coming up tails

June 2010
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George (64), Mandy (66), Violet-Adele (20), Doc (dog)

As Emma sat at her sister, Grace’s graduation, she knew one thing. She was not going home for the summer.

Everyone expected her to, just as her sister had done the previous year. It was expected she would help with the twins, and Zilla. That should garden and spray the orchard, and that she would babysit while her Mom was busy sewing winter clothes. She would be expected to clean and prepare meals, and listen to Oliver and Paloma as they jabbered about nonsense that didn’t matter in the real world. No one had asked her what she wanted, they had told her they’d bring her things back home after the graduation. There hadn’t been a question in their mind on what Emma would do this summer.

Though the idea of returning home, even for a few short months, was intolerable to Emma. She realized, she was nineteen and didn’t have to do what was expected of her. With that realization, many new notions came clear to her.

She didn’t have anywhere to go though, and so she avoided telling her parents her feelings until she could figure it out. First plan was to get more time. She spent the first weekend at Lorelei’s home. She knew Lorelei’s parents (Kenzie and Tyler) wouldn’t have minded her crashing there all summer. But the truth of the matter was, they had Dean and Lorelei worked crazy long hours at The Red Mill. Emma had made it a secondary goal of her summer to avoid all babies, and Lorelei’s home clearly made that impossible.

It was on a whim that she boarded the city bus, and headed to the suburbs of South Port. She found herself at her Grandparent’s little brick home on the outskirts. This was where her father had been raised, and where her sister Grace had lived as an infant.

“It’s so good to see you,” George hugged his second granddaughter, Emma, close. He had just seen her a few days earlier at the graduation, but it felt great to see someone. The house had been seeming extra lonesome with the knowledge that Violet-Adele was half a world away.

“I don’t want to go home for the summer.” Emma blurted. She hadn’t been planning to say it that way, but there it was on the table.

George was a little surprised by the news, but not as much as he may have let on. He knew his son had too many kids to provide for, and that they were always looking for ways to be frugal. He didn’t think twice before offering she stay there for the summer. She didn’t hesitate to take him up on the offer.

“It’s common to not have a major.” George offered during lunch.

“I’m not going back.” Emma confessed. It wasn’t a long thought out decision, more of a gut instinct. “College isn’t for me.” She explained simply.

“Well, maybe you’ll marry a doctor.” Mandy leaned forward with a grin.

Emma merely nodded. She didn’t have any plans of marriage, let alone who it would be someday, if ever.

“We need to invite Finn and Nicole over so we can discuss everything.” Mandy stood, clearing the dishes from the table. “I can’t see they’ll be happy.. hmm.” She wandered to the sink, talking to herself.

With permission, Emma invited Lorelei to stay the night. It was all set that her parents would come over the next afternoon to discuss arrangements. Emma didn’t know why her stomach was anxious, she reminded herself firmly she was an adult. She also knew that she didn’t have a penny to her name, just six grand of college debt. A debt she would soon have to begin repaying since she wasn’t returning in the fall.

While Lorelei wasn’t happy with Emma’s decision, she was accepting of it. They brainstormed on places Emma could stay if things fell through, and places of employment since eventually she would need a job. Her first job ever.

They moved their conversation to the tent, and slept out there since there wasn’t room in the house. They stayed up all hours giggling about boys and first kisses. It felt good to be around Lorelei, talking like they always had, not worried about realistic futures.

Despite it being summer, the nights were still quite cold, and by five am, they were both inside, with Emma preparing cocoa.

“Breakfast smells divine.” Lorelei gushed as she headed to the table. Waffles topped with pecans, it was better than her usual cereal.

Grace came by for moral support, and the girls played video games through the morning. When the clock struck noon though, everyone cleared out.

When their beat up pick up truck pulled in the drive, Emma sprinted to her room. She didn’t want to be in the living room for the greetings, she didn’t want to see her mother’s probing eyes. She sat on the floor, leaning against the door, listening.

“Emma’s going to be staying with us for a while, until she gets things figured out.” She heard her Grandma Mandy say.

The response couldn’t be made out, but things escalated quickly, and Emma decided she needed to be in the living room if she was going to claim to be an adult.

Her Dad, Finn and George were arguing. It wasn’t about her though. They were arguing that Finn had too many kids, that he couldn’t provide for them, and put financial strain on the kids who did want to attend college with massive loans. George went on, that Finn expected his kids to be parents, and Emma was sure it would have continued down a bad path if she didn’t step out from the hallway.

“Stop fighting!” Emma stood in front of the sofa, everyone except Mandy took a seat on the sofa. She noticed her mother’s face was tear stained, and her father was quite angry. She forced herself to ignore their actual faces, and push forward, despite the fear.

“You don’t get it! I’m not going back to college. It’s not like you were paying for it anyway.” She knew it probably hurt, but it was a truth that she didn’t think should be ignored. “I’m not moving back home ether. Ever.”

When her father Finn stood up, his face a vibrant red against his pale curls, Emma thought she might lose her nerve. She had never spoken to her parents this way before. But her Grandpa stood up at the same time.

“That’s enough.” George spoke firmly. “Emma is welcome here, and has made up her mind.”

Just like that, Finn and Nicole got up and left. Emma kept her eyes on the floor, though she could feel her father’s anger and her mother’s sadness. With a squeal of tires, and a loud gunning of the engine, they were gone.

George and Mandy gave Emma free reign with their old sedan, it was the same car her aunt’s had drove to school as teens. With a quick call, she set up to meet a friend at Planet Java, and headed out to ease her nerves. She picked up Chris from his parent’s house. He was getting his own apartment once he saved up enough for furniture.

She immediately felt better with her decisions when he was around. She playfully punched his arm, and danced around as he feigned he would punch her back. She hadn’t told anyone, not even Lorelei that she was hanging out with Chris regularly.

It was a Tuesday night, and Planet Java was filled with the twenty-somethings of South Port, they even provided live entertainment.

With Chris, he didn’t ask prying questions. He didn’t need to know that her first time was with a military man, who stood her up after wards. He didn’t need to know her life plans, or what she was going to do with her life.

He would listen when she wanted to tell him. But he didn’t pry.

He was exactly what she wanted.

Notes: First, Emma has no desire for school. You may recall she barely skated in to begin with. She never rolled a major want, or to do anything academic. Seeing as her parents are too poor to pay for their kids’ education, she took a hefty loan to educate herself. It didn’t make any sense for her to continue her education, now that her primary reason (Grace) has graduated and gone. Her and Lorelei would never have attended college together (Lorelei is going to be a senior in the fall), otherwise she may have stayed on just for that experience.

She’s with her grandparent’s for now. She has low relationships with her siblings (excluding Grace who is her BFF), and doesn’t roll wants for any of them. Whereas Grace is quite happy to talk with Oliver, play with the twins/Zilla, and all those sisterly things. So she dropped out of high school, and is spending mountains of time with Chris, who is Benjamin Andersen (Grace’s boyfriend) best friend. Follow? I have no plans for these two, just sitting back and seeing what happens.

Mandy is really peddling the idea of someone marrying a doctor.

Second, I’m redoing my hood. I’ve been saving for days my lots/sims, DAYS! The end of saving is near! I thought I’d be done yesterday, but then it started crashing my game after each house (Gah!). And I might have some portal problem… lol. So this is probably a good thing to start fresh, and finally get sim pe to work (oh please let it work!). I’ll update once my new map is up, and take some photos of it all. Then I’ll finish round 2! Just the adoption left (Please don’t let me forget Itzel!), I haven’t moved her into a home yet.

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3 thoughts on “coming up tails

  1. Maisie, if you go to my Miscellaneous CC post I have linked to in my sidebar, I think one of the tattoo boxes has Chris’s tattoos as a part of it. The tattoo boxes are a way better solution than a skin tone, because it won’t pass on to the kids and is less fiddly in general. Luc Lane has some tatts and I think the same box I use for his has Chris’s tattoos too. Make sure you get rikkulidea’s fixed versions (I link to both in my post) too – she’s going through and fixing them all and has just a couple left to do. Luc’s box is one of the ones already fixed though, which means I don’t ever have to reapply them. Yay!

    They are fantastic – shower-safe and I think they even stay on through age transitions. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    Anyway, back to Millwood! I’m glad Emma has everything out in the open now, about not going back to college. Things can only improve from now on. Hopefully everything will smooth over soon! There’s certainly a lot of tension in this family right now.

  2. Thank you Carla!!! I have some of those tattoos, but totally looked past the maxis ones. I’m going to have to download those! Yes, there is that horrible dilemma of toddlers with tattoos, I forgot about that too! Thank you!

    As for this family, there really is a lot of tension. Finn and Nicole are my most frugal sims, and still barely scrap by. Six kids is a lot! They are just lucky I allow my college kids to take out student loans. (Which is how I put myself through college! And they SUCK to pay off!). Grace will know all about that with 12k in debt herself.

    I’m pretty sure Emma’s secondary aspiration will never be family. She’s just not that kind of girl.

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