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so bewildering (Fall 2011 Birthday)

September 2011
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Hazel McCarthy (29 years), Jude Woodfolk (28 years), and Morgan Russo (27 years)
(Rachael Darling – 5 years)

“What about blue, do you like blue?” Jude asked before she threw the football back. He had been asking odd questions for the past few weeks, and whenever Hazel questioned him, he’d just smile and say something about wanting to know her better. She could understand the reasoning in this, after all she didn’t know if he liked blue ether, and maybe that sort of fact mattered when you considered matrimony. For instance, did he always put the toilet seat down, or did he only now to be courteous?

“Yes, certain shades anyway.” She threw the ball back. “You?”

“Sure do.”

They were moving the next day, and none of her stuff was packed yet. They were moving, quite literally across the street into a recently vacated townhouse. She hadn’t been allowed inside yet since it was being cleaned by the landlord. This worried her, but really at this point, what else was her choice? She couldn’t possibly stay in her one bedroom apartment with Jude and the baby, and she’d made a fuss that she must live in downtown South Port.

She suffered from insomnia since the first trimester, and now she was utterly uncomfortable on top of it. All she really wanted to do was lay on her back, as if the pressure of the baby could pop her spine back into place, but all the doctors had warned this cut off the baby’s blood and oxygen supply, so she suffered on her left side. She gave in at five am, today was moving day, and was making her mind run wild. Soon she would be giving birth, but first things first, she had to move that day, and before that, eat. Gosh was she ever hungry at all the craziest hours.

All she could think of when she crawled out of the bathtub, she’d taken a hot bath to hopefully relax her muscles, was buttermilk pancakes. Her mind in a million places, she burnt them.

Morgan woke up when she’d finished forcing the breakfast down.

“Hey, ready for the big move?” Morgan asked.

“No. I’m a mess of nerves this morning, look my hand is even shaking.

“Aw it’ll be alright. After all it’s just across the street. Though I’ll be pretty pathetic here until I get to the furniture store. Thanks by the way for leaving the bath mat.” She teased, hoping to lighten Hazel’s mood.

“Heh, sure thing.”

Jude and Gideon arrived as the sun rose, and began hauling her belongings across the street. Hazel was forbidden to lift one box, which she might have thrown a fit for if she wasn’t ridiculously pregnant.

The hardest part was when the apartment was empty, and all that was left was goodbye. Though Morgan had gotten the lease changed to her name, Cara and her family would be moving in just a week as well, and all the way out to Millwood. She really wouldn’t see them very often. Rachael had snuck back upstairs for one last hug.

“You be good for your Mom.”

“Ill miss you Hazel.” Rachael sighed into Hazel’s shoulder.

“Me too, kid.” Her voice caught in her throat.

The last was Morgan, her best friend for years, and while she would be across the street, it wouldn’t be the same. She was going to be a mom soon, no more late night street crawls, or Chinese food feasts paired with bad romantic comedies.

“You tell your Mom to bring you over here every day.” Morgan paused. “What’s that, oh yes, I know, I’ll tell her.” Morgan stood up. “Baby says you should name them Morgan, cause it’s a good boy or girl name.”

“Hmm, you know I think I already know someone with that name.” Hazel pursed her lips, “Oh that’s right, I do, she’s this smarty pants, military brat.”

“Haha.” Morgan stuck her tongue out, then her face softened. “I’m sure going to miss you, girl.”

“I’m only moving across the street.” Hazel said Morgan’s words back at her from the morning.

“You’re a sassy one aren’t you?” Morgan kneeled down again, “You better come out soon, you’re making your mama a cantankerous old coot.”

Morgan leaned in to give Hazel a hug, Jude had come back upstairs and everything was finished.

“Everything’s changing so quickly.” Hazel murmured.

“I know. It’s good changes though. You’ll see. And I’ll be by to visit you and little Morgan every day, really you’ll be sick of me.”

They both laughed a little, and then Hazel stepped back to stand by Jude.

They crossed the streets holding hands, hers was clammy and quivering in his steadfast hand.

“I want you to close your eyes.” She put her hands on her shoulders to show defiance, but conceted when his eyes pleaded with her.

“Fine.” She crossed her arms, resting them on top of her belly. The baby within moved in protest against the pressure, and she put her arms back to her side. She couldn’t even cross her arms across her chest these days.

He led her up the steps, and spun her around in a room, before letting her open her eyes.

“Well what do you think?” He asked excitedly, his cheeks were flushed with excitement. And now she knew why she hadn’t been allowed to see the new place, he had been painting it. “Gideon and Dave helped me pull it off.”

She spun around, breathless, it was already a home, and it was blue. This was a shade of blue she liked too. It was cheery, and friendly, and the perfect room to prepare meals in and discuss their days over coffee. “I love it,” she whispered. “It’s perfect.”

He pulled her close, and gave her a long kiss. “I’m so glad.” His face was beaming.

He led the way up the stairs to the second floor, the living room was decorated and already felt like home. There was a mix of her items, some were new, and some were his. It was balanced and all lovely. She couldn’t wait for winter’s chill so she could snuggle with him by the fire place and watch a movie.

“Now this is the nursery. I left it a blank canvas for you to decorate with me.” He stepped out a little door. “And look they’ll have their own private balcony too. How great is that?”

“Um, not great. What if they sneak out? Or fall over the side?” Hazel called from inside.

“Nah, it has bars almost everywhere, except one area.”

“I don’t know, I think balconies are in the baby book, under Dangerous.”

He came back in to stand by her, “You worry too much. We can lock it while Squirt is little.”

“I want you to listen to something I wrote.” He shot off back towards the living room, leaving her waddling behind him. She found him at his guitar strumming lightly while he waited for her to step all the way in the room. “I wrote this for you and Squirt, I think you’ll like it. Just remember it’s not done yet, though, so don’t judge too harshly.”

He began, strumming a soft lullaby, he was lost in his music, though he would smile adoringly at her when their eyes met. He sang quietly with the music, sometimes he’d just hum a melody and othertimes he sang words.

She loved it, he didn’t have to ever finish the song; it was perfect already. She danced in place to the music, and felt the baby shift.

Her stomach was tight, and felt like there was a vice gripping her stomach. The pressure had begun the night before, and had persisted through the day off and on. Now she finally understood. She was in labor.

“Jude the baby is coming.” She shouted at him, he stared at her for a moment not fully understanding, before panic fell across his face.

Jude stood in the corner of the room, farther from Hazel then he had been while playing guitar. He had been sure of everything until he had seen Hazel’s face scrunched up, and knew what was going to happen next. Thankfully it didn’t last very long, and soon the baby had arrived.

“It’s a girl.” Hazel was breathless. “A girl.”

“I have a daughter?” was all Jude said.

“Yes a daughter, get over here, now.” Hazel didn’t take her eyes off her daughter.

“Want to hold her?”

Jude had come to gaze at the little one with open eyed wonder, at the question though he backed away. “Oh I couldn’t, I might break her, or drop her.”

Hazel laughed a little. “You won’t drop her or break her.” Hazel moved closer to him, holding the little one towards him. “You’ll do fine.”

“She has my eyes.” He gasped. “Their beautiful on her.”

He kept eye contact with her for several minutes before looking up, his eyes wet. “I just can’t believe I have a daughter.” he mused. “You’re finally here.”

They were quiet for a moment, both staring at their daughter, inspecting her brown eye brows and counting her toes, when Jude’s face suddenly shot up to look at Hazel. “You’re right the balcony is a bad idea, she could sneak out or have boys sneak in.” he shuddered. “She should be in the small room next to ours.”

Hazel laughed again. “Years honey, we have years before we have to worry about boys.”

“Right.” Jude relaxed, then brought his attention back to the baby. “Years.” He hummed to himself.

Notes: Welcome to South Port, Miss Bea Woodfolk. She has her Daddy’s eyes and brown hair (which is surprisingly considering Hazel and both her parents are blond, that’s a lot of blond genes against his one brown gene.

Ever have everything go perfectly as you hoped? Well I had one of those days! First I renovated their townhouse, and had him “surprise her with decorating” it, cause “Hazel” loves a house of color, and I love how it turned out.

Here’s her living room from eagle eye.

Her kitchen/dinette is amazing. I had a custom rug/kitchen deco set done by Sim City Furniture, it’s the cheery Gigi Set. In real life I covet the rug, and they did an amazing job taking the rug and making in simified for me. Very fast too!

Next, I didn’t care if she had a boy or a girl, I had perfect names that have been planned for sim years here, but I always imagined her daughter named Bea being into nature, and guess what?! The little tyke is a nature sim.

Look what Jude brought to Hazel the night before she moved out.

Nice right? He actually has a “third” bedroom he could put this in, such a guy thing.. going to have a baby, move to a townhouse, and out buying arcade games and then giving them to his fitness (not game) loving fiancee.

Lastly! I put up some up close tours of Millwood and South Port, there is Maps and Streets and lots of the cities businesses. It’s a work in progress.

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9 thoughts on “so bewildering (Fall 2011 Birthday)”

  1. LOL, this brought back such awful memories of being pregnant! That’s the worst, trying to sleep when you’re that big! Ah, but if only RL births happened as fast as in the Sims 😉

    Welcome Bea! And awww, these two are just the sweetest little couple ever! Now the sweetest little family! 🙂

    And what an awesome townhouse too!

  2. Aw, that’s so sweet that he started decorating the house for her. I’d love being across the street from my friend.

    That house does look darling. They did do a great job on the furniture for you. That room makes me want to decorate a little house!

  3. Thanks for reading everyone! 🙂 I think they are the cutest little family ever. I’ve done FOUR updates on Hazel this round, and still have her wedding.

    Laura, I wish real life delivery/recovery was as fast and simple as it is in the sims. Thanks on the townhouse, it’s a plastic box one I believe, redone to be grungier by me, and made into an apartment.

    I’d love to live in the same state as my besty, and living across the street would be triple the greatness.

    Lunar, almost all of my houses are small to medium sized, I love compact(ish) homes.

  4. Aw, Jude is a catch, for real! He’s a total sweetheart – I love that he decorated the townhouse as a surprise for Hazel.

    The way you wrote the birth and Hazel and Jude meeting their new daughter was gorgeous, by the way. What an adorable family they make!

  5. I’m gonna be following this family more closely. I’m so happy for them! (sorry to be so late, maisie.)

    I just love the adoration Jude shows towards Hazel. He’s going to be the best father to little Bea. She’s so lucky, that little girl, to have such amazing parents. Jude looks like such a rocker Dad. Oh my goodness! He’s got the piercings and everything, and all his music clutter in the livingroom…I thought that was a great touch.

    The townhouse apartments are just gorgeous! I’m glad to finally know who received the Gigi Kitchen Set. You’re right, I think it’s perfect for this couple.

    Hazel has a great friend in Morgan. I loved the easygoing conversation between them. I’m so jealous of their ability to just walk across the street to see each other! My best friend lives in another state, so we only talk long distance from time to time.

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