wheels on the bus – s.p. grammar school

October 2010
Principal: Faith Goodie (78); Teacher: Miriam Dennis (27)
Upper Students: Lainey Grimsley(9); Hadley Millett(9); Rosabella Steinman(9); Lauren Schehl(8); Alice London(8); Brooklyn Fontaine(7); Julia Millett(7)
Lower Students: Lewis Huffman(4); Aidan Traver(4); Caitlyn Traver(4) ; Zilla McCarthy(4); Rachael Darling(4); Julius McCarthy(4); Elias McCarthy(4)
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narrated by Miriam Dennis

In September, I began my second year as a lower level teacher here at South Port. Renovations were done over the summer to make room for the growing population. There is talk that if the population boom continues that Millwood will build it’s own school system, but talk is cheap, and building is expensive. For the time being, I’m happy to teach the little ones from both communities.

Seeing the kids walk into the classroom each morning is exciting to me. A new adventure. Most of the time they are well behaved, I’m grateful for the younger grade.

As opinionated as Faith is on how things ought to be done, I have to say that most days she keeps the rowdy kids reigned in.

I find that the little kids still enjoy finger painting, and listening to fairy tales. I set up a reading corner by the windows, and it’s become a favorite place to sit during free time.

Sometimes Faith’s daughter, Francie comes in to have lunch with her mother. There really is little room in the dining hall though for any extras, as it is, it’s a very tight squeeze to get all sixteen of us.

Recess is still one of my favorite times. I enjoy watching the children interact with one another, and most days I don’t have quarrels to break up. The only drawback is I have to spend much of the time listening to Faith rattle off advice. She’s a good teacher and principal, just past her prime.

I proposed to set up a Daddy/Daughter Dance at Wickfield Hall, and she absolutely rejected the idea. She thought little girls getting dressed up was the worst possible idea. In the end though, I had already made some basic arrangements before my proposition to Faith, and the members of the PTA loved my idea. There will be a Daddy/Daughter dance. I realize it excludes boys, but I’m not sure what I could do to make it up for them.

As much as I enjoy the beginning of the day when the kids filter in, I also enjoy the end of the day when parents come to get their children. Or making sure the Millwood kids get on the correct bus. I wouldn’t let Faith know, but I’m quite excited over the Daddy/Daughter Dance, possibly more than the little girls.

I got everything photographed for the Daddy/Daughter Dance, just need to write it up. I do declare that Faith needs to retire soon. Her life bar isn’t looking so cushy anymore, I’m not sure who should become principal though. I’m not sure if Faith would give that responsibility to Miriam. You wouldn’t consider them to be close comrades at the end of the day.

I used the last of the tax money to finish the lower level classroom. I’m doing my taxes every 2 rounds, help the families build a bit of money before I suck it all away (muahaha).

I love all the different heights, makes me happy. 😀

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5 thoughts on “wheels on the bus – s.p. grammar school

  1. Oh, I’ve had my share of run-ins with elderly principals who need to retire! They get so stuck in their ways. I can sympathise with Miriam, for sure.

    I do my taxes every two rounds too. It seems a good balance, so far, though I’ve only done taxes twice with this aging system.

    I can’t wait to see the Daddy-Daughter dance. It sounds impossibly cute!

  2. How do you decide who gets to take over? I feel like my education system is hogging all my adults! LOL I need two for each school, and darn if I only have three when Faith kicks it or retires. If I guessed, I’d say she has “two” days left on her bar, which would equal 2 years… which is this round. Soo… I do need to find someone to replace.

    Any ideas on how to find a principal? What do you look for? All my Education sims are already teaching.

  3. I really love getting peeks into other simmers’ school days! I wonder what Faith’s problem with little girls dressing up was? Has she been watching too many episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras maybe? LOL 😉

    Miriam seems like she would be perfect to take over as principal, but Faith might not like it too much since Miriam has all these differing ideas about teaching. Unless you decide to let a school board choose the new principal instead of Faith. 😉

    I don’t really have any specific criteria for choosing teachers in my hood. Just whoever I feel would do well at the job at the time. Anyone who has the education career want gets in, of course, but the others are just randomly chosen based on their personality and hobby. (Carol Smith is the music teacher because her hobby is music & dance.)

  4. Yay, I can’t wait to see the daddy/daughter dance. Are there any daughters without daddies in your hood? Do they get to bring father figures?

    ~Apple Valley

    1. At the time, I didn’t have any kids without daddies that were in grade school. I did have two siblings who came with their dad and their grandpa, and one of the girls came with her soon-to-be-step-daddy. But I definitely would let father figures step in if there wasn’t a dad present, which may prove to be true when my younger ones turn school-age.

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