something familiar – part 1

February 2011
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Delaney Schehl (48 years), Jared Schehl (47 years), Meg Schehl (12 years), Peter Schehl (12 years), Lauren Schehl (9 years), Seoul (dog)

The snow record set in 1912 was broken this year, school had been canceled more times than in the history of South Port, and heating bills were through the roof. The latter part may have been a problem for the Schehl household, except Delaney had recently won a culinary competition and placed first. The grand prize a whopping 30,000, enough to cut their mortgage in half. Meg had also won $1,300 in savings bond from a raffle at the mall.

The cherry on the sundae was Delaney had lost the extra weight she had been carrying since the twins. She hadn’t been bothered by it, being in the culinary field, she felt it went hand in hand. When the weight had melted off on it’s own accord though, she was quite pleased. She wanted to celebrate the event with a new swim suit, and a trip to wear it on. While it may seem extreme, it had been years since she had done anything alone with Jared, and this was an excuse to change that.

Escaping thirteen inches of snow, and spending a long weekend with his wife in a swim suit; Delaney didn’t have to try hard to convince Jared of her idea. They decided to leave the twins in charge, with their Aunt Kenzie checking in on them once a day. Meg and Peter had been insistent that they could handle the responsibility.

It had been over a decade since they talked about something other than their children. They had forgotten what they had talked about before the kids, and what they had filled their time with before. At one point, they had thought they were busy with their lives, then they had the twins. Now the kids were older, and involved in activities outside of school, and play dates. Jared and Delaney worked opposite shifts, which had been nice when the kids were younger, but now that they were all off at school, Delaney spent the mornings alone.

“I’ve been thinking about work.” Delaney began timidly. She made over two grand a day at her current position, it was her job that afforded them their home by the shore. “That maybe I’d like to open my own restaurant.”

“Mmm.” Jared hummed. He caressed her shoulder, his eyes still staring into the the cloudless night sky.

“I just want to be able to see you more, and the kids. Working second shift, I feel like I miss out on life.”

He was quiet for a moment, then turned to face her. Lights from the tiki lights danced in his eyes, “Look into the start up costs.”

Delaney didn’t know if it would even work out financially; she still felt a giant balloon of hope filling her though. Warm thoughts of supper as a family, and being there for homework help. Lauren staggered in her lessons, and as much as Jared tried to aid her in this, he hadn’t been able to make much head way. In due time, it was possible that Delaney herself would have more than just the weekends to help Lauren with her lessons.

They visited the ancient ruins, which was a pleasure for Delaney, who was a History Major. And they visited the pirate ship, where Jared spent hours playing aboard, while Delaney tanned on the beach. They took plenty of pictures to share with the kids when they got home.

Life had been set on rerun these past years, it seemed. Now in the tropical light, with the warmth of the sun, and no responsibilities beckoning them, they were reconnecting. They hadn’t noticed that their kisses had become routine and scheduled, or that their love making was put on the shelf. Years of focusing on the children, careers, and dealing with the loss of Delaney’s mother, it had all taken front seat over their marriage.

“You are irresistible,” Jared’s face just inches from hers, his voice breathless. Delaney stared into his face, lines that had once been temporary when he smiled, had burrowed into permanent residence. The color in his eyes not as vibrant as it had been in their youth; it seemed years since she had looked into his gaze and really seen it. She couldn’t remember the last time the touch of his breath on her skin gave her chills of excitement, as it did at that moment.

The majority of their time had been spent in their hotel room, reacquainting themselves to one another in a different light. It was after one such afternoon in, while Jared was showering, that Delaney’s phone had rang. She had told the kids it was solely for emergencies only, with the large cost of out of country calls. She hoped there was no emergency though now that the phone was ringing.

“Jared, the kids are calling.” She called out, not sure if he could hear her over the running water. She accepted the call, “Hello.” Her stomach was tight with a million questions running through her mind, and fearing the worse.

She listened as Meg began to talk to her from thousands of miles away.

“Wait just a minute! What are you telling me?” For one second, Delaney had been relieved, which had been quickly replaced with shock and anger. “You can’t be serious? After everything we talked about before we left.”

Meg made feeble attempts at calming her mother down, to no avail. The adrenaline from her relief, had spun Delaney in the opposite direction. “We will discuss this when we get home.” She spoke through her teeth, then hung up.

Notes So I started another project for Millwood… profiles. You can see the whopping seven I have done here. Now I wondered as I did this, do those that subscribe here, get messages for each of these profiles I make? I have them post dated, not sure if that makes any difference. If you did get seven blog notices, I apologize. Cause that can get old pretty fast I imagine!

I plan to conquer my hood with profiles as I do each update, so by the end of this round I’ll have them all done. Thanks to Sullivan for the inspiration, hope you don’t mind, I used many (99.9%) of your profiles for my own. If you do mind, I’ll switch up the order. har har. 😉

Meg rolled the lottery ROS, I put it in her savings account, and she’ll use it for college, or whatever takes her fancy.

Next update will be the kids while the parents are away.

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5 thoughts on “something familiar – part 1

  1. Oh yep. I see what you mean. I added it to my neglected google reader. The two that actually showed up in google reader are the two I forgot to post date at first. They are back dated now, which changes their url’s with wordpress.

    Thanks for pointing that out, it looks like back dating though works, so they don’t show up. Whew! I was worried about a zillion profile updates! 🙂

  2. If you back date them like you’re doing now (which is what I do), they shouldn’t show up in Google Reader at all. Works pretty well.

    And I don’t mind you using my profile format. It’s hardly earth-shatteringly original!

    I’m glad Delaney and Jared got to reconnect on their holiday. That phone call has me wondering though – can’t wait to see what becomes of that!

  3. I’m glad they got away and got a chance to reconnect with each other. 🙂

    I’m very curious about that phone call! Wonder what the kids have gotten into back at home?

  4. The kids got into their own trouble, I want to add. Purely wants and thought bubbles that led to the events that unfolded. 🙂

    I don’t think I’d leave two 12 year olds and a 9 year old home alone and take off out of the country!

    Delaney and Jared have a very solid 3-bolt attraction, which is nice. My older couples (them and up) didn’t have a lot of choices in the pool, and some settled for two, and sometimes, even one bolt.

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