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Celebrations ~ Summer Birthdays

June 2010
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Charlie Grimsley (25 years), Cara Darling (20 years)

She said she was fine with waiting. She didn’t want to push him. So she lied.

She wondered at night, why things weren’t traditional for her. With her teen pregnancy, mother kicking her out of the house, and being forced to live with her step grandma, Milla. But even then, there was a bright future ahead for her and Stephan, and their daughter, Rachael. And then there was the fire which claimed both her step grandma, and Rachael’s Dad.

Sitting at her table at 5 in the morning, breathing through contractions, she wish she hadn’t lied to Charlie. She wanted to be married. She wanted a child born in wedlock. She didn’t know how much it meant to her until this moment, Rachael asleep in her bed, and herself stuck at the table in the early stages of labor.

So she waddled, grasping her stomach, and made her way to the phone. She woke him up, his voice groggy as she cried to him that she wanted to be married before the baby arrived. And without hesitation, he grabbed his suit out of his closet, and picked her up.

As soon as the courthouse was open, they were in line to see the judge for marriage. It was a slow day, and they were squeezed in after another ceremony.

They waited in the hallway, Rachael snuggled in her Mom’s arms. She was excited and nervous to have a new father, she didn’t know Charlie very well, she wouldn’t even say they were friends. But they were getting there.

Judge Ratna made it official, they said their vows, kissed and had her parents, Ethan and Meredith Traver, as their witnesses. Then they took the taxi to the hospital.

Born that afternoon, was Lulu Grimsley. Big sister, Rachael Darling is thrilled to have a baby sister.

Leah Millett went into labor with her third child. Her mother-in-law, Norma Millett was beyond hopeful that it would finally be a baby boy.

And when the baby was born, and it was announced, “It’s a boy!” Norma nearly fainted, Grant had a meltdown, and Leah calmly grabbed out the girls’ baby outfit, and dressed him in pink. For she was certain she would only have girls.

The Millett family welcomes their son, Simon.

Birthday Wishes to the twins!

Julius McCarthy

Elias McCarthy

And to little Willa Grimsley.

Cara was at the table, just sitting there and breathing all panty like labor. She had rolled the want to get married that morning too when she woke up. So off they went to tie the knot at the courthouse.

My daughter needed a wedding too, so it was a double wedding, it was Rosabella Steinman’s Mom who got married (Mathilda). Rosabella is friends with a couple of the kids in the hood as well as a student at the school. My daughter also used Insim and had her have twins, which she then rushed through to birth, two little boys – Luke and Peter. I’m sure we’ll see them in the future.

Then you have Grant Millett, the family sim. The sim who has wanted a baby FOREVER! Seriously, sim years here. Then his wife has a baby and it’s the elusive son, and instead of coming to see the baby. He does this…

His daughter is like, “Get a grip, Dad.”

Note to self – change the infant outfit to a gender neutral one for births. πŸ™‚

With the McCarthy twins, those boys were some of my favorite toddlers! I adored them! When they were toddlers I couldn’t tell them apart, so I dressed Elias in Red, and Julius in Orange, so he could be an Orange Julius. lol.

And oh my goodness! I love blonde hair with brown eyes, so I naturally LOVE Willa! *hearts*

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4 thoughts on “Celebrations ~ Summer Birthdays”

  1. Aw, well at least Cara finally told Charlie the truth about what she really wants and now they can be a family. πŸ™‚ LOL, poor little Simon dressed in pink! πŸ˜‰

    I’m amazed at how much Elias and Julius look alike! My twins always look so different that I can easy tell them apart, but Elias and Julius are pretty close to identical. I can see slight differences in their features, but they’re close enough that I would get them confused while playing too.

    And Willa is just adorable! LOL, seriously, get a grip, Grant! You have your son now, what’s gotten into you? πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m glad Cara got what she wanted before it was too late……poor Simon! I’m a big dork who actually watches Golden Girls and for those of you who don’t know the show, there was a woman on there named Dorothy who had a brother named Phil who used to have to wear his sister’s hand me downs……Phil became a cross dressing hetero who went shopping with his wife! Hopefully little Simon won’t suffer the same fate lol…….

  3. Oh my gosh, Willa is so cute that I might die! And FRECKLES! Willa’s got similar colouring to my Elspeth Romilly (who I’m quite enamoured with too).

    I love Cara getting married in the early stages of labour! I’m glad they made everything official before Lulu was born.

    Grant having a breakdown was funny! Stan Benton did that when Zelda was born. Stan was also a Family Sim, so it was rather strange.

  4. Shana, My twins never look this similar! In the game they look pretty much identical. They do have differences though when you look closely, mostly those lips. As toddlers Julius had a “fatter” head than Elias. It doesn’t look like it made a difference as kids though.

    Jennifer, LOL on Golden Girls! Oh my gosh, I forgot all about the cross dressing brother! I used to watch that show with my mom. She tivo’s it, and I will watch it with her when we stay at her house. I don’t think Simon will have that problem, I’m pretty sure Norma (Grandma) went out and bought him an entire wardrobe of blue.

    Carla, Ohh I love your Elspeth (and her name too, so pretty). The coloring is just so pretty and feminine. I’m excited to see how Willa ages up. This new way of aging up sometimes is a pain to my impatience! πŸ˜‰

    I’m glad everything was official too before Lulu, I would have hated to have them married right after, then Lulu would have been Darling, and now she’s a Grimsley. Whew.

    That is odd when family sims break down, that’s funny about Stan doing that when Zelda was born. I didn’t even bother looking at Grant’s wants, since the baby one hadn’t gone away in something like 6 years! LOL.

    Grant showed up on another lot today and had a meltdown as soon as he was greeted. I need to go in and give him some want fulfilments before the entire town thinks he’s crazy!

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