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kicked in the bum

August 2011
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Cara Grimsley (21 years)

Dear Charlie & Girls;

Thank you for sending me photos of Lulu, it looks like she had a wonderful birthday. I miss all of you like crazy, but I’m proud of myself for doing this. I’ve never been on my own before, went from childhood to motherhood, though I’m technically not alone here.

General Russo runs a tight ship, I bet he’s more strict than any other military personnel in history. There are six of us in this unit including myself. The others are, Allie, Annie, Oscar, Matthew, and and Bryan the Tank.

Bryan was given the nickname before any of us had run the course with him, and now it’s just sort of funny. You see, he’s this big man with a square head. He sinks if he swims, he can’t run, and he falls on his face in the course, daily. He never quits though.

In bootcamp, you don’t spend your time worrying about being pretty or if the face you make is ugly. You work your hardest, and sometimes even stink. But no one really cares.

We all do this a lot in the beginning. Whenever we think we have it, we fall. Us girls don’t feel so bad since the guys are having the same issues. The only one who seems to shine at everything is Matthew Picasso.

We run in the dessert and up sand dunes during the day, sometimes not coming into base camp until night. The weather goes from unbearably hot to quite chill once the sun falls. I’m always in the back of the group, and though I’ve lost my extra weight, I’m still not as fit as the rest of the unit.

Food is better than I expected, in fact I bet the food here is better than anything that steak flipping nanny is cooking for you.

Halfway through basic things started to click. I learned my rifle inside and out. And after many times of failing, I beat the course.

And in a time trial, I beat Matthew Picasso. I don’t know if I’ve ever been prouder.

When I graduate in a month, I’ll be an official Flight Officer. Which means I’m actually learning how to fly a helicopter. (Girls this is Mommy flying a helicopter, can you believe it?) I know I made the right choice, flying is exhilarating. It will also allow me to live in South Port, er Millwood I guess as of this fall, and fly equipment out to west coast units.

We had our photo taken, pre-graduation. We were going for intimidating and fierce, I feel a little silly even sending you this photo.

I can say that everything has gone smoothly for me, somethings might take longer for me to master, but in the end I haven’t had any real big problems. That can’t be said about Annie Carver. I found her in the lavatory late at night.

It seems she has been fooling around with the married, Matthew Picasso, and now is suspecting she may be in a precarious way.

None of us knew anything was going on between the two, they had kept it very secret. She begged me to keep it secret, but I told her I couldn’t. If General Russo discovered that I kept this secret, I could be severely reprimanded.

I saw her plead with Matthew. I think she wanted him to leave his wife, Jessica and be with her. Probably marriage, to make things less shameful. It didn’t look like it went well from where I stood.

As I feared, General Russo was quite angry over the incident. She didn’t really stand any chance for this conduct in any unit, but certainly not in his. She was kicked out. She mentioned she was moving to South Port, she made it sound like it was a good city for job opportunities, but really I think it’s because Matthew lives there.

After all that drama, I’ll see you all at my graduation at the end of August. It means a lot that you would fly down here with the girls.


Notes: Annie Carver is kicked out of the military field. I don’t think this happens in the real world, as boot camps aren’t coed. I was shocked when I realized she was pregnant, and that it was Matthew’s kid! So I’m bringing her to South Port, I think there might be a bit of a story here so while I’m not planning (at the moment) to make her (or Matthew) main “characters” complete with profiles, I do think I’ll have a few updates on them.

Boot Camp – I have my sims enlisted in the military go off to Boot camp to get enough skills to be a Flight Officer. I actually give them all the job below it, so I can easily see what skills they need. I let them get promoted from there whenever the game gives it to them. So they work on skills, and friendships within the military field, it’s important to be able to have some comrades.

As soon as Cara became fit, her and Matthew Picasso went to a 3 bolt!! What the heck?!? He’s actually higher than Charlie is now with her. Ugh. I caught her accepting flirts from him, and promptly changed her autonomy. 😉 I don’t need more Picasso spawn, and I really don’t think Cara would do anything to hurt her girls or husband.

Russo would autonomously argue with everyone, even when they were friends.

Fall birthdays next! Probably have that up tomorrow. I almost cheated and had her have the baby out of order… but I was patient (sort of, I don’t usually post back to back).

Cara’s previous update/next update / Annie’s next update

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14 thoughts on “kicked in the bum”

    1. There is one park bench, and that’s all it took. I didn’t build the lot and the bench is in the far back. Didn’t really think of it. I should have known better

  1. Oh wow, Cara’s at boot camp! It’s been too long since I’ve been able to sit down and properly read! But I love seeing an inside view of the boot camp. And what a clever way of doing this too.

    The picture of them all looking fierce is great!

  2. Tessa, I think it’s good for Cara too! I was sort of wishing I hadn’t had her enlist when things worked out with Charlie and she got pregnant with Lulu, but now I think it was a really good thing for her. And for the first time ever shes actually fit, I imagine that feels good.

    Hey Lunar!! 😀 😀 Great to see you! I love the fierce picture too, I had it photographed in the game, so she’ll hang it up somewhere in her house.

  3. Aw, this was fun to read! I loved how you did this – lots of clever ideas. I really like that group shot too – very cool!

    I’m glad Cara’s doing so well at boot camp – it seems like the experience is doing her good.

    But wow on the pregnancy. Not in your plans, I guess, but you know, these things happen! What a scandal!

  4. I really enjoy reading your sim blogs. The dialogues feel so real. The photos got great compositions and fit perfectly with the written part of the stories.

    Thanks for the photo resizing tips also. After reading it, I played around with what I use, Photoscape, over the weekends and found there is built-in option to resize and even process the photos in gazillon ways in batch! After finally figuring out how to upload photos so they show up in 500×375 resolution, I am now much happier with how the they come across on the web page 😀

  5. Carla, you are right, definitely a scandal! I can see why they don’t do real life cooed boot camp. 😉

    Lepifera, I’m glad you figured out a batch resize with your photo program! It makes life so much easier, imo. Your photos looking great, I just perused them real fast, I’ll be back to read tomorrow, got to get up early tomorrow.

    And thank you. 🙂 Means a lot to me! 😀

  6. That’s really neat how you do the boot camp for everyone! And I love that group picture!

    Are Matthew and Jessica still married in your game? And he went off and got some girl pregnant while Jessica was there??? OMG, scandal!

    LOL, Cara better stay away from him, huh? 🙂

  7. Laura, Matthew and Jessica are married. She however works at The Red Mill, and so she stayed home with their twin sons. All the military people moved to the actual lot, so they were married, but he didn’t see/talk to Jessica once.

    trntm I’d be interested in seeing your military base too!

  8. I LOVE your boot camp idea! I might have to borrow that idea if I ever get any Sims that want to join the military. It’s really awesome! 😀

    OMG, Matthew really is a huge sleaze! LOL! Poor Annie.

    I’m glad to see Cara is doing well and enjoying the work she’s doing. But please, Cara, stay far away from Matthew, LOL! 😉

    1. I’m going to try and remember to look at the lot name when I load my game back up.

      It’s ether from TSR, MTS, or the exchange. I had a difficult time finding lots I liked to use, and know that this was one of the last I found. Could have been from a military list (I actually think it was), cause I never go to the exchange. So a list would have led me there.

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