plus one

July 2010
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Cole (47 years), Lucy (45 years), Alice (8 years), Itzel (2 years), Milo (4 month), Beasley and Barnaby (dogs)

The decision to adopt Itzel Cruz, led to the next decision. Home ownership. Myra greatly wanted her son and family to move to the subrubs of South Port, but they opted to stay in the heart of the city.

It is closer to Myra’s home though, so she is partly pleased.

Lucy owns London Grocery, but with the addition of a third child, she decided to apply for her dream job. High school teacher. She was offered the position, but there wouldn’t be any summer pay until the following summer, so she continued working at her grocery store.

Lucy anticipated the next summer where she would have close to three months off, but in the meantime, she had to find a sitter for Alice and Milo. She had heard at the store, that Emma McCarthy had dropped out of college and was looking for work, so she offered her the summer position.

Emma agreed. Emma knew she was really desperate if she was willingly babysitting other people’s rugrats. She decided after a foul diaper change, that she should have just worked at the burger joint.

She couldn’t decide which age group was worse. The infant had diapers, but at least he slept most of the time. Whereas Alice, was awake all day long, and never stopped talking.

“Where do babies come from?” Alice asked over a particularly stale lunch meat sandwich.

“Parents have sex and make babies. But your sister is being adopted, means someone else had sex and made her.”

Somedays, Cole’s parents would come and watch the kids. Alice didn’t care who was babysitting, as long as they gave her their undivided attention.

Finally after months of paperwork, and delay, Itzel arrived in the back of Kenzie’s van. They had been spending free time at the orphanage so she would know them better, to hopefully ease the transition.

It seemed to work, she was quite happy to see her new parents. Though she wasn’t as impressed with Alice or Milo.

Notes: Oops, my bad. I forgot to turn aging off on their lot, and little 4 month Milo has found himself a toddler… Is there anyway to change him back to infant? If not, I guess he won’t be making appearances until he’s closer to his birthday.

Round 2 is D-O-N-E! Thank goodness. I am so ready for the next round. Lots and lots I want to do! I’m so not done with my hood placement, and at this second, I don’t care! I’m sooo tired of trying to fit lots in, where they should fit, but refuse to go. I don’t get it. Everything is flat and level, but some lots are just so darn stubborn.

This is a house I downloaded; I decided against using the one I had built.

Itzel actually joined the family with negatives for Alice and Milo. We’ll see how the dynamics work with the new addition.

Something OT. But I want to share anyway, cause y’all like sims. But Myra (born in game) looks just like a friend of mine in real life. It’s more interesting for me, because if you went by ethnic backgrounds, Myra would be korean/american. Her father was Korean, mother American. At least that’s how I designed them in CAS. And my friend irl, is also Korean/American. Just makes me think Myra is pretty spot on genetics wise.

And that’s all. Unless you want to see a sneak peak of Milo a whole “year” in advance. Then click here. Cute, cute. I adore his nose. He’s got his Mom’s eyes (both kids did), and Grandma Myra’s black hair, and that’s all I can tell for the moment.

Lucy’s previous update/next update / Itzel’s previous update

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3 thoughts on “plus one

  1. I’m so glad Itzel is with her new family now. Can’t be very pleasant being in an orphanage, even if they are treated well there.

    Good to see Emma has something to do during the days, even if it’s not her ideal. It won’t be long before she’s earned some money and can move on to something else.

    And Milo is a real cutie!

    Babies are different to all the other age stages and I think you can mess things up pretty badly by aging a Sim down to baby. I’d just work around this, for the mean time. I accidentally aged up Josh Royce-Nihill to toddler when he was still supposed to be a baby but I hadn’t done much yet so I just exited without saving!

  2. Yeah I considered not saving Milo aged up, but I decided against it. Mostly I’ve done so much work that has gotten bjorked, and for pete sake I decorated the entire house, and had a lot of events take place. I didn’t want to redo an ounce of it!

    I’m excited Itzel is with her family now. Only a little disappointed about Milo, I wanted to see how Lucy and Cole would handle a 2 year old, 4 month old and 8 year old. I haven’t had kids that close in age in a while, since Hadley and Julia (and then Emma and Grace).

  3. I’ve been sick these last few days, so I’m finally getting caught up on my blog reading! 🙂

    I’m glad Itzel is finally with her new family! LOL @ her having negative scores for her new brother and sister though.

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