McCarthy Family

giving up

May 2011
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Hazel McCarthy (29 years), Morgan Russo (27 years), Juno (dog)
(Jude Woodfolk – 28 years)

song: Ingrid Michaelson’s “Giving Up”

She told him outside of Mid-City Bar and Grill.

She didn’t know how he would take the news, but his reaction wasn’t what she expected. In fact, she hated his reaction. He was happy. He was excited. He wasn’t worried, or nervous, scared, or even shocked into silence.

He told her that he loved her, and was already planning to marry her someday.

She told him they didn’t know each other well enough for any of this. That she was messy, and hung out with her mom more than a normal person. She pressed that she barely got dressed out of her sweats on the weekends. And that her business was important to her, succeeding was her mission.

He said, he liked sweats.

She said that she loved the city and never wanted to leave it. That he couldn’t force her to move to Millwood like Charlie was pressing with Cara.

He said, I know of the perfect townhouse.

He asked, do you want to be with anyone else?

She said, she didn’t.

He asked, will you marry me, someday?

She said, she would.

I really adore Ingrid Michaelson, and thought this song was perfect for Hazel.

In the first two photos, that’s the first time they were together once she knew she was pregnant, and that’s what happened. She basically said, I’m pregnant, then get all huffy by his enthusiasm! Cracked me up, I’ve never seen anything quite like that.

He wanted to propose, and I let him. She accepted, even though she didn’t have the want etc. Well as soon as she accepted she got the wants to get married and having a wedding party. So I figure she’s decided to jump in. She really has great attraction and lots of wants for him, so I think it’s a good thing.

The outdoor pictures are at my new city park I made, it’s based on the city park here in my town now, and where I grew up. All aptly named Lincoln Park. No matter where I live, the city park (with trees and benches) is named Lincoln Park. Have one in your town?

Morgan is pretty excited about this little one too, it’s going to be like her niece/nephew since she doesn’t have any siblings of her own. I found her doing this on her own, and oh man, doesn’t Hazel have like the tiniest little baby bump ever? She’s in her second trimester in this photo.

Summer birthdays should be up tomorrow. This round is flying (for me!) and summer is going to be busy, busy.

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12 thoughts on “giving up”

  1. That really is small baby bump!
    I’m happy Hazel and Jude are getting married, they are such a cute couple! I think the doubs Hazel has are normal, after all they don’t live together, and you never want to get married because you feel like you “have to”.
    But Jude made it so perfect!

  2. Awwwwww!!!!! How pretty, I love the more pictures less words approach, if it’s done right, it can convey messages so much more powerfully. Good luck to Hazel!

  3. Too cute! I love Hazel’s little baby bump and she’s got such a great guy there. I’m glad she realises that too and is holding onto him!

    No Lincoln Park where I am but that’s probably not surprising. It would be rather odd to have a park in Australia named after an American president! 😉

  4. Thanks for reading everyone!

    Tanja, I’m really happy they’ll be getting married too! I think it might be in the winter after the baby arrives. I think they’ll be a good fit.

    ts8v2 (I’m ashamed, I don’t know your name, would you tell me? I won’t forget!) I’m really glad that the less words worked for this cause I could not get the song of my head, and therefore couldn’t think of words! I just kept singing the whole time.

    Laura, so good to see you!! 😀

    LOL Carla! Yes, it would be strangely odd to have a Lincoln Park down under. Though that would have made my thought of it being “everywhere” even more realized!

    I love Jude and Hazel so much, I’m building them a church! Now that’s love for a sim! (Though I love building houses, just not community lots).

    1. Lol, I just figured out how to change the name thingy, but my name’s Tessa. 🙂 I’m sorry, I just figured out the whole “WordPress Profile” thing.

      1. No need to apologize! I just Wanted tonknow what to call u! And I realized I already knew cause i’ve seen your comments on other blogs.

        Question, how did u get a picture with your profile? I didn’t even know u could with wordpress.

      2. It’s in the edit profile, on the far right is something called the gravatar. You click edit gravatar, and it’s pretty self explanatory from there 🙂

  5. That was a really nice flow with her huffy, him calming her, and her coming to terms with it. I noticed your park when I was reading–it is really pretty. I like the woodsy feel.

    I’m thinking you must live further north. I live in the south, and I’m not sure about parks (they seem to be named for local people) but the avenues and boulevards are always named for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., or confederate generals from the civil war. (just shows the cultural divide).

    1. Now that is something I didn’t think of, but totally makes sense! It wouldn’t make much sense for the south to have a lot of things named after Lincoln.

      I am from the North, and some of the states I’ve lived in are IL, IN, and IA. No wonder that IL has a lot of Lincoln Parks. 😉

      I’ve never lived where there wasn’t a MLK road though.

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