given lemons

February 2010
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Cruz Household – Hector (30 years), Itzel (2 years)

Letters to Luz

You have been gone for a year now, and Itzel has changed so much in that period of time. Not as much as she did in her first year, but she’s gotten such a personality. She reminds me of you.

I don’t cry in front of her, so don’t fret your pretty head over that.

I do cry, but not as often. I think the process of grieving is getting near the end, in a way that I can be a good father for my daughter and move forward as a man.

I met a lovely woman at the doctors office. It was Itzel’s second year check up, and this woman was behind me in the line. She made a comment about how scared Itzel looked, (she was), and we got to talking. It was nice to speak to someone other than the nanny. Don’t get me wrong, Josie is a good nanny, just isn’t the same.

Dr. Dwyer said she is absolutely perfect. I already knew that.

She gave him lots of smiles.

I have to admit being a single dad is hard work. I give her baths and keep her clean, but I never remember to clean the bath tub. Or when I do think of it, I’m laying in bed and it’s three am, and I know if I get up, Itzel will too. Who am I kidding, she still wakes up once a night for a bottle. I probably should break her of it, but I hate to break her heart. And selfishly, it’s a nice time to cuddle with her in the silence of the night.

My counselor, (the same one who makes me write in this journal), encouraged I call the young woman back for a date. I haven’t gone on a date since you, Luz. And that was while in college. My hands were clammy, and all I could think about was sitting at home watching Sesame Seed with Itzel instead. But I manned up.

And I actually enjoyed myself. I forgot I knew how to ice skate. I think I’ll bring Itzel out when she’s old enough, see if she has her father’s grace or mother’s left feet.

We got some coffee, which has gotten fancier since I went last. It’s like the entire city has changed in the last year and I missed all of it. I spend so much time not missing Itzel’s life, that I’m beginning to see I’m not making a future for myself.

Itzel adores Josie, and didn’t seem to notice I had went out for the evening. Though she wouldn’t go to bed until I did get in.

I run a blog about science, and really think Itzel has a brain for science too. I can imagine the great deep conversations we will have about aliens and ghosts when she gets older.

Itzel hates when I leave for work. After your death I got demoted to a cement mixer. I’m being bossed around by people who know less than me, but I try to be positive. I can work my way back up the ladder someday.

There was no snow all winter, and February came and brought blizzards. The local schools were closed down, and the city grew quiet. I took Itzel out in it, we were next to your garden. It’s overgrown now. Maybe this spring I’ll have the heart to work the land in your honor. All Itzel did with the snow was eat it. I tried getting her to help pat the snow for a snowman, but she just wanted to lick it.

She likes to look at herself in the mirror. I think she gets that from her mama.

I’m biting the bullet and teaching her to use the potty. She’s two now, and she’s been showing signs of this for a while. She is catching on quickly, soon the days of dirty diapers will be behind me, and that, I can say, I’m looking forward to.

I lost my job. Some mix up with the cement, my mix up. They said they gave me enough breaks with my problems in life, and that they couldn’t give me anymore. Time for a new dream, I guess. Seems like none of my dreams have worked out for me.

It took EVERY ounce of me to leave this lot, saved. 😦 This was not planned in the least. I had hoped him and Violet-Adele would hook up, and she could be a step mommy to sweet Itzel. Hector was like *the* best Daddy sim in the world. I had a little story in my head for him, and then his dead wife, Luz came back as a ghost and he died. There was no one on the streets passing by to make selectable, and I didn’t have the summoner on the lot to magically bring someone in. So I saved. And if I cried for my sims, I could have for this, cause it was terrible when his wife died, and poor baby. Itzel always asks for attention from her father, she even knocked out his queue to go to work one time to have him pay attention to her (her social was always full).

Hector had no friends other than Myra London, and in the end Violet-Adele. He was a shy, knowledge sim, and his best friend, 100/100 was Itzel.

Luz, his wife, died from heat stroke working in the garden, paired with a cold I believe.

I haven’t had this many sims die in like, EVER. Unless they are old. I’m surprised I’m saving these games. eek. No clue what I’ll do with Itzel. *sigh* Kenzie has her work cut out for her these days.

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8 thoughts on “given lemons

  1. Oh, this was so sad! I really wasn’t expecting this. Poor little Itzel. I was just about to say I had a real soft spot for the single parent + 1 child families (I loved playing my Caleb and Nicholas when it was just the two of them, though it won’t be next time I play them) but I guess Itzel doesn’t even have that now. :\

    It was so hard for Kenzie to find a family for the Traver baby (whose name escapes me at the moment). I wonder if it’ll be any easier for her to place a 2 year-old.

  2. Oh dear… this whole entry had me so sad, and then when the ending came along I couldn’t believe it! Her ghost, then death! I hoped I wasn’t seeing what I thought, and then the last picture. If I cried for other people’s sims, I might shed a tear for this family.

  3. Oh, no! That poor baby, now lost both of her parents. I hope Kenzie will be able to find a good home for her. I don’t know if I could have saved. I have a “no quitting without saving” rule that I try to follow, but in cases like this…I don’t know. It would have been very hard to click that save button! 😦

  4. Have you thought about building an orphanage? I built one and named it Goodie Foundation, and got the retired Maxis couple, Mr. and Mrs. Goodie working as the directors and caretakers. If you built one as an apartment, you can easily get one of the neighbors (playable or non-playable) as free babysitter or act as resident worker of a sort.

    I also have the visitor controller set so only family sims would walk by, and then have Mr. or Mrs. Goodie intercept them once in a while. If a family sim chance to get to know one of the kids while they are there, I take that as he/she has an interest to adopt the kids they have talked to or interacted with.

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