everything you wanted

April 2010
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Cole London (47 years), Lucy (45 years), Alice (8 years), Milo (1 month), Beasley and Barnaby (dogs)

If someone had asked Lucy as a young girl, what she wanted in life, it would have been far grander than it was now. Cause now, at forty-five, she had everything she ever wanted, and it wasn’t glamorous, and she wasn’t famous. It was just her, in the middle of the night, holding her newborn son. Watching as the world slept, but here they were, breathing in the smell of spring and the promise of growth, the birds once again singing their songs. She longed to bottle the moment up, knowing that he would grow very quickly, and even if she spent every moment with him, it would never be enough.

Placing her lips on the top of his head, she breathed in his sweet baby smell, and kissed him. Once in a while she would whisper to him, telling him how much she loved him, or how beautiful he was. She pointed out the sun as it began to rise above the horizon, turning the sky shades of pink and orange. It was a new day, and cars were beginning to fill the roads, and with them the sounds of the city.

Alice scrambled in her room to finish her homework, that her mother had told her more than once, to have finished the night before. She was told more than once that she was a student just like her father had been, usually it was her grandparents, but her Mom remembered too. In math class, Alice had figured out that her parents had been together for thirty years. A number quite large to her child-like mind. As much as everyone went on about her Dad’s poor academics in high school, she didn’t fail to notice he was a second generation lawyer. She was quite certain she would make her Daddy and Grandpa proud and be the third generation.

Lucy handed Milo off to Cole, and headed to prepare breakfast for her family. With Milo in hand, Cole studied his intimidating face for his case that morning. He had a strong winning record, and didn’t intend to lose it. With his large brown eyes, Milo watched his Dad talk to the reflection in the mirror. Sometimes he’d bat outwards, but mostly he was content just to be held near.

After a proper warm up, he headed downstairs, and laid Milo onto his mat in the living room. Beasley gave him a sniff, then wandered into her basket near the door.

“I am pumped! P-U-M-” Cole came in the room, arms swinging.

“Shhh.” Lucy held her hand up toward him, and put her attention back to the phone. “That’s so sad. – Ahuh.. Yes thank you for calling. Bye Mom.”

“What’s the matter?” Cole came to her side, and put his arm around her shoulder.

“Your mom just wanted us to know that Hector Cruz died a few weeks ago.” Cole’s expression blank, exasperated she continued, “Remember the woman who died a few years ago leaving a husband and infant behind? And your Mom took them under her wing to help the husband, Hector, out?” Realization dawned on his face, “Well he died.” She finished slightly irritated, though she couldn’t explain why.

“How’d he die?” Cole asked sympathetically, though turning to make himself a toaster pastry since Lucy hadn’t been able to make breakfast.

“No one knows.” Lucy went to pick up Milo, though he hadn’t been fussing, then came back to the kitchen. “His little girl is an orphan now. How does that happen in this day and age?”

Cole watched his wife, push her hair back, and the slightly desperate expression coming over her. “We’ll be fine. We aren’t going to leave our kids orphans.” She looked up at him, her eyes sparkling from tears that hadn’t washed over. He put his hand on hers. “We’re fine.” He affirmed. She only nodded in response.

It didn’t seem fine to her though. Cole was right, that she had been selfish in her thoughts at first. If Itzel Cruz could be an orphan, what was stopping that from happening to her own, Alice and Milo? She couldn’t decide if her emotion was that strong because she was a mother, or if it was something more. Her best friend, and coincidentally, neighbor Bekah Grimsley came over to chat later that evening as she was apt to do. Her adopted daughter Lainey was at the playground with Alice, and Milo was working late on his case. She had gathered from his hasty text message that it had gone well but they weren’t prepared for tomorrow.

“I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much.” She confessed to Bekah, who had already known the case. Kenzie Goss had been their case worker when they adopted Lainey seven years prior, and happened to keep in touch with the Grimsley whenever a child was unexpectedly available for adoption. So far they hadn’t been in the situation to adopt, being busy with their nine and ten month old daughters.

“It’s hard to hear the tragedy that has consumed this family.”

After a moment of quiet, where they had been listening to the monitor to see if Milo was waking up or just stirring, Bekah continued. “Have you thought about adopting her?” She broached the subject carefully. After Lucy had done Invitro for Milo, there had been a lot of gossip over their decision. Just after she began her first trimester, Brynn Traver had died in child birth leaving Dean without a home, until Kenzie Goss adopted him herself. And now Itzel, just a month after Milo was born.

“I haven’t really. I mean I just had a baby, and I don’t have space for another child.”

“You could move.” Bekah suggested. “If it’s something laying on your heart.” She turned to face her friend. “I know you felt horrible when Dean was without a mother, we talked about it a lot. I know you tried for years to get pregnant with Alice, and then years more trying for Milo. I know.” She held Lucy’s hands in hers, and spoke softly. “I know you would have adopted Dean if you weren’t expecting. But, that’s not how life went. Don’t beat yourself up over Dean, it all worked out. But what are you going to do now, with Itzel? Maybe it won’t work out for her.” Bekah let go of Lucy’s hands. “Just think about it, that’s all.”

Lucy nodded. As Alice came storming down the stairs ready for bed. Tim Grimsley had gone to get Lainey from the park, and sent Alice home at the same time.

“You’ll. . “she jumped on the sofa, “Never believe…” she jumped some more, “How much fun” she jumped again, “Today was!” She finished, plopping in between her mom and Bekah. “We learned how to milk a cow! Which was so gross! But then we got to make ice cream! That part was so cool.”

“I should go give Tim hand getting the girls ready for bed. See you two later.” Bekah stood, and headed for the door. “Just think about it, is all.” She added before ducking out.

“Think about what?” Alice looked up at her mom, still a little winded.

“Nothing for you to worry about, my sweet. Go pick out a bedtime story, and you can tell me about your day.”

The house was quiet now, Lucy laid on her bed, just thinking everything over, when she heard the garage door open. She glanced at the clock on the end table, a quarter past ten. It was a late night, she couldn’t believe he was that unprepared for the next day of court, but he was a worrier, and worked hard. It didn’t take him long to find his wife upstairs, surprised she was already up in bed. And she didn’t seem to be in the mood from a quick assessment.

“How was your day, Love?” He leaned over to kiss her gently. He smelled of leather, cigars, and a slight scent of the outside.

“Ugh, you smell like Hank. Why do you let him smoke cigars in the office?” She pushed him back.

He smiled at her, “Want to help me take my clothes off?”

“Not interested. At all.” He gave one last look, then hopped next to her on the bed, ready for a long talk about something or other.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“We should adopt Itzel Cruz.” She blurted. She had been thinking for an entire hour now, and she couldn’t come up with a better solution, or a gentler way to approach the subject.

“What?” He sat up straight, “We don’t have money for that, or the space, not to mention we just had a baby. I thought you were happy?”

She waited until he calmed down, and his sentences slowed. “I am happy.” She looked into his eyes to prove it. “I just feel like we are supposed to. You can’t expect a genie to come in and fix everything. Sometimes people have to do the work.”

“You want to leave the city? Cause I can’t afford a bigger place here and still send the kids to college.”

“Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to live in… the suburbs.” She coughed the word out.

“Now I know you’re talking crazy. You stood my mom down when she merely suggested it and that was over Christmas.”

“It’s important to me that we at least consider this.” She spoke softly. “I don’t want to adopt her if it’s not something we are both on board with.”

He moved in closer to her, “So if I consider it, will you help me tonight with these clothes?” He grinned.

“Someone has to help you.” She teased back, then relaxed into his arms.

Sunday came a few days later, the case had gone perfectly and yet again Cole got the win. They both had kept their promise to consider the good and bad of adopting Itzel, and even gotten in touch with Kenzie to figure out more details. Alice was unaware of the decision they were discussing, and as usual on Sundays, Cole’s parents came for breakfast. Myra and Randy London made the drive in from the subrubs every Sunday to spend the day with their grandkids.

Myra made some strawberry lemonade from her garden, while Cole whipped up steak and eggs. Bekah had came by with Willa to borrow a bottle, and Randy raved about Tyler Goss’ newest book.

“Isn’t that about marriages with step kids?” Bekah asked.

“It is, it is. But it’s so much more. You can apply it to regular kids too!” He enthused.

Lucy smiled, shaking her head. “Oh Dad, isn’t there anything more fitting for you to read?”

Randy held his arms out for his grandson, and Lucy happily obliged. Her in-laws were fabulous, she couldn’t think of a better cherry on top of the sundae of her life.

“Hello little guy.” Randy crooned, “You look just like your Daddy.”

Everyone ate their steak and eggs, and Alice insisted they make strawberry pancakes next week. She pressed that steak and eggs was a grown up breakfast, not suitable for children. Randy told her he was impressed with her language, and declared she’d make a perfect lawyer someday. Alice beamed the rest of the day.

After breakfast, Myra asked to speak with her son alone upstairs. In the office/nursery, Myra logged onto his computer, and began typing without a word. Cole came behind her to see what she was up to, and saw she was logged into her bank account.

He took a breath to begin saying something, and she held up her hand. “I’m not debating anything, so don’t try. Now do you want to hear what I’m doing?”

“Yes, please.”

“I am transferring $20,000 from my account, to yours.” She held her hand up again. “I’m not asking permission, I’m doing it.” With one last click she was done, and stood up.

“I know you and Lucy called Kenzie about Itzel.” She looked at him sharply when he tried talking. “Please don’t interrupt me.” When she was certain he wouldn’t, she continued. “I think that would be fantastic if that works out for your family. Your father and I support you, whatever you two decide. The money isn’t for that, per say. I know you would need to move, and a down payment can be a burden, especially if you weren’t planning on adding a third. I don’t want money to be your deciding factor in what you do.”

“I love you, son. And I want you and your family to have the very best. Besides,” she grinned, “Me and your father have more than enough.”

Without any further words, Cole hugged his Mom, once again feeling grateful having her in his life.

It had been discovered between Cole and Lucy that their biggest concern was in fact the money. Myra had solved that, and insisted she would help with more if they were looking to buy a nice home. All of her money was heading to Cole when they passed on, and she didn’t want her son to wait to have his dream house until then, not when he could use it to raise his family. She of course let on, that she wouldn’t mind if they moved to the suburbs. Which despite their prior objection, they decided wasn’t such a terrible idea. Though Lucy drew the line on moving to Millwood.

Mid-week they set up an appointment with Kenzie to meet with Itzel, and to their amazement, start an adoption process. They arrived to their appointment, quite nervous and anxious.

“You realize, inside that building, could be our future daughter?” Lucy said in amazement.

“I know.” Cole choked out, then straightened his posture, and with hands held, they went inside.

Kenzie had them meet Itzel first in the nursery. Kenzie told them she was having a hard time without her father, and would cry out for him frequently. She also warned them that it would take an adjustment for everyone, but to always remember that Itzel had suffered two losses, and would be grieving for many years. After the warnings, she had left them alone with Itzel.

She looked at each of them with bright eyes, full of curiosity. They waved at her a little awkwardly, and smiled at her. After a moment, they sat on the ground, and introduced themselves. Itzel sat between them, and after a moment got up to get a book from the shelf, then handed it to Lucy.

After some time, they met with Kenzie in her office. They were both beaming with excitement, they had decided that this little girl needed them, and they needed her.

“We want to start the adoption process.” Lucy said, excitement brimming over.

Kenzie was relieved to hear it. The worst part of her job was the unknown future for each of the children brought into the orphanage. And Cole was her cousin, and a fine man, she was certain it was a good placement for Itzel.

“I feel like, we can’t change the world. But we can help one person in this big world.” Cole mused.

And there you have it. Itzel will be placed with the London family in the summer, they are moving to a new home. I built one (and tore it down about a billion times), now I need to load up homecrafter and install the walls I made for it. I loved their townhouse, their sunshine kitchen, the bathroom, I made it, and I LOVED it. It was very difficult for me to move them out, I almost said, eh who cares about Itzel, so they could keep their townhouse. But that wouldn’t be nice of me. 😉

Myra is a “very” nice sim. Her deceased twin sister Milla, was “not” a nice sim. They were very opposite sisters, I always took Milla as being more strict than not nice, and Myra more laid back. As for Cole, he almost flunked out of high school all the time, he absolutely hated homework. He’d much rather be necking with his girlfriend Lucy. He used to be quite an angry sim too, and would fight with his mom a lot. Thankfully he grew into a respectable sim man, and gets along with his mother. For a while (before I reinstalled) him and his mom hated each other and would fight at every family gathering. I never knew why, but when I added them back to my hood they were able to make nice.

It will be weird not having the Grimsley’s next door. They really are BFF’s with the London’s.

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5 thoughts on “everything you wanted

  1. Aw, I’m so glad Itzel is getting a new family and will have a brother and sister to grow up with! It’s too bad they have to leave their townhouse, but maybe they’ll love their new house just as much and someone else can get to enjoy their old house. 🙂

  2. Yay, Itzel has a new family! I’m really happy to hear that. She’s such a sweetheart – I hope she settles in well with Lucy and Cole (and Alice and Milo).

    I’m looking forward to seeing their new home but I completely understand not wanting to move them. It’s so rare for me to decorate a home and be completely happy with it, so I’m always reluctant to move my Sims out when that happens. But you know, life doesn’t always go to plan and some things are more important that my careful decoration! LOL.

  3. Shana, I’m excited with the pairing with the sister/brother for Itzel too. I was thinking of real adoptions and they aim to not mess up “sibling order” which I was able to do for the London kids, but not Itzel. I hope I love their new house too. I haven’t gotten to finishing it yet.

    Carla, so true that life doesn’t always go as planned. I’ll just have to put a lot of effort into decorating their new house. I enjoy the decorating process (just like in real life, but this is free!), but some I just love that much more.

    Herdon, I hope things work for the best too. I’m excited about the pairing and a little less shocked that I actually saved the game.

  4. Yay! They’re adopting her, it’s so perfect! Too bad on the moving, I wish there was a townhouse in the city that they could stay in, but maybe she won’t mind the suburbs as much…hopefully. I’m in the suburbs and loathe it, I looooong for the city.

    ~Apple Valley

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