sink or swim

April 2010
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Quinten Siew (20 years), Rebecca (20 years), Scarlett (1 month), Gulliver (dog)

Spread out, and spattered with jam were white squared papers with a photo of a little one, and a pale pink ribbon decorated the top. In gray italics across the bottom it read, “Announcing the Arrival of Scarlett Siew.” The envelopes were not labeled, the crumbs surrounded them, and soon dust would collect. Quinten had breached the subject of having them actually mailed, and was met with shouting, then hysterical crying. He hadn’t even allowed himself to glance in the corner if his wife was in the room. He wasn’t sure why they had spent the fifty bucks to have the announcements made, especially with finances so tight, but he’d never say anything.

Some might say that six weeks of maternity leave is too short, while Rebecca had two weeks left, and felt it’d already been a lifetime since she seated someone at the diner. Her boss, Hazel McCarthy came over one morning to check in on her, and was invited in for some rancid-last-night-dinner that was on the table when she came in the house.

“So.” Hazel eyed the plate apprehensively. “How’s it going?”

“Did you know you can’t do it for six weeks? Doesn’t even matter, I’m never doing that again!”

Hazel smiled at Rebecca, seemed every woman said that in the movies.

“I hear it gets better after time.” Hazel offered, taking a tiny bite of the food.

“Ha! Like I even care. That’s just a scam to get pregnant, and I am not having any more babies!”

“Oh I see.” It was all Hazel could offer in response, trying to not gag.

Rebecca stands up quickly, and begins smelling her arm pits with emphasis. “I smell so bad! I can’t shower. I can’t eat. I can’t even sleep. I could go lay on the couch right now and sleep all day and still be tired.

“Ah, that’s.. nice.” Hazel stood up, “Look I don’t need to be at the diner this morning, let me give you a hand.”

Hazel insisted that Rebecca accept her offer, and without a second thought Rebecca had disappeared into the tub. The neighbor, Paloma Creelman stopped by to lend a hand as well. She missed the newborn stage since her little sister, Linnie was a toddler now. Hazel remembered meeting Paloma rather vividly, and was not surprised to see her anxious to help.

“I come here a lot. Mrs. Siew sure is tired.” she turned to face Scarlett, and dived in with her hands ready to pounce, “Goo Goo, Gah Gah!” Scarlett turned from her and fussed. Paloma did it again, then again, while Scarlett continued to turn away.

Hazel held the baby from Paloma’s grabby hands, “Look I think she’s tired.” She took the baby up to her nursery while Paloma entertained herself with the dog, Gulliver.

“My niece looked great at your wedding.” Hazel remarked about Grace, while Quinten talked on the phone. It was approaching noon, and he had just gotten out of bed.

Rebecca had mentioned in the winter that she wanted a little garden plot to have a try at gardening, and Hazel offered her expertise. Though she had never planted a garden, she did love nature, and felt if anyone could plant, it would be her.

“I know I said I wanted a garden,” Rebecca began, wiping the sweat from her brow, “I just had no idea how exhausting newborns are.” She watched Hazel continue with the fertilizer, clueless to what she was trying to say politely. “I don’t want to waste your time. I just don’t know what time I’ll have to keep this up.” While adding to herself, that she wouldn’t have any time at all. In fact she’d rather be inside napping on the sofa instead of digging up her yard.

“With a good rain season, this baby will take care of itself, just some weeding now and then. You’ll be glad to have it this summer.”

The sun began setting behind the horizon, and it was time to get Scarlett ready for bed. She wished that Quinten would take this over, since she did the morning shift. But he was busy.

Real busy.

She did admit to enjoying this part of the day. Scarlett’s pink skin soft, and smelling of lavender. She was still surprised how much she adored the energy-sucking being; she could hardly remember what she did before Scarlett was in their lives. She just desperately hoped that the upcoming months would be more uninterrupted sleep for herself. She kissed Scarlett’s cheek, and laid her down.

Quinten’s party began at 9:00, his way of being considerate that Scarlett would be tucked in. Rebecca loved seeing their college friends; she missed the time she was able to go get coffee and shop with them. She felt at such a different stage then they were, that she didn’t call them as often as she had before Scarlett arrived. Her bridesmaid, Violet-Adele had the miscarriage, and finally Grace had a boyfriend, but it wasn’t the same as living in Millwood, owning a house, having a husband, and a baby. As chaotic as her day was, as much as she was frustrated with her husband’s lack of help with the baby, she was still happy to be settled.

Her friends lives were full of college, their last semester before graduating in a few months. The drama of who slept with who, and now Reed wanting to be with Violet-Adele, but her not wanting him. It was a headache sometimes just to listen to them.

“Your baby is cute.” Grace said matter-of-factly.

“Ergh, thanks?” Quinten said. After two hours, Scarlett was up once again, and all the girls had teamed up on him to get her and feed her the bottle.

Grace busted into an over zealous laughter. The table riddled with empty beer bottles, and the silliness an obvious sign of how the evening had been going.

Hazel had snuck out with the guitar man, Jude. They had been spending a lot of time together, though Hazel insisted they had not gone to all the bases yet. Just a matter of time, Rebecca had said with a smile.

While the girls cooed over Scarlett, and Quinten was busy with feeding the baby, two people disappeared from the crowd without anyone noticing.

“I can’t believe I just did that!” Violet-Adele told the girls a little later. None would have known if she hadn’t blurted it out quickly. “I’m so drunk.” She banged her head on the table. “Please let me just graduate to get away from him.”

She had spoken the last part too loudly, and Reed had over heard. He stepped out to the screened porch, then decided to just head back to the dorm.

At one in the morning the last of them went home, and the new parents dragged themselves up to bed, barely making it under the covers before they were fast asleep. It wasn’t long before Scarlett required another feeding, and it wasn’t a surprise who got out of bed to take care of her. She glared at snoring Quinten as she made her way out the door, she could see how kids made relationships difficult. He laughed at her, said her hormones were out of whack, but really she wanted to smack him, all the time.

She made breakfast the next morning, and Scarlett woke Quinten up from his deep, restful slumber.

“Going to get a job this week?” She asked, keeping her back to him.

He flinched, “I was thinking of, not.” She whipped to face him, the large knife in her hand still from cutting.

“Wh-What are you talking about?”

He stepped back, and held Scarlett close to himself, and away from the knife-wielding woman. “Just listen, before you, do something with that.” He nodded towards the knife. Rebecca looked sheepish and put the knife back on the cutting board. “I can’t find a job that pays enough to pay a good nanny. What if I stay home for this first year and take care of her?”

She didn’t mean to laugh then, she really had thought he was being funny. When he huffed off she felt bad, but she was still laughing to herself about the idea of it while she washed Gulliver. She chided him once again for rolling in dirty puddles, and then laughed once more at the idea of Quinten changing dirty diapers, and being up before noon.

She did feel bad though, and when she came inside and found him preparing dinner. She could tell she had wounded his feelings and pride.

“Smells good.” She smiled towards him. He made a grunt noise in response without turning towards her. “Sorry about, laughing. You’re a good father, maybe if you were a little more hands on in the dirty work?”

He gave a nod, then went back to chopping. Without much talking much further on the issue, it seemed decided. Rebecca was the bread winner, and for the time being Quinten was a stay at home dad. She was certain that it could be a good thing, or what she feared, it would be a disaster. Only time would tell.

Notes: I couldn’t leave these characters alone! I want to see births for summer, and need to find Itzel a home yet. And I really wanted to see how these two were doing with their newborn. So I played! And I invested lots of time in building/creating things, and encountered lots of problems and changing of my mind a TON. Basically got sucked in by the sims.

Sorry if it was choppy, I don’t have time to read through to edit it at all, kids need to be tucked in and husband is sick and requires someone to snuggle with on the sofa.

Quinten thinks highly of himself, He dreams of himself more than any other sim I’ve noticed. He’s a family sim. He has romance wants a lot. He kissed Janelle at Goss Bookstore, while engaged to Rebecca (only we know). He wants to throw parties a lot. And he gets phone calls ALL the time! He’s such a girl when it comes to the amount of time he spends gabbing to his friends. Can we say hanging on to college life, much?

As for real life, I got in over 20,000 words for Nano, which I’m geeked about. Though I haven’t touched it in a few days, since I’ve been doing this. *bag*

I want to get a few stuff packs (glamour, celebration, holiday) and the mansion/garden too. Any recommendation on where? Can’t find them locally anymore. 😦

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5 thoughts on “sink or swim”

  1. LOL @ Quinten dreaming about himself!

    I can understand why he’d be hurt about Rebecca laughing at him, but seriously, if he thinks he’s going to be a stay at home dad he needs to actually help out around the house without other people having to tell him to!

    I was happy to see Hazel with her cute guitar man. 🙂

  2. Poor little Itzel – I was thinking about her the other day and wondering if you’d placed her yet.

    I felt bad when Rebecca laughed at Quinten but he might want to change a nappy or two to prove to her that he can handle Scarlett on his own. I’m sure he can!

    Yay for Hazel – I’m glad she’s got someone in her life.

  3. LOL Quinten is hilariously unaware! I think he’ll be a good dad when he has too…….while Rebecca is at work, he won’t have any other choice! Try searching ebay to get your missing stuff packs…..I wante celebrations and it too is no longer in stores so I’m going to either ebay or amazon to try to find them!

  4. Shana, I thought of you when Hazel was there with her guitar man. I’m looking forward to seeing him in action or lack thereof once Rebecca goes back to work. He doesn’t seem like a family sim at all.

    Carla, LOL, I sure hope he can change a nappy! He doesn’t get wants for the baby at all, or do anything with her. The only “family” style thing he’s done so far is Try for Baby on his wedding night, and want to read the parenting book. Which he’s working on, but hasn’t completed.

    Jennifer, ebay! Good idea, I didn’t even think of it. I was hoping to score them cheap at the stores, but all I could find were even older packs grouped up. But none of the newer ones.

  5. 😦 I wanted to give Reed a big hug, I can just imagine his heart breaking over Violet every time.

    Umm, I would have laughed too considering the fact that he rarely helps out.

    ~Apple Valley

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