is Grace and Emma’s aunt. Violet-Adele was adopted later in Mandy and George’s life. I should put up a family tree at some point, and stop putting it off.

I’ll be sure to jot down their majors in the second part. I’m going to use Sullivan Sims major/career list, cause it’s rocking. So I oughta keep track of the majors to start with, eh?

Grace and Emma’s previous update / Violet-Adele’s and Rebecca’s previous update / next update

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4 thoughts on “SPBC ~ Fall – part 1

  1. I love this whole thing with Janelle and the prof. I’ve not yet had a Sim sleep with their professor in Sullivan. Next Romance Sim I have in college, I might try it!

    I didn’t realise Violet-Adele was adopted – I’d love to see a family tre, when you get a chance to put one up.

  2. Hey Carla, you urged me and I got er done! Family Tree to help remove any fuzzy confusions.

    I think it’s pretty 100% other than odd characters like my daughters, and the non-played people.

  3. Ooh, Janelle sleeping with her professor could get scandalous. 😀 I haven’t had any of my college students sleeping with their professors in Pine Hollow yet, but I may have to throw that in somewhere down the line and see how much gossip it causes. 😉

    I liked seeing your family tree! It’s very helpful to be able to see how Sims are connected to each other. 🙂

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