I loved her first – daddy/daughter dance

October 2010
Teacher: Miriam Dennis (27)
Daddy/Daughter Sets – Tim & Lainey Grimsley, Cole & Alice London, Jared & Lauren Schehl, Finn & Zilla McCarthy, Ethan & Caitlyn Traver, Charlie & Rachael Darling-Grimsley, Grant & Julia Millett, Merrill & Hadley Millett, Trent & Brooklyn Fontaine, Henri & Jill Popper, Adam & Rosabella Steinman.
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At dusk on a warm autumn night, little girls all across the county got dressed in their new gowns, or hand me downs in excitement for the dance. They were all too young to attend big dances like Prom, but it didn’t stop them of dreaming of the fancy dresses and the dancing. Many of them still found their father’s to be the apple of their affection, and the unseasonably warm weather made the event even more enchanted.

When the clock struck six, the entire dance floor was filled. Even the most timid girls could be found giggling and dancing on their daddy’s toes. Despite the music’s volume, girlish laughter could be heard echoing off the walls. Even Zilla had gotten over her handmade dress she had been forced to wear, and enjoyed the dancing.

left to right: Finn & Zilla, Jared & Lauren, Merrill & Hadley

left to right: Tim & Lainey, Cole & Alice

As the evening wore on, the girls’ found their fathers to be peddling refreshments more than dancing. Some even settled in and began talking about business and family.

left to right: Jared & Cole

The girls were less supervised, and were quick to find trouble or in some cases begin it. Lauren was fed up with her little cousin Caitlyn trying to tag along everywhere. She had never kept her distaste of her cousin secret, and didn’t know why the girl wouldn’t just leave her be and make her own friends.

Rosabella Steinman jumped on the furniture on the second floor where coffee was served. It happened to be the hot spot for the Dad’s especially those that were into their later years. Despite this, none spoke up when they saw what Rosabella was doing.

Nor did the Dad’s notice when Brooklyn Fontaine began tormenting Zilla McCarthy, whom was often the brunt of several jokes. There were ample choices when it came to teasing Zilla, from her strange appearance, darker hair, and then the families lack of wealth were just the starters. She also was severely serious and not in the least friendly to any of the girls.

Emma McCarthy was hired to DJ and take photos of the event. She was pretty sure she was awesome at the DJ part, and not too shabby at the photographs ether. She had begun taking them for family in the summer, and she was mulling the idea of opening her own little photography studio. She paid no attention when the little girls would make fun of her DJ abilities though; she never said she could entertain little chimps at any rate.

The photographs were a hit though. Many little girls came up stairs with their Daddy’s in tow, and some paired off into groups.

left to right: Alice, Lainey, Hadley, Rosabella

Miriam kept herself busy trying to intercede any drama with the girls, and make sure all the extra activities were being run efficiently. She had been disappointed when Faith refused to attend the event, and hadn’t had time to find someone else to help her. She had foolishly thought that the father’s themselves would be good chaperons to at least their own child. But she found that to not be true in the least.

She was left in an uncomfortable place. Did she handle the girls on her own, or did she find the father’s and ask that they handle the situation. It occurred to her that father’s were generally more relaxed when it came to children, and that they may not mind if she disciplined the girls. She did know that many of mother’s would be upset if she did discipline them though.

In the end, she had to send Lauren and Caitlyn to separate corners of the building, and say a word to their fathers, Jared and Ethan who were brother-in-laws.

She had to also step in when Zilla would not accept Brooklyn’s apology. Which just made Brooklyn even more upset, and Miriam was quite certain, Zilla enjoyed that. She found no peace could be made with the two girls though, and sent them off to different activities as well.

Finn McCarthy had not met the new teacher and introduced himself to her. He was curious about her relationship status, and why she had come alone. She assured him that even if she weren’t single, it would have been tacky to invite a date to a school event with the children.

Later in the evening, the girls had retired entirely from dancing and were playing games upstairs while many of the Dad’s hung out near the restrooms and coffee. Finn found Miriam down near the dance floor picking up a few items, and asked for a dance. She accepted.

The thing was, after she accepted, she wasn’t sure she should have. She hadn’t been with a man since college, and he was the quite the taken man with six children, one of which was the DJ and photographer that she hired. She put her focus on the song, urging it to end faster so she could gracefully leave the dance floor. She didn’t want to seem paranoid or over react, especially when she would be dealing with the McCarthy family for several years.

But she couldn’t deny that her skin sparked a little at his touch, and warm breath near her face.

When his hand did lower though, she wasn’t worried about over reacting or hurting feelings.

The girls were SO cute dancing with their dad! The room was so loud with all their giggles and laughter! So fun! The later the evening got, the whinier the girls got! So true to life. They began tormenting each other, whining, and just being ornery. The Dad’s got lazier, and eventually kept getting refills on coffee, which made the bathroom line EXTRA long!

What’s up with Miriam and Finn? You may recall that Finn spent a lot of time hanging out at the Business College playing poker with Janelle, and just all around never being home. When I moved my hood, some people lost bolts. I’m not sure why, as I didn’t change anything. But Finn and Nicole went from two bolts to one. He has only one bolt with Miriam, but it’s borderline two bolt (and higher than his with his wife, Nicole).

They didn’t kiss or anything like that. They both wanted to slow dance, and then he wanted to lower his hands. She refused (Go Miriam!). Not sure if anything would ever happen with these two, but I think it’s safe to say that Finn is having some issues. Poor frumpy Nicole stuck at home with all those kids! Raising Finn’s alien baby (Zilla) as her own, and he’s making moves on the Kindy teacher.

Is there any way to use pose boxes on a community lot? The only one of mine to show up is the cup of poses. I really wanted the girls to be all smiley, but I didn’t have the face overlay box available.

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7 thoughts on “I loved her first – daddy/daughter dance

  1. The daddy/daughter dance was such a cute idea! I love the picture of all the little girls dancing with their dads……that must have been hell to control all those sims though!

  2. Oh man, it was difficult!!!

    To get them paired up with the right person I had to physically move each sim, cause some wouldn’t come, and some are lazy and would only walk.. It was like a real life hour getting them set up with the right people, greeted, and then dancing. Sometimes they were to close to others and so forth. Then some would get tired of dancing and want to drink coffee… I got smart and plummeted their fun/social needs with Insim though to get some pictures.

    I left them all to fend for themselves with the skills, and the bathrooms were a mess. Miriam peed herself! I kept her so busy with all the kids, and the lot (as much as I love it) only has two toilets. At the rate the men drank that coffee, they were needing to use the restroom as much as the little girls.

    It was a lot of fun!!! Just a little crazy! 🙂

  3. I love the daddy-daughter dance! All those daddies dancing with their little girls was so cute. 🙂

    Whoa, Finn! You should be ashamed hitting on the teacher with two of your kids in the same building! Yikes. At least Miriam told him where to keep his hands, LOL!

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I think you could probably use the Sims 2 Categorizer at http://simwardrobe.com/ to set the pose boxes to show on community lots too. I really need to try it and see if it’ll work because I keep missing my pose boxes when I’m trying to do community lot shots.

  4. As Shana suggested, you can definitely use SimCat to get poses on community lots. I used it for mine because I always miss them when I’m on community lots. I got a bunch more boxes recently and am going to go through today and recat all those!

    The daddy-daughter dance was adorable, by the way! It sounds like it was very true to life too. I know from experience how hard it is to get so many Sims to co-operate so I tip my hat to you.

    And oh, Finn! That’s not right, Finn! I’m glad Miriam was firm with him and stopped his hands from wandering!

  5. Sorry, girls, can U tell me how did u get daddy-dance daughter? I don’t know how to make them dancing togheter 😛

  6. Hey Jojo! Thanks for reading. 🙂

    I’m not sure which expansion but one of them allows adults to dance with children. The option is”dance together.” I’d guess freetime just because of the whole hobby gig. HTH

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