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all my bags are packed

summer 2010
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George (64), Mandy (66), Violet-Adele (20), Doc (dog)

There was just a short weekend back home, sleeping in her childhood bed, then she was off on an international flight to a strange country. Now that the morning had arrived, she wasn’t as confident in her decision. She was confident enough in her french skills, but it didn’t change the fact that she didn’t know a single person over there, excluding Étienne Bernard. He didn’t count as a familiar face though, as she’d only corresponded with him for the architect internship. She signed up for the entire adventure because it was a great opportunity, and it was a lifelong dream of hers to be an architect. If she was honest with herself though, it was also the fact that she wouldn’t know anyone that had been such a draw in the beginning. And now, it was what terrified her the most.

Having breakfast at her parents round table, watching her Dad slowly spread the jam on his croissant (he was trying to acclimate her to french cuisine, he had said), and seeing how her mother merely moved her food on her plate. It was all too much. She bit her lip to keep from crying, knowing that if she let on how frightened and sad she was about leaving, that they would lose their cool too.

It was time to leave before she knew it. Her Dad drove, and she sat in the front seat, thinking depressing thoughts. On their way home, she wouldn’t be in the car with them. She wouldn’t get to partake in the conversations they would have, and she would miss out on everything. She saw her Dad’s eyes to her regularly, so she continued to bite her lip.

Mandy carried the luggage and got it checked in for her youngest daughter, while Violet-Adele and George took off to take some silly photos. The graduation photos wouldn’t be finished for a few more weeks yet, and George insisted that Violet-Adele needed a photo of home.

She looked at their photos, their happy faces and sighed. “Thanks Dad.” She smiled up at him. He was right, she would need these photos.

The international airport was quite crowded, several people were at the Paris gate, and Violet-Adele eyed each curiously. Would she sit near one of them? Were any going away for the same reason as hers? One was clearly a newlywed couple, and were bumped to first class as a small gift from the airlines.

Now it was just time to wait. To sit, to people watch, and to fidget with a piece of string.

“I still think you could be a world famous architect without going to France.” Mandy said stubbornly.

“Don’t Mom. This is a great opportunity to study Paris’ architecture, the history of the city and it’s building codes. It’s really quite prestigious.”

“I know.” She pouted for a moment. “I am quite proud of you, honey.” Mandy brushed a piece of hair behind Violet-Adele’s ear, and sighed. Where did the time go that her baby was all grown up and off to a foreign country, a place she had never been to herself.

George came back to the girls bearing a gift. He held it out to her, with a half smile. “For the trip.”

Carefully she unlaced the ribbon, and found a little handheld game console. “Thanks Daddy.” She threw her arms around him. She hadn’t thought of what she would do on the flight, and now she didn’t have to.

A woman announced over the intercom that her flight was boarding, people got up and started grabbing their carry on. Most held magazines in their hands, and a few had purchased soda from the vending machines. Violet-Adele’s stomach dropped, there was no more waiting.

“You be safe.” Mandy breathed in her daughter’s ear as she hugged her tight. “I love you.”

“Take care of Mom,” Violet-Adele whispered. “She’s going to need you.”

George chuckled softly, “I will. Knock ’em dead over there.”

Then it was done. There were no more good-byes, the flight attendant waited only for her. With a last wave, and a little smile, she turned to board the plane clasping the photo and game close to her side.

Notes: And she’s off! I downloaded the lots for her Paris adventure. She’s going to be an architect intern. Her lifelong dream is to be a City Planner, and what greater city to learn in then Paris? Well I imagine there are plenty of other great cities, but I love the Paris lots. 😉

She will be having her own updates, starting shortly.

Violet-Adele’s previous update/next update / Mandy’s next update

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6 thoughts on “all my bags are packed”

  1. I’m so excited about her adventure. And you’re right there are other great cities, but Paris is so special!
    I’m looking forward to her adventure with her!

  2. Yay! She’s going to have an amazing time, even if she does get a little homesick. That’s natural.

    It was so sweet how George and Violet-Adele had their pictures taken together before she left.

    Oh, and did you build that airport or is that the Simtopia one from MTS? I just put that in Exeter the other day! I’m planning on using it when Joanna comes home.

  3. Thanks everyone! 🙂 I’m excited about her Paris trip too, and the new people she’ll meet and all the pretty lots.

    Yep Carla, it’s the Simtopia airport lots, they are very well made!

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