Peter & Milla Traver

For New Years Eve, I decided to do a little trip down memory lane. I thought it fitting, since many spend time reminiscing about the past on this very day, and I have pies to make for the New Years Eve party tonight. (And I should shower too, I imagine people appreciate that!) So here is Milla and Peter Traver.

You’ve never met my Peter, and you’ve barely met Milla. 3-4 years ago, I started a new neighborhood for a legacy challenge. Myra and Milla were the first born, and my first set of natural twins ever. Cole London (Myra’s only child) was born in my game at the same time my sister was pregnant (almost 3 years ago), because she was going to name her son Cole, but changed her mind. So there’s some history here, for me that is, and here’s a mini version for you.

Milla and Myra were born to these two blurry pixels. They are long gone from the game, and their names are out of my memory. Their Dad cheated on their Mom and right after they were born, he had another child with the other girl. The Mom was on her own, and lived in this adorable, tiny little house. Eventually got remarried, and lived happily ever after.

Milla and Peter got married after college, and had three kids. Ethan, then twin girls, Delaney and Kenzie. Milla’s twin sister, Myra had a son, Cole.

Kenzie was always more wild (like Milla’s twin, Myra) and dated a boy.

Who then, left the picture, when this little one was born. Guess who, that handful is… Zeke.

Ethan did not go to the college, his sister’s did, with Zeke in tow.

While the girls were in college, Peter died.

Here’s Peter and Milla in their younger days, sorta.

And here they are in their older years. They were able to celebrate their Golden Anniversary, and fulfilled his lifetime wish before he died.

Here’s Milla with her twin sister, Myra, before Milla herself died.

And a photo of Milla and Myra holding the twins, Meg and Peter. Peter is named after Delaney’s Dad, whom he never met. Meg and Peter are now 12 years old.

Peter always favored Zeke, they were BFF’s with one another. They were very sweet together, and he took care of Zeke while Kenzie was in school, Milla was a top journalist at the time.

Delaney’s update will be up in the next day, I imagine.

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2 thoughts on “Peter & Milla Traver

  1. How cool to get a look at “what came before”! I always love flashbacks!

    I think you’ve mentioned that Kenzie was only a teen when Zeke was born but I always forget.

  2. Oh yeah, glad you liked it. I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested at all.

    I wanted to give Milla and Peter profiles to link their kids too, and thought why not give them a little introduction.

    Kenzie has had a rough life, I wish I had been keeping this blog back then. She and Zeke were some of my most interesting sims to play.

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